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We know how hectic your house can get when you have dogs running around. Toys all over across your floor, dog food bags hanging around, and of course, fur. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice cleanliness for a dog! We have reviewed the best organizational tools and accessories to help keep your home clean year round. No need to waste a weekend every spring; with these tips, you’ll always have a clean house to come home to.

From treat jars, to toy bins, and even food organizers, everything you need is on Amazon, and we’re here to help you make smart buying decisions. You can even train your dogs to put their own toys away. No matter what, there’s an easy solution to your dog’s mayhem. 

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toy bin

toy bin

The more you spoil your pooch, the more hectic your house can seem. Having tons of toys is fun, but isn’t always fun when your dog wants to play with them all at once.  Dog toys can make your house look cluttered, and can easily cause tripping hazards. Investing in a toy bin dedicated just to dog toys can declutter your house, and help you keep track of Fido’s toys. This Bone Dry Storage Bin is available in a variety of sizes and patterns, and is large enough for even the most spoiled pups. It can also be easily cleaned due to it’s durable polyester material. 

This toy bin is a must for households with plenty of toys. It allows your dog to easily get their toys in, and take them out on their own. As long as your pooch is tall enough to get their head in the bin, it’s a great addition to your home. Fortunately, the bin is available in a variety of heights, ensuring even the tiniest pups can get to their toys. Check out all of the variations on Amazon, and then simply consult your pup on their favorite style! 

RichellPet Tower

The Richelle Pet Tower is a convenient way to keep track of your dogs regular food and treats. It has a snap-lock lid that will keep your dog’s food fresh, and the odor inside. It’s thin design also makes it ideal to put just about anywhere in the house. We love the tower because you don’t have to get down as low to access your pet’s food. There’a foot petal at the bottom, much like a trash can, that will give you great access to the food without bending over. There are also side hooks on this tower that you can hang leashes, poop bags, or anything else your dog likes to use on a regular basis.

richell tower

You’ll be happy to hear that this bin is BPA free, and made right here in the USA. You can trust the this tower to keep your dog food safe and fresh. The bin is 12x9x15″, and even comes with a 1.5 cup food scoop. The bottom of the bin can hold about 8 lbs. of food, and there’s two convenient smaller compartments at the top that you can use for poop bags, treats, or whatever you need handy for your pooch. This tower is definitely ideal for households that need an easy way to access their food and doggy products. 

Bamboo Rack

leash holder

We always struggle to find a great place to store all of our dog’s walk and dog park necessities. Usually, they end up either in the junk drawer or on the counter. Fortunately, you can declutter your home and always know where Fido’s things are with this bamboo rack. Install it right by your front door for all of your necessities; treats, leashes, keys, headphones, and anything else you need for your daily walks! Having everything in one place makes it easy to take Fido for a walk, and everyone will always know where to find their things. To install the rack, simply mount it up with the anchors and screws that are included in packaging. The bamboo makes a great addition to any room, and you can trust that it’ll hold all of your furbaby’s things. 

In our opinion, this bamboo organizer is well worth the price. You won’t have to go searching for Fido’s things when it’s time to go outside, and your dog will always know where to wait for you when they’re ready for a walk. 

Custom Toy Bin

Looking to really spoil your pooch and give their toys a chic home? This custom toy bin may be for you. Each bin is personalized and engraved with your dog’s name. The toy bin is made from solid pine that’s not only durable, but looks great, too! Each bin is 19″ high, 14 ” wide, and 11.25″ deep. It should easily fit all of your pup’s toys, accessories, and anything else they like to keep close. As you can see, the bottom is open, and you can throw your dog’s toys in from the top. No matter how big or small they are, they’ll always have access to their toys. 

The only downside to this toy chest? The price. It costs around $200; however, considering the handmade craftsmanship that goes into each design, we believe that it’s worth the price. Check out the bin on Amazon, and you can order a personalized chest for Fido today. 

Handmade Wall Mount

leash holder

Next up on our list, is another handmade item! Each one is custom made for the owner, and as you can see, the finished product is exquisite. With this wall mount, you can hold Fido’s treats, your keys, and their leash all in one spot. It also makes a great addition to your hallway decor! The jar is made from a wide-mouth mason jar, and the wood is durable. The mount is made from distressed wood and finished off with a hand-painted, semi-gloss finish. 

Each mount is made in Richmond, Kentucky with care. You can order this mount in a variety of colors as well depending on how you want the wood to look in your house. We highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a unique way to keep track of their furbaby’s things. Each one is custom made, and you can ask for special orders!

Treat Jars

Having treat bags all over your counters can make your kitchen look cluttered. Fortunately, you can easily clean up your kitchen and have treats on hand with these treat jars. They’re stylish, BPA-free, durable, and keep your treats fresh. When you order from Amazon, you’ll receive a set of 3 treat jars, allowing you to organize all of your treats and chews. Each jar is 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 6.4″; making a great addition to your island or kitchen countertop.

dog treat jar

These treat jars are worth the money in our opinion. You’ll have a chic place to keep all of your dog’s treats, without having to mix everything together. This jar allows you to easily see when you’re getting low on treats, while also keeping them fresh (and out of paws reach). Check out these fun jars on Amazon, priced under $20, they’re worth the price in our opinion. 

Car organized

wag'n ride

Keep your car organized when you’re traveling with your pup with this multi-use car organizer. The various pockets and compartments allow you to store all of your dog’s necessities in one place without making a mess in the car. Made of durable polyester, the Wag’n Ride car organizer is a heavy-duty way to store your dog’s favorite things. The bag is 15.5″ wide, 11″ high, and 4″ deep. It also has an adjustable strap that easily fits over any headrest in your car. The main compartment easily stores up to 24 cups of dog food and easily wipes clean. It also has 3 outside storage compartments that can fit your pup’s necessities, such as water bottles, treats, toys, and leashes. You’ll also love that the organizer has a built in poop-bag dispenser.

Outdoor Toy Bin

Most dogs have both indoor and outdoor toys. In our house, the outdoor toys are dirty, torn to pieces, or simply smell too bad to come into the house. We struggle to find good places to store our dog’s outdoor toys; obviously; leaving them out in the yard exposed to the elements will drastically shorten the life span of your toys. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to store all of your dog’s outdoor supplies.  The Suncast outdoor Storage box is the perfect place to store all of your dog’s outdoor supplies; water bowls, toys, sprinklers, and even outdoor dog beds. 

toy bin

This bin is made for outdoor use. It can withstand the elements, and even comes with a 5-year warranty. This particular bin is 23 x 18 x 23 inches, and weighs 13 lbs. In our opinion, it’s the well worth the price (under $40). 


Make spring cleaning a breeze with some of our favorite dog organizational hacks. Just because you spoil your pooch with toys, doesn’t mean you have to have a cluttered house! For more organizational finds, view our article Keeping Fido Organized.

If you have any questions about any of the products we have covered, please email us at [email protected]