Chew toys are a huge part of the doggie product market. From different textures to enticing tastes, most companies provide toys specifically designed for chomping jaws. By all means, chewing is a life-long and natural obsession for dogs due to many important reasons! The company of Nylabone is no stranger to the needs of gnawing pups. While their competition grows over the years, Nylabone continues to be an extremely popular brand. Accordingly, we have produced many reviews of Nylabone products. Without delay, let’s take a deeper look into a Nylabone dog toy line: the Power Chew Big Toy Bones.

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Product Line: Nylabone Power Chew Big Toy Bone


     With so many chew toy options available through Nylabone, it can be a whirlwind choosing the right one for your unique super chewer dog. Additionally, the company doesn’t make it easy to differentiate between product names. For example, Amazon uses product titles that describe the toy; not following the product title found on the company’s manufacturer website. In essence, customers are left to rely on pictures, not words. Have no fear, our Amazon link provided will direct you to the correct product! We dedicated some time pointing you in the right direction for less confusion.






     The Nylabone Power Chew Big Toy Bone is easily spotted by the large word “big” on its packaging. You can find this in silver lettering in the upper left-hand corner. In particular, we will be analyzing five specific Nylabone Power Chew Big Toy Bones:

    1. Beef Bone (labeled as “Big Bone” through Amazon)
    2. Knot Bone
    3. Turkey Leg
    4. Monster Bone
    5. Textured Bone

     In essence, each is simply a variation of the same well-designed chew toy for extreme and super chewers. An important factor to keep in mind is that all of these bones are Made in the USA, except for the textured bone.

Is This Right For My Dog?

      The size of a chew toy is an essential feature. In fact, most dog parents know they should pay close attention to their pup’s size before handing them a toy to chomp on. For one thing, larger breeds can easily ingest small chews or pieces of chews. This may cause harm to their digestive tract or hazardous choking. Nylabone suggests, “Non-edible chews should be large enough to encourage chewing from the side rather than top and bottom.” In short, this technique will help to eliminate dangers. Furthemore, if you have more than one pooch in the house, choose chew toys based upon the size of the largest or strongest super chewer pup.

     The Nylabone Power Chew Big Toy Bone is labeled “big” for a reason: it is designed for large breed dogs. In particular, the chew toy is recommended for dogs 50lbs or more! Furthermore, this toy is included in Nylabone’s “power chew” line and reaches “extreme chewing” on their scale (the highest level!). As a result, an owner is aware of the toy’s durability.

Recommended For…

     We recommend this product for large furbabies with powerful chomping jaws. One customer explains, the “…toy holds up well to my 75lb American Pit Bull Terrier” who seems to be very tough on toys. Another customer notes, “…considering not many toys even stay together, this is a good option.” However, the Nylabone Power Chew Big Toy Bone is perfectly fit for most large breeds with any desire to chew. Unfortunately, smaller breeds will find the product heavy and hard to carry.

Not Recommended For…

     We do not recommend this product for puppies and senior dogs, because their teeth and gums are too fragile for extremely hard textures. While the material’s density is great for powerful chewing, it will be too much for young and old mouths. Instead, we recommend softer materials for puppies and seniors. For a great alternative, check out our article GoDog Dragons with Chew Guard.

Product Material

     All variations of the Nylabone Power Chew Big Toy Bone are nylon made. In fact, the nylon  material gives an intense durability and heavier weight. Its material is non-edible; which can come with pros and cons. For example, an edible chew toy is easily digestible but your furbaby will have the ability to break off pieces that present an extreme choking hazard. On the other hand, non-edible chew toys are less likely to cause choking but are not designed for ingestion. Nylabone warns their “…product [is] not intended to be eaten or ingested.”

      Additionally, the Nylabone Power Chew Big Toy Bone’s non-edible material allows an owner to clean the toy at any point they wish. The company suggests using warm soapy water to hand-wash the product; making sure to rinse it thoroughly before use.

Product Break-Down

1. Beef Bone

     The Beef Bone Power Chew (Big Bone on Amazon) resembles a real-life animal bone to bring out your dog’s natural instincts. It has bumpy texture to give your dog a great chew session, along with a chicken flavor they will love. Regarding size, the bone is 7.6 x 3 x 3 inches.

2. Knot Bone

     You’ve probably seen plenty of bones in the passed that resemble this one; it has the typical knots on the end and is straight in the middle. However, the chew level is not typical. Like all of these big bones, the knot bone is meant for the biggest and toughest chewers. The size of this bone is 7.2 x 2 x 2.5 inches; and don’t forget, it’s chicken flavored!

3. Turkey Leg

     Have you ever bought a turkey leg at your local fair? This looks quite similar, but will only taste good to Fido. The turkey leg is the only bone that comes in two flavor options: chicken and flavor frenzy. In case you are wondering, flavor frenzy will taste like turkey and sweet potatoes. The size of this colossal turkey leg is 7.8 x 7.3 x 2.5 inches.

4. Monster Bone

     The monster bone is similar to the beef bone, but is a little bigger. Like many of the bones, it has a chicken flavor that your dog will drool over. The name of this bone is suitable for for its size, because it’s the biggest of the bunch. To be exact, it is 9.5 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches.

5. Textured Bone

     Compared to the other bones, this one has the most unique design. With a curved shape and textured bumps, your dog will be sure enjoy chomping on this tasty bone. The textured bone comes in a bison flavor, which is unlike the rest of the big bones. When it comes to size, the bone is 5.5 x 2 x 12 inches.

Pricing Comparison

Beef Bone (Big Bone according to Amazon): $$

Knot Bone: $

Turkey Bone: $$$

Monster Bone: $$

Textured Bone: $$$


     While this extremely durable non-edible chew toy is an amazing pick for extreme and super chewers, its density provides some caution for the owner. First, the bone will make a loud noise when dropped on hard floors. However , this is not a danger, but simply a word of warning to save you from a heart attack

     Second, after your adorable pup spends some time chewing on the Nylabone Power Chew Big Toy Bone, the product will begin to form chew-marks. In other words, sharper edges will begin to form. There is a possibility that your pup can cut their mouth on these edges, therefore we recommend inspecting the chew bone before playtime. Furthermore, be careful not to step on the toy with bare feet! Ouch!

Extra Tidbits:

Chewing Habits in Dogs

     The Nylabone Power Chew Big Toy Bone is one of many options an owner can offer to their pup. Ultimately, you should provide your furbaby with a number of chew toys to satisfy their gnawing needs. Pets.WebMD notes, “Dogs […] explore the world with their mouth. She likes to chew because it calms her.” Therefore, it is perfectly natural and normal for your dog to chew. But, it is important to not let them choose their own chewing objects (like your shoes!). Instead, hand them toys that you deem “ok.”

Why Dogs Chew

     The ASPCA agrees, “Chewing accomplishes a number of things for a dog.” Some general reasons why dogs chew include:

  • Teething relief for puppies
  • Keeping teeth and jaws strong and healthy
  • Combating boredom
  • Relieving anxiety
  • Generally exploring their world

When Chewing Turns Bad

     Unfortunately, chewing habits can easily spiral out of control. Destructive chewing is an extreme form and often considered a bad behavior in dogs. As an owner, you take note of all your furbaby’s habits and, therefore, will become well aware when chewing gets out of hand! Some general causes of destructive chewing include:

  • Separation anxiety (mainly when pup is alone)
  • Hunger
  • Boredom

Tips for the Owner on Dog Chew Toys

     After providing your pup with multiple chew toys, pay attention to the ones he or she favors. These toys will become great future purchases. Additionally, take the opportunity to rotate your dog’s chew toys. Basically, this will keep Fido from becoming bored with his/her toys.

     While is seems like a great, natural choice to hand your dog a bone from dinner; do not do this! Cooked bones or bones left-over from your dinner will easily splinter in the mouth of a dog and cause serious damage to their mouth or digestive tract. By and large, we recommend offering your pooch bones that were specifically manufactured for chewing.

     When offering edible chew toys to Fido, continue to monitor the chewing closely. Consequently, edible chews are easier for your pup to break down. Although this type of chew is great for ingestion, they have a tendency to break apart into pieces your pup may try to swallow whole. Yikes! Many owners are well aware of the choking hazard this presents.

In Closing

     It is no secret that we strive to keep you and your pup both happy and healthy. Our goal is to perform in-depth research and present you with our findings. Many owners wish they hand the time to truly research dog products before purchasing, but they simply run out of time in their busy day. That’s okay! Instead of eating up your time (and money), we have done all that work for you.

     In our honest opinion, the Nylabone Power Chew Big Toy Bone can be a quality chew toy for your larger-than-life furbaby. Almost every dog product company has their version of a durable chew toy, but not all live up to an owner’s hopes. While a truly determined chomping pooch may very well make their way through the Nylabone Power Chew Big Toy Bone, it has every capacity to remain intact for years to come!