Dogs have boundless amounts of energy. They can run, jump, and play all day without getting tired. That’s why it is wonderful to have a durable dog toy for them. The Planet Dog Orbee- Tuff Diamond Plate Ball is perfect for those dogs who love to play. Dog parents will love this ball for its light nature and textured finish, making it a durable and long-lasting toy.

About Planet dog

Planet Dog is a great company with high values that keeps their business here in the United States. Since being founded in 1997, Planet Dog has made exceptional toys backed by an amazing company. Their toys all come with a 100% guarantee. If you don’t like the toy or if something happens to it, they will replace the toy for you. 

Their mission is to make the planet “a better place by unleashing the power of play.” By providing resources to dog owners, they strive to help owners everywhere become more responsible and informed. Planet dog is always building upon their resource guides and keeping them up-to-date just for dog owners.

Their Products

While not all of their toys are made in the United States, the majority of them are. Toys like the Orbee- Tuff Diamond Plate Ball, Orbee Bones, or even Orbee- Tuff Sport products. Even if the items are not made in the United States, Planet Dog still requires the manufacturers to adhere to strict guidelines. They make the stuffed squeaky toys, leads, collars, and travel bowls in China. Yet they make the rest of their products in America! Product such as the Orbee- Tuff line, their stickers, treats, and grooming products too!


The Planet Dog Orbee- Tuff Diamond Plate Ball comes in three different colors: orange steel and violet. It has a textured finished, which makes it easier for your dog to pick up. It also  has a round-single color mold. With a hole for treats, you are sure to be able to spoil your dog. This toy is dishwasher safe which means you can clean it before or after your pooch eats their tasty treats.

The Orbee Ball comes in two different sizes. The smaller size has a 3 inch diameter whereas the larger size has about a 4 inch diameter. This ball is great for all dogs no matter their size. The 3 inch ball is perfect for small or medium sized dogs. Whereas the 4 inch ball is better for larger dogs 45 pounds or more. If sized correctly, your pooch should have no trouble carrying it around in their mouth.

It is mint-flavored like many other Planet Dog products which are infused with essential Peppermint oil. It floats relatively well, with only a part of the ball visible above the water. Additionally, it is squeak-free. You can also use this ball as a treat dispenser. The hole in the middle is also the perfect size for putting in tasty treats for your dog to find.


This durable dog toy is one that your playful pooch will enjoy for a lifetime. With a lifetime guarantee, this ball is fun whether you are on dry land or in the water. It is both lightweight and buoyant. This means you no longer have to worry about if you will need to dive in after it. It’s a lot more fun for you as well as your dog.

With the unique texture covering the Diamond Plate Ball this ball seems to last longer than many others. The consistency of the ball also contributes to its durable characteristic. From big dogs to small dogs, it typically lasts longer than most other balls. This ball has more of a rubbery feel being neither soft and squishy nor rock hard. This ball does have some flexibility due to the hole in the middle. The durability of this toy will be making you want more!

We also know that dogs can get toys pretty gross from all of their fun. With them becoming covered in hair and slobber, it is not very nice looking nor does it compel us to pick it up more than usual. However, it can easily be rinsed off of all hair or thrown in the dishwasher . You can put it on the top shelf and wash it on normal and the grime should come right off. In addition, the hole in the middle of the ball is big enough that it will clean and dry easily. This means that it is less prone to smelling like mold and mildew.


On the contrary, the smaller sized ball tends to appear smaller than advertised, making it easier for small dogs to handle. However, the larger size tends to be way too big for small dogs. This can make it difficult for smaller dogs to be able to pick up.

As a general caution, the Orbee- Tuff Diamond Plate Ball seems to have a weak spot. If your dog is a chewer they will easily find it if they chew on the treat hole. This can be especially true for those dogs that love chewing on things. Larger dogs especially can chew through it pretty easily if given the chance. With damage to the ball, you have the opportunity to return the item however, the return process is, at times, very long. You sometimes have to wait 30 to 40 days for the entire return process. But, Planet Dog is dedicated to the satisfaction of you and your furry friend.


With this toy, there is a 100% guarantee. This means if you are not 100% satisfied they will work with you to replace your product. If this doesn’t work for you then they will work to  provide you with an alternative product. The Orbee- Tuff Diamond Plate Ball is also recyclable. It is non-toxic and FDA approved so your playful pooch can enjoy their new ball without any worries. Without phthalates and being BPA free, this ball is extra safe for your dog.  


Who is the Toy For?

Made in the USA, this durable dog toy earned 5/5 chompers on Planet Dog’s durability scale. This makes this tuff toy one of their most durable products they have. The Orbee-Tuff material is made for those especially aggressive chewers. A specially made plastic that is latex-free Orbee- Tuff material was introduced 10 years ago. It uses White Olefinic oil to soften the material and give it more elasticity.

The Orbee- Tuff Diamond Plate Ball is an affordable , and durable alternative  to the traditional Kong toy. Although we say that it is more durable, there are still precautions that you should take as with any other dog toy. If your dog does manage to chew through it you need to be careful of any pieces coming off. This poses a choking hazard and can be harmful to your dog. But, with supervised play your dog will be able to enjoy this wonderful ball without worry.

Whether your dog is big or small, they will love the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Diamond Plate Ball. No matter how long it lasts them, this fun ball will be sure to make them happy. Watching them  run, jump, and play with this ball will bring you satisfaction in knowing your dogs are happy. As a durable dog toy, it is sure to last them long enough for you to see the priceless expression of joy on their face.