Nylabone is a well-known company within the world of dogs. If you are an owner, you have most likely heard the name or even purchased one a Nylabone chew. In general, the company specializes in manufacturing irresistible bones and chews for your pup to gnaw on. Furthermore, their toys are separated into various product lines, each designed to target a result or need. The Nylabone Power Chew Pro Action Chew Toy is a part of the company’s Dental Chew and Power Chew collection.

Nylabone Dental Chews are built to help your pup clean their teeth. In essence, chewing is a natural technique used to scrape off leftover food bits, plaque, and tartar. While the habit seems mundane, it can save you expensive vet bills in the long run!

All dogs chew, it’s that simple. From teething puppies to bored Border Collies, dogs use chewing for a multitude of purposes. In fact, it is how they explore their world! Great chews, like the Nylabone Power Chew Pro Action Chew Toy, fulfill Fido’s natural urge to chew and give them a good brushing at the same time.

The Product: Nylabone’s Power Chew Pro Action Chew Toy

Nylabone provides a scale of durability on each of their packaged chew toys. The Power Chew Pro Action Chew Toy lands on the highest mark of this scale; deeming the chew perfect for extreme chewing styles. Nylon made, this particular chew is very durable for heavy chewers!

In detail, the bone has two main parts. First, its orange body sports deep, flexible ridges. Second, two off-white bone ends feature hard bumps and even more ridges. By displaying multiple textures, the chew toy is much more interesting to your pup.

If that isn’t enough to entice them, your furbaby is sure to love its bacon flavor! Yes, Nylabone infused their Power Chew Pro Action Chew Toy with the scent and flavor of bacon! Some customers say that they are unable to smell a bacon scent. But, that doesn’t mean that your strong sniffing pooch can’t smell it.

Like most chew toys for heavy chomping pups, this toy is not indestructible. Accordingly, where there is a will, there is a way! In other words, if your destroyer wants to mangle the toy, the will find a way to do so. Ultimately, monitor the chew for any broken pieces to keep your furbaby safe. Customers with strong chewers note that the Power Chew Pro Action Chew Toy will usually last two to four months.

Nylabone has excellent sizing option with most of their products and this toy is no exception. You can choose from three sizes. The small size is designed for pups up to 25lbs. Next, the medium size is great for dogs up to 35lbs. Finally, the large size is recommended for furry friends exceeding 50lbs.

In summary, we love this chew toy because it is manufactured by the reliable Nylabone company. They put care into designing its multiple textures to entice your furbaby and allow them to self-clean their teeth. By and large, it has received great reviews for durability! Other benefits include: help with destructive chewing, boredom, stress and anxiety, dental care, weight management, and training. Customers advise that this particular chew toy is cheaper through Amazon than other pet stores. We have provided a direct link to its Amazon page below!

Great Chew Benefits:

Dental Care

As previously mentioned, a large benefit to doggie chewing includes dental hygiene. The act of chewing allows your pup to scrape off left-over food bits, plaque, and tartar. Although the bacteria in your furry friend’s mouth is mostly natural, it can turn bad once plaque forms. Consequently, untreated plaque hardens into tartar.

Some sources note that tartar can only be removed by a visit to the vet. The key to saving your wallet is early prevention! Here is where chew toys come in hand. Removing those bits of food after your pup eats inhibits plaque from forming.

According to Dr. Becker at healthypets.mercola.com, “A buildup of tartar irritates the gums, causing inflammation.” In fact, this inflammation is called Gingivitis. To create a healthy mouth for your furbaby, you can brush their teeth, feed a healthy diet, offer chew toys, and visit the vet for oral exams.

For further intriguing information on doggie dental hygiene and chewing, check out our article on Mammoth Braided Bones!

Weight Management

Part of the beauty of chew toys is their ability to aid in weight management. Many owners pay special attention to their pup’s health and create specific routines for optimal well-being. A dog’s weight will increase as caloric intake outweighs their amount of exercise. This theory is extremely similar to that of human weight control.

Chew toys give your dog the pleasure of chewing, but without added calories. Whole Dog Journal adds, “Avoid chews that are high in fat, such as pig ears, and look for chews that last your dog a long time.” Due to its great durability, Nylabone’s Power Chew Pro Action Chew Toy might make an excellent choice for a strong pooch.

Unfortunately, many owners remain in denial about their furbaby’s weight. Because you look at your dog every day, it might become hard to discern between a perceived healthy weight and a true healthy weight. As a result, overweight dogs go unchecked and continue to experience health problems. These include: diabetes, heart disease, compromised immune systems, and many more!

Healthy hounds live longer. Some solutions to combat those extra pounds include:

  1. Healthier diet
  2. Calorie counting
  3. Increased exercise
  4. No table scraps
  5. Changing their meal amount
  6. Gifting chew toys

Reducing Boredom

The simple fact is: all dogs chew. It helps during teething, enables them to explore their environment, and provides a daily activity. In fact, chewing helps dogs deal with stress and boredom. Unfortunately, too much stress and boredom will amount to excessive chewing and home destruction.

To keep Fido occupied and fulfilled, provide them with plenty of chew toys. Mix up different textures, tastes, and shapes. If your pup goes looking for their own chew toy, you may not be too pleased with the result!

Pups with high amounts of energy take a skilled hand. Their rambunctious personalities require more exercise and mental stimulation. Therefore, chew toys become even more essential in your household! To find out if you own a high energy dog breed, check out our article on the Advantage of Knowing Your Dog’s Breed.

Check Out This Unique Nylabone Chew

Nylabone manufactures a wide variety of nifty doggie chew toys, but this one truly caught our eye! The Dental Dino Power Chew is creative, fun, and practical. Housed in the Dental Chews product line, this durable toy will continue to help brush your pup’s teeth. We love its unique dinosaur shape because it provides a change from the standard bone shape.

You can find various versions of Nylabone’s Dental Dino Power Chew through Amazon. The cheapest is under $5! Customers warn that this version will sometimes come in different packaging. But, the product remains in great condition and will not be a knock-off.

The Dental Dino Power Chew is designed for extreme chewers. Its durable nylon material is even infused with great chicken flavor to entice Fido. Rounded nubs are featured all over the dinosaur’s body, giving a great, scrubbing texture. Additionally, you can happily know it is USA made!

If you are interested in receiving more than one shape of dinosaur chew, consider the 3 Pack Dental Dino Power Chew. At under $20, you will receive three different unique and fun shapes. While it proves a bit more expensive, you will save time and effort from ordering again in the future. For example, when one toy becomes destroyed, simply replace it with the next dino you have on hand!

In Conclusion

In summary, providing Fido with an array of chew toys is beneficial in many ways. Well designed and durable chew toys help scrub off food, tartar, and plaque. This helps maintain good dental hygiene and saves your wallet from a vet bill! Your furbaby won’t even know they are self-cleaning because chewing is a natural habit.

Nylabone has specifically produced a line of chews to best clean your pup’s teeth. They call it Dental Chews. Additionally, their DuraChew technology helps provide great strength and durability. Pups with strong chomping jaws have met their match! Be aware, though, that most chew toys are not indestructible.

Chew toys continue to aid your dog; maintaining a healthy weight and reducing boredom. By gifting plenty of awesome chews, your pup no longer has to look for their own! At the end of the day, Fido is happy and healthy.