Shiba Inu Dog wearing a OneTigris Tactical Backpack

When it comes to adventuring, having your furry best friend along with you can set you up for having a great time with lots of memories. With so much energy and youth, dogs can really help to put an extra pep in your step. However,  just like with humans, being out in the sun and hiking can really dehydrate dogs as well. It’s very important to pack water and bowls to make sure your dog is well hydrated and fed throughout you adventures. With carrying all the as well as your own water and other things, it can be a lot to handle. Wouldn’t it be great if your dog could carry their own things? Well thank to the brilliant invention of dog backpacks, now they can!

OneTigris’ own product is one of the favorite on the line, a sit offers high quality and fashion in the most functional way. In this article we will be going over why this product can make your next hiking or camping trip less of a chore, and more of great bonding time with you and your dog.

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product details

OneTigris’ dog backpacks come in two different styles, tactical and vintage. The tactical version was made with service dogs in mind, such as police and fire fighter dogs. It is made of water resistant nylon, with a padded underside that provides comfort for the dog and keep from their fur getting pulled. The color choices offered are black and army green.

The vintage style, the later of the versions, was made with the average adventure dog in mind.  OneTigris takes pride in this product for being both functional and stylish. Made from high density cotton canvas, and coming in a dark, rich, brown, it’s an item that can look great on any dog in any situation. Just like the tactical version, there is a padded underside that provides comfort and protection to the dog.

Shiba Inu Dog wearing a OneTigris Tactical Backpack

Other than the material, both backpacks are built the same way, with the goal of practicality and function in mind. There are two large pouches sewn on each side of the backpack, with and zipper pouch and a velcro closed pouch. This provides the owner to easily access the materials but still have them safely secured. There are adjustable straps all over the backpack which allows the owner to adjust it so that it’s comfortable on all medium to larger breeds of dogs.

Another key function of this backpack is how it provides durability and stability to dogs as they hike up trails. It also helps you out as the owner because not only does it help with carrying their own products, such as travel bowls or water, it also helps to tire the dog down and get rid of some of their energy.  And while this is a good aspect of the product, we also want to urge to not overload your dog. Please do not pack too much that it could strain the dogs legs or backs.

Black OneTigris Bungee Dog Training Leash

Additionally, OneTigris offers a combo pack of the vintage style backpack with their one of a kind training bungee leash. The leash is made from high quality nylon, which makes it durable as well as lightweight. With a handle on the lower end of the leash as well as the top, it offers the owner full control over the dog. The top half of the leash is a bungee material that allows tension but also the freedom for the dog to explore, without the worry of your dog choking themselves when pulling.

The Tactical backpack is typically under $40, and the Vintage style is typically found under $35. The bungee leash is priced at typically under $25, which means that the combo pack, which is offered at around $36, saves the buyer more that a $10 savings. OneTigris has many other style sand colors of both their leashes and other backpacks, so give their other products a look.

about the company

OneTigris was founded in 2014 by a group of young and spirited people that are also lovers of life.  They wanted to make products that would encourage people to go out and do more exploring of the world around them. Inspired by the ancient tigris, they focused on the qualities that they embodied, such as courage, energy and determination, and how they could promote it to people through their products. They believe in also producing high quality products that are affordable, which sets them apart in the market.

While it started out as a company that made products geared for humans, in 2016 they made their first dog harness, originally focused on helping service dogs. In the years following, they saw an opportunity to include average dogs in their line of products. They now carry other adventurous gear such as backpacks and leashes. Owners can even get matching products with their dogs! Be sure to check out their site to see what else they offer. Today OneTigris has grown to serving over 400,000 happy customers.

what makes this backpack unique?

This backpack is unique because of its practicality as well as chic and vintage design,  that can match any dog at any occasion. Unlike some other backpacks, OneTigris focuses highly on the comfort of the dog. Since dogs can’t really communicate when things can be uncomfortable, they focus highly on the padding under the backpack that lays directly on the dog’s back. The adjustable straps also make it easy to fit to your dog’s specific shape. Another key thing about this backpack is how compact and how it will not get in the dog’s way, however does not sacrifice the practicality of carrying a lot of product.

is this backpack right for my dog?

Smiling geriatric dog

If your dog loves to adventure and you’re tired of carrying their stuff around, then this is a perfect product for your dog, and you! The only cautions that was have against using this product is that it’s only a medium or large sized dog, since it’s too large for smaller dogs. We suggest that you look into backpacks made for smaller breeds.


We also want to stress that you don’t use this on products on dogs that can’t handle the weight. If your dog is elderly, or has recently suffered from some kind of injury to their legs, it’s important to watch them and make sure you know what they can handle. Putting extra pressure on a dog like that can do damage to their weaker joints. This applies to healthy dogs as well, since all dogs have their limit on how much they can handle.


One of the biggest pros to OneTigris’ backpack is that it is made from strong and durable material. Since OneTigris makes high quality material and things that they are proud of, they really want to make sure that their customers are really happy with their product. Along with a company with great morals. They also are a company that has great style. This product is very stylish as well as functional. It hits a lot of the key points that make dog products great. Another pro is the price. As mentioned before, getting the combo pack that includes the vintage backpack as well as the leash, is over a ten dollar savings. OneTigris also wants to provide not only high quality material, but fairly priced material as well.


One of the only cautions with this product is how it can be used the wrong way. Between the adjustable straps and the products, it can be easy to either put the backpack on wrong or the overwhelm the dog. It is advised that owners do research or make sure that they pay attention to their dogs to make sure they are not overworked or in pain.

Another small thing is that some people have reviewed that the stitching along the side bags can be easily torn after some wear and tear. To make sure there is no real damage, you should pay attention to the stitching to make sure it’s good every once in a while. Also OneTigris suggests that when it comes to washing, that it should only be hand washed and then air dried to make sure there are no damages made when in the washing machine.


Overall, we think that their product is great for when it comes to going on an adventure with your dog. While it helps relieve  you as the owner from some of the stress of carrying extra equipment, it allows for the owner to focus more on what’s important. Coming from a company that is well trusted in the community, and for such a fair price, we think that giving this product a try absolutely can’t hurt.  And if it works, it could be a product that makes every adventure one to remember.

Small Black Dog wearing a One Tigris Backpack