Dura Chew

Dogs love chewing! Chewing is a natural canine behavior and provides numerous health benefits for your pooch. It relieves stress, stimulates dogs’ brains, provides entertainment, cleans teeth and more. There are so many great reasons to allow your dog to chew, but pet owners should be mindful of what dogs can safely gnaw on. Dogs don’t know that they shouldn’t chew on shoes, wooden sticks or rawhides, so it’s up to you as a responsible pet parent to encourage safe chewing. What is the best option for a safe, fun chew toy that will keep dogs content and even help their dental health? We’ve found a product that has it all — the Nylabone DuraChew.

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all about chewing


While dogs chew as part of their everyday behavior, the exact reason for chewing can vary. The biggest reason dogs chew is because they are bored. If dogs are understimulated they will look for ways to entertain themselves however they can. Chewing keeps a dog’s mind busy and can be very healthy as long as the dog is chewing on an appropriate material. Consistent chewing on a pet-friendly object can improve your dog’s behavior by reducing excess energy and increasing intellectual function in dogs. It can strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles as well, keeping them supple and strong. 

Chewing is also a way for dogs to self-soothe in times of high stress. With a productive and safe outlet for chewing, your dog can reduce their own anxiety without ruining household objects.

puppies chew, too!

Puppies are also big chewers, especially during teething. Chewing can be soothing for developing teeth so puppies should be given plenty of toys to help them through the teething process. Additionally, puppies have a natural curiosity about the world and will have a stronger than normal desire to get their paws on anything that looks appealing. Luckily for both dogs and puppies, the Nylabone DuraChew is equal parts appealing as it is healthy.

about nylabone

Founded in 1955, this great company has a huge variety of durable chew products for dogs. Nylabone’ s nylon dog chew bones are made in the USA and are great for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Nylabone’s toys are made to last and perfect for most types of chewers. The products are also made to promote good oral health in dogs. The chews all have properties to clean teeth and remove plaque. No matter what your situation is, Nylabone has your dog covered! We think the DuraChew in particular deserves a shoutout. This rockstar of a product has it all: durability, entertainment and dental hygiene.

about the dura chew

dura chew

This rugged, built-to-last nylon chew “bone” will be your dog’s new best friend. The toy will endure even the roughest playtimes and stay in tact for the most intense chewers. It is considered a “power chew,” which is Nylabone’s toughest and most long-lasting type of toy. This bone also features a textured surface with raised bristles that can help remove plaque from your pet’s teeth.The varying textures (half bristles and half ridges) on the toy keep playtime exciting and mentally stimulate your dog to alleviate boredom. 

The DuraChew comes in three sizes:

regular — for dogs up to 25 lbs

wolf — for dogs up to 35 lbs

souper— for 50 lbs and over

The Nylabone Durachew also comes flavor infused. Pick from bacon, beef jerky, chicken, peanut butter and plain flavors to add a dash of extra excitement to your furry friend’s chewing experience. The DuraChew is a great option for dogs because it keeps them busy and discourages destructive chewing while also keeping their teeth in good shape.

why oral health is important

It is important that pet parents take care of their dogs’ teeth because unhealthy teeth can make for an unhealthy dog! Dental diseases caused by neglected teeth can lead to weight loss, painful gums, infections and more. Inflammation of the gums can even affect a dog’s internal organs, causing damage to the liver, kidneys and heart. The main way to avoid these afflictions is to keep your dog’s teeth clean and free of plaque. Tooth brushing is the best way to do this, but certain dog treats also do a great job of removing plaque from teeth.


how the dura chew improves oral health

Because of its texture, the Dogwood chew does a great job of helping get pups’ teeth clean. Dogs can chew on this toy all day and not even realize that it’s making them healthier! Health is a huge asset in a chew toy because so many dog products on the market are bad for your pet’s health. Picking the DuraChew over products like rawhides can do wonders for your dog’s well-being.

a great alternative to rawhide


When one thinks of a rugged dog chew toy, they commonly picture a rawhide type of bone. Rawhides, however, are extremely dangerous and harmful to your dog’s health in many ways. Trace amounts of toxic chemicals can be present in rawhides, as well as contaminants such as salmonella and e.coli. Rawhide also very commonly irritates dogs’ GI systems because many dogs have an allergy to the material. These types of chews can also splinter and cause choking and intestinal blockages. Rawhides are overall bad news for dogs and should be avoided. The Nylabone DuraChew is a great alternative to rawhide because it’s made of non-toxic material and will not break and splinter.

what dogs think of the dura chew

In general, dogs are big fans of the flavored infused bones. The meaty scent of these chews is enough to keep dogs entertained for hours! There’s sure to be something for every dog with the wide variety of flavor options. The tough dog chew can endure the most powerful chewers, but is also a great option for dogs who play more gently! This great-tasting, vet approved toy is perfect for any fun-loving dog. As with any toy, be sure to supervise your pet while they enjoy this chew. The material will usually stay intact, but there could always be rare cases where your powerful chewer breaks the toy. If this happens, just be sure to collect the small pieces to avoid choking hazards.


final thoughts

cute dog

This textured chew has proven to be a great addition to many pet parents’ toy collections. It keeps your dog occupied, doesn’t fall apart, helps with oral health and is overall a wonderful toy. The price of this toy, though it may seem a little high for a dog toy (around $11 for the largest size) is just a testament to the superior quality. Better toys will always cost a bit more, and we think the price of this chew is well justified.