Feeding your pup with well-balanced and natural food is essential for their health. Rachael Ray Nutrish is formulated to provide your pets with real ingredients that will nourish and nurture your furry best friends. Nutrish offers a variety of different dog food recipes including dry food, wet food, and treats. If you want to see your beloved pet live a happy and healthy life, we recommend that you switch to Nutrish!

About Rachael Ray Nutrish

In particular, Nutrish dog food offers special recipes for all of your pet’s needs. Each formula is made with all-natural meat, fruits, vegetables, vitamins and other essential nutrients. Nutrish has different recipes types for every life stage. They also have formulas for dogs with special nutritional needs such as food sensitivities or weight loss.

Recipe Types

Dry Dog Food-Rachael Ray Nutrish dry dog food is made with real chicken, beef or turkey. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives. The dry food is also free from poultry, by-product meal, fillers, wheat, and wheat gluten.

Top Rated Rachael Ray Dry Dog Food:

Nutrish Real Beef, Pea, and Brown Rice Recipe.

Wet Dog Food- All varieties of the wet dog food are made with no corn, wheat, soy, and gluten ingredients. They are made with simple and natural nutrients with added vitamins and minerals. Plus, the containers are 100% recyclable and reusable!

Top Rated Rachael Ray Wet Dog Food:

Nutrish PEAK Wild Ridge Recipe with Chicken and Lamb in Savory Gravy 

Soft Meat Treats- These tasty treats start with real meat combined with other safe and delicious ingredients. They are safely cooked in the USA with no artificial flavors or meat by-products. No ingredients are ever sourced or made in China.

Top Rated Rachael Ray Soft Meat Treats:

Nutrish Sausage Bites 

Longer Lasting Chews-These chews are made from U.S. farm-raised meat and are safely cooked in the USA with the best ingredients. There are no corn or soy products and is made with natural ingredients that have no artificial flavors or meat by-products.

Top Rated Rachael Ray Nutrish Longer Lasting Chews:

Nutrish Soup Bones Real Beef and Barley Flavor

Life Stage

Rachael Ray Nutrish offers dog food specifically for dog’s life stage. Rachael Ray food products care about the nutritional needs of puppies and adult dogs. Puppies need certain ingredients to help their brain and body develop and adult dogs need food that keeps them healthy and energized. Life stages Nutrish has to offer include puppy, large breed puppy, adult, and all life stages. Each formula has real ingredients that are tasty and nutritious. Additionally, there are 37+ options to choose from to keep your pup happy and healthy.

Nutritional Needs

Next, many dogs have food sensitivities or need special diets. A lot of dog food products do not offer formulas for those diet restrictions. Rachael Ray Nutrish provides meals for every dog’s nutritional needs. These include small breed specialty recipe, puppy specialty recipe, limited ingredient diet, weight management, grain free/gluten free, no wheat, no soy, no corn, and high protein. All of these recipes include all-natural ingredients with real fruit, vegetables, and other essential nutrients.

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Beef- Raised on U.S. farms and sourced for high quality protein. Beef provides nutrients to help keep your pups organs healthy and have lean muscle mass.

Bison- Also raised on U.S. farms and contains essential amino acids to support healthy muscle mass. Bison is great for dogs who have food sensitivities because it is easily digestible.

Chicken- Next, a high quality protein that maintains healthy organs and lean muscle. This real chicken is raised on U.S. farms for a healthy and tasty dish for you pup!

Duck- Although duck is not commonly found in dog food, it provides a tasty, and easily digestible protein source. Duck is rich in iron and amino acids, which supports healthy and strong muscles.

Lamb- Additionally,this provides your pup with healthy skin and coat and supports their muscle development. Lamb s rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids and is a easily digestible protein source.

Salmon- Dogs love the tastiness of the fresh salmon, which is also great for food sensitivities. Salmon is naturally rich in Omega 3 fatty acids to help with dog’s cognitive health. It also provides essential nutrients for healthy organs and lean muscle mass. Salmon is a high quality and easily digestible protein.

Apples- A great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and dietary fiber for healthy digestion.

Blueberry-An antioxidant-rich fruit that provides essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy immune system.

Brown Rice- A highly digestible carbohydrate that provides dogs with B vitamins and fiber. Brown rice supports healthy digestion and gives your pup energy all day long.

Carrots-A source of essential vitamins and carotenoids that support immune system and digestive health.

Cranberries- A natural source of potassium, fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C that supports the immune system.

Organic Sunflower Oil- This oil contains Omega 6 fatty acid and linoleic oil, which supports healthy skin and coat.

Peas- Lastly, a natural gluten-free alternative carbohydrate that provides essential vitamins, minerals and fiber to support healthy digestion. Peas also provide a source of energy for your pup!

Nutrish Dog Food Line

1. Nutrish

Rachael Ray Nutrish dog food has high quality meat as a source for protein. Nutrish does not contain any poultry, or by-product meal. It contains all-natural and simple ingredients to keep your pup healthy. Nutrish also contains added vitamins and minerals and natural prebiotics to support healthy digestion.

Recipes Include:

  • Real U.S farm raised chicken
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Turkey, brown rice and venison
  • Real beef and brown rice
  • L-Carnitine to support healthy weight and metabolism

Top Amazon Nutrish Product:

Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Beef, Pea, and Brown Rice Recipe

2. Nutrish Zero Grain

Next up, Nutrish Zero Grain has zero grain recipes with no corn, wheat, soy, or gluten ingredients. This food line is made with real chicken, turkey, beef, and salmon. There are no by-product meal, artificial flavors, colors, or artificial preservatives. The Zero Grain line is available in four different recipes: Zero Grain Turkey and Potato, Zero Grain Beef, Potato, and Bison, Zero Grain Salmon and Sweet Potato, Zero Grain Chicken and Sweet Potato.

Recipes Include:

  • S. farm-raised meat
  • Wholesome fiber
  • Potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C
  • Gluten-free ingredients
  • Potatoes and Peas

Top Amazon Nutrish Zero Grain Product:

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Turkey and Potato Recipe

3. Nutrish Dish

The Nutrish Dish product line recipes are made with real, simple ingredients. Unlike some foods that are made with unknown ingredients, you will most likely recognize most of the ingredients in these recipes. There are three recipes in this product line including the newest one, DISH Grain Free Chicken and Potato Recipe with Veggies and Fruit.

Recipes Include:

  • S farm-raised meat
  • Real meat, veggies, and fruit you can see
  • Vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber
  • Tree-ripened apples

Top Amazon Nutrish Dish Product:

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish Chicken and Brown Rice with Veggies and Fruit

4. Nutrish PEAK

Nutrish PEAK is a new addition to Rachael Rays Nutrish product line. These formulas are nutrient-dense and provide 30% of their calories from proteins. This food line has two formulas including PEAK Open Range Recipes with Beet, Venison and Lamb, and PEAK Northern Woodlands Recipe with Turkey, Duck, and Quail.

Recipes Include:

  • Real lamb, venison, and beef
  • Gluten-free ingredients for dog’s digestive system
  • Rich in iron and tasty protein
  • Essential nutrients like Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid

Top Amazon Nutrish PEAK Product:

Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Northern Woodlands Recipe with Turkey, Duck, and Quail 

5. Nutrish Just 6

The Just 6 product line is comprised of two delicious recipes which are limited ingredient diets. These include Just 6 Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Recipe, and Just 6 Grain Free Turkey Meal and Pea Recipe. There are no corn, wheat, soy, or gluten ingredients. There are also no dairy, egg, beef, or potato ingredients.

Recipes Include:

  • Lamb meal or turkey meal
  • Six natural ingredients with added minerals and vitamins
  • Highly digestible carbohydrates
  • Wholesome fiber
  • Prebiotics

Top Amazon Nutrish Just 6 Product:

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Recipe

6. Nutrish Soup Bones and Soup Bones Mini

Nutrish Soup Bones are longer lasting chews made with real beef and hearty barley. There are no artificial flavors or meat by-products. The high-quality protein in these chews provide pups with essential nutrients to help support healthy organs and lean muscle mass. The barley in the Soup Bones have wholesome fiber that naturally provides prebiotics for healthy digestion.

Recipes Include:

  • S. farm-raised beef
  • Safely USA cooked ingredients
  • Beet pulp for prebiotics and fiber
  • Vitamins and essential protein

Top Amazon Nutrish Soup Bones Product:

Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones Real Beef and Barley Flavor

7. Nutrish Real Meat Treats

Last but not least, Nutrish Real Meat treats were inspired by real recipes from Rachael Rays kitchen. They contain real meat and other natural ingredients. There are no artificial flavors, or meat by-products. All of the treats are made in the USA and are safely cooked. No ingredients are made or sourced in China.  The treats are gluten and grain free for dogs with food sensitivities. There are eight different treats, which include Turkey Bacon, Meatball Morsels, Sausage Bites, Burger Bites, Savory Roasters, Meatloaf Morsels, Deli Cuts, and Pawsta.

Recipes Include:

  • Farm-raised meat
  • Real beef, chicken, and turkey
  • High quality proteins
  • Essential nutrients for healthy organs

Top Amazon Nutrish Real Meat Treats Product:

Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Meat Treats Savory Roasters Chicken


Finding the right food and treats for your pup can be challenging. Pet owners may have a lot of questions about the quality and health benefits. That’s where we come in! We have researched frequently asked questions about Rachael Ray Nutrish food line from doggy owners. Here is a list of a few with the answer!

  1. What makes Nutrish so nutritious?

Nutrish recipes are made with simple, wholesome ingredients. Each ingredient is selected for a purpose- to make a delicious yet healthy meal for your pup.

  1. Why is it important that real meat is the first ingredient?

Meat is an ingredient that supports dog’s overall health. It’s great for healthy muscles and organs, digestibility, and a source of vitamins and minerals.

  1. Where are the products made and where does the meat come from?

Rachael Ray products are safely cooked in the USA and the meat is sourced from the USA.

  1. Are the real fruits and vegetables safe for my dog?

The answer is simply, yes! All of the fruits and vegetables in Rachael Ray’s food products have gone through rigorous safety and quality inspections. They are completely safe for your dog to eat.

  1. How should I store the wet dog food to keep it fresh?

The wet food comes with a resealable lid that you can put on the container before refrigerating for up to 3 days.