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As our little pups grow up, we try to teach them good habits. However, this can be a daunting task as there are so many things we wish to teach them. We want to teach them to go potty outside, play fetch, not bark at the mailman, and good chewing habits. These can be pretty tough to teach but with the Nylabone Romp N’ Chomp Freezer Bone, it is now a lot easier. Made especially for those dogs that are teething or are moderate chewers, it is a wonderful training tool. Using a Nylabone Romp N’ Chomp, you will be able to satisfy your puppies chewing desires which will train them to not chew on your furniture or shoes. Plus you can spoil your precious pooch with the tasty treats you put inside.

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About nylabone

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Nylabone was established in 1955 to provide dogs with chew toys, edible chews, and dental solutions. They have since become the world’s largest pet book publisher. Nylabone wants you to be well-informed on how to care for your pet in the healthiest way. With this in mind, a section of their company is entitled “Nylabone Cares”. Here, they donate chew toys to shelter dogs so that they can develop healthy chewing habits. In addition to donating toys, they also educate pet parents on which chewing habits are healthy and which are not. This allows pet parents everywhere to better care for their pooch. The fact that Nylabone dedicates so many of its resources to charitable causes is one of the main reasons we love them so much! That, plus their products are always high quality. 

Nylabone manufactures the majority of their products right here in America, with only a few being made in China. All of their American made products have an American flag on the package telling pet parents where their product is coming from. They also test all products to ensure their quality and safety. Nylabone is dedicated to protecting your dog so they never sell anything that could be harmful.

Romp'N Chomp

The Nylabone Romp ‘N Chomp Freezer Bone is a fun bone for your dog. It comes in two different sizes: petite and wolf. Nylabone names the size of their products with unique names. The petite is essentially the small and the wolf is a medium/large size. The petite size is perfect for dogs up to 15 pounds. The wolf size, on the other hand, is great for dogs up to 35 pounds. This bone is made for those dogs who are moderate chewers or that are teething. This specific Nylabone product will not last long if given to a tough chewer. The Nylabone Romp N’ Chomp bone helps negate destructive chewing habits and lessen boredom, stress, and anxiety. It is also an excellent tool to use when teaching training and reward. This bone is also a wonderful therapy tool for those dogs that get lonely while you’re not home.

The textures of the bone help to clean and massage the gums of your dog as they chew. The bone can also be frozen which will help to soothe your dog’s aching teeth if they are teething. In the corners of the bone, there are divets that can be filled with water, peanut butter, chicken broth, etc. as an extra treat for your pup. It also has a spot in the middle to put one of the refillable treats that come with the product. The many treat features of this bone allow your dog to stay busy will enjoying something tasty!


If you’re looking for a product that is durable and will last a while for your pup, you’re in luck. This bone is both sturdy and heavy-duty allowing it to survive both inside and outside of the house.  For those of you with medium-sized breeds, the larger size is durable as well and tends to hold up even with more aggressive chewers. As an added bonus, dogs seem to love the texture which keeps them chewing on the bone with gusto. The Romp N’ Chomp Freezer Bone also has some bounce to it. This makes it so that you can have a fun game of fetch with your dog. The unique shape of the bone causes it to bounce around creating a fun fetch and chase game for your dog. While the refillable treat that comes with the toy may be gobbled up quickly, the Nylabone is a perfect toy to be filled with household treats. This means that you don’t necessarily have to buy the refills. Instead, you can fill it with your dog’s favorite treats such as peanut butter, chicken broth, etc. Doing this will save you some money while still providing your dog with a stimulating, delicious treat. Another pro of the Nylabone Romp N’ Chomp is that it doubles as a cooling treat in the summer. You can fill the bone, freeze it, and give it to your dog to help them stay cool in the heat. This is a good way to protect your dog from overheating and keep them healthy.


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With all great products, there are likely to be a few catches. As before mentioned, the Nylabone Romp N’ Chomp Freezer Bone doesn’t hold up well against heavy chewers. It can also be a little too big and heavy for tiny puppies to carry around. Even with the smaller size, little dogs are still able to break it if they are really strong chewers. As dogs chew on the bone, the treat inside often comes out easily. This makes it not much of a challenge for your pup. With this in mind, the bone does not come with any refills for the treat. Once your dog eats it you have to go out and buy more or fill it with other treats. On top of that, the treat holes are shallow which does not allow you to freeze very much liquid at one time. This makes it so that your dog can finish up with their treat fairly quickly and get back up to their mischief. Another con is that their products are not dishwasher safe. To clean your Nylabone, scrub it with a brush under warm water. Make sure to use a mild, non-toxic detergent and rinse thoroughly. While cleaning you should also make sure to check for wear and tear. Even though they are not dishwasher safe, they are not terribly hard to clean. 

health cautions

Due to the nature of the Nylabone Romp N’ Chomp Freezer Bone, it is unwise to leave it with your dog unsupervised. When the bone unfreezes it becomes easier for dogs to chew it up and put holes in it. As they chew on it, there is a possibility that pieces can break off creating a choking hazard. The treats also pose a hazard to your pup due to their small size. With bigger dogs especially, these small treats could cause them to choke. This can be rather worrisome for pet parents. However, with proper supervision and lots of love, your dog will be perfectly safe. They will be able to enjoy the Nylabone Romp N’ Chomp Freezer Bone without a worry.

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If you are looking for the perfect product to help your dog through their teething phase, look no further. The Nylabone Romp N’ Chomp Freezer Bone is what you need to help soothe your dog and keep them happy. This bone is certain to last them through their puppy days and help numb the pain of teething. This bone will also bring you the satisfaction of knowing that your dog will be much happier while growing. Even if your dog isn’t teething, the Nylabone Romp N’ Chomp is a good cooling toy and fun mental stimulator.