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     Water bottle dog toys are a great change of pace for a pup who is bored with their usual stuffed toys. A lot of dogs love to chew on empty water bottles. There is just something about that crinkle and crunch sound that they love! However, chewing on plastic water bottles is not always the safest option for your dog. Thankfully, the water bottle dog toys give us a product that puts us right in the middle with both the sound and the safety.

     To introduce you to this different type of toy we cover what it is, why you should use it, and how to use it. Then to really show you what it has to offer we will go into depth about a few of our top picks. After drinking in all this information you will be easily able to decide if this is the right toy for you. So, start getting hydrated because with our Amazon links your toy of choice will be on your doorstep in no time!

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Overview and Price Comparison

Zippy Paws Deluxe Water Bottle Crusherz: $ (11 x 3.5 x 4”, for medium size dogs)

Max And Neo Dog Gear Water Bottle Dog Toys: $$$ (12” long, for medium size dogs)

Bamboo Fat Cat Water Bottle Crunchers: $$ (12 x 5.4 x 3”, for medium size dogs)

Scoochie Water Bottle Dog Toys: $ (11” long, for medium size dogs)

Ethical Pets Skinneeez Jumbo Bite Dog Toy: $$ (24 x .75 x 10”, for large to giant size dogs)

Ethical Pets Crunch And Squeak Plush Bottle Dog Toy: $$ (15” long, for large size dogs)

About Water Bottle Dog Toys

What are Water Bottle Dog Toys?

     A water bottle dog toy actually does not usually contain a water bottle. Instead, they are designed as a sleeve; which you will then insert a water bottle into. The most popular kind on the market are ones that resemble animals.

     This toy has the words ‘water bottle’ in its name because they are specifically designed for you to place an empty water bottle inside. As we all know, water bottles tend to make a lot of noise when they are crushed. You may not be the biggest fan of this sound but your dog will go crazy for it. Loud sound and crunchy texture, bring it! Not to mention the shape of the water bottle fits easily in their mouth making it the perfect chew toy.

Why should I Use Them?

     As you read about this toy you may be confused about why your dog would even need it in the first place. Why can your dog not just chew on the bottle itself? Well, giving your pup a water bottle all by itself is not going to be the safest option.

     With the sleeve these water bottle toys offer, there is a barrier that protects your dog’s teeth from penetrating the plastic. Not only will this prevent their gums and teeth from being scratched up but it prevents them from swallowing something hazardous as well. Also, when a dog is chewing on a water bottle without a sleeve-like cover, they could potentially bite off the cap: a huge choking hazard. If you have run into this issue before or you want to stock up on additional info, check out the article What to Do When Your Dog is Choking.

How do I Use Water Bottle Dog Toys?

     There are certain rules of thumb when it comes to making your water bottle dog toy the most effective. Different types of water bottles are made in different sizes and thickness. Typically a water bottle with thicker plastic has more of a crunch to it and will be more enjoyable for your dog. Although, as with bottles the toys also come in different sizes. Before you order a toy make sure that it will fit your preferred bottle.

     A good practice is to take the cap off before putting the water bottle in the toy. This way there is no chance of it falling out of the toy and becoming a choking hazard. However, sometimes water bottles without caps on them compress really easily under a dog’s bite. This lessens the crinkle and crunch sensation for your dog. If your toy is safe and secure it is probably okay to leave the cap on the water bottle inside of it. This will enhance the crunchy experience for your pup.

The Best Water Bottle Dog Toys

Zippy Paws Deluxe Water Bottle Crusherz

  • Water Bottle Included
  • Squeaky Cap
  • Velcro Closure
  • Multi-layered Fabric
  • No Stuffing

     When you receive this toy you will actually also receive a water bottle to put inside. On top of this bottle, there is a squeaky cap which will add some squeak to their crunch. Over time the bottle might break down but the cap will not. This means that when you go to switch out the bottle you can just move it to the next one. To make this whole replacement process simple for you the sleeve is closed with velcro. Unlike zippers that may get stuck or broken, this will move with ease.

     Surrounding the bottle itself there are multiple layers of fabric. Not only will this protect it from wear and tear but it will also protect their mouth. Without this protection, the plastic could really cut up their teeth and gums as they chew. There may be a lot of fabric but thankfully there is no stuffing. This will save you from a big mess if they decide to break through the fabric.

    The drawback of these toys is that an aggressive chewer will likely tear it to shreds pretty quickly. If not immediately. These toys are definitely better for chewers on the softer end of the spectrum. Even medium level chewers will likely tear through these pretty early on.

  • Dolphin
  • Lobster
  • Shark
  • Whale

Max and Neo Dog Gear Water Bottle Dog Toys

  • Comes in pack Of 3
  • Fits Standard 16.9 oz Bottles
  • No Stuffing
  • Donation To Dog Rescue

Buying Tip: Through Amazon this comes in a pack of 3 (includes a wolf, bear, and fox)


      With this toy, the water bottles are not included. Although, with the bottles being available pretty much everywhere that is no problem at all. It also helps that these toys fit almost all standard 16.9 oz bottles giving you a variety of options. Another thing that this toy does not include is stuffing. This means that you can watch your dog chew away with no worries of a fluff explosion.

     One thing that this toy does include is a donation. With the Max and Neo company, every time you purchase this toy a duplicate will be sent to a dog rescue. Not only will your dog be happy to have a new toy but you can be as well knowing you helped a pup in need.

  • Fox
  • Bear
  • Wolf

Bamboo Fat Cat Water Bottle Crunchers

  • Fits 20 oz Bottles
  • Heavy Canvas Material
  • Water Bottle Included

Buying Tip: Through an Amazon order, the animal will be chosen for you


     A water bottle is included in the purchase of this toy. However, it is not the average bottle you may expect. This is because this toy can hold bottles that are up to 20 oz in size. With more plastic comes more of the crunch that your dog loves. To cover this larger bottle there is heavy canvas material which makes them quite durable.

     Just like with other water bottle toys you can replace the bottle inside. Although, if you would like to switch it up a little bit you can also put tennis balls inside as well. This would then create a toy perfect for fetching.

  • Snake
  • Cat

Scoochie Water Bottle Dog Toys

  • Recycled Bottle Included
  • Bottle Disinfected
  • Elastic Closure
  • Squeaker Included

     Not just any water bottle is included with this toy. To keep things green the company includes a recycled bottle that has been completely disinfected. Do not worry there will not be any germs passed along with this toy. To make sure this bottle stays in place but is also replaceable there is elastic on the bottom. This will allow you to easily open it, make a quick switch, and hand it back to your eager dog quickly and with no issues.

     The toy itself is around 11” in size. This size includes the head which is plush filled. However, that is not the only thing hidden inside. There is also a squeaker allowing your dog to switch between a crunch and a squeak. That is definitely one way to occupy a energetic pup.

  • Cow
  • Monkey

Two Options from Ethical Pets:

Skinneeez Jumbo Bite Dog Toy

  • Holds 2L Bottles
  • Large size
  • No Stuffing
  • Velcro Closure

     At the bottom of the packaging for this toy, you will not find any water bottles. However, if you are a fan of soda then you are in luck. This is because this toy is specifically made to hold 2L bottles. To make sure there is enough room to fit such a large bottle the toy is around 22” in length. With no stuffing to get in the way, your dog will be able to attack this bottle at all angles. Then once the bottle is sufficiently destroyed you just have to open the velcro closure and replace it with a new one.

     With such a big bottle this toy would be perfect for larger dogs. Since they have such big mouths a smaller bottle will be destroyed in a matter of seconds. This is definitely not enough time to have fun and enjoy the crunch sound. A larger bottle will present them with more of a challenge and make them spend more time chewing.

  • Duck
  • Pig

Crunch And Squeak Plush Bottle Dog Toy

Buying Tip: When ordered on Amazon, the animal type will be chosen for you

  • Crunches And Squeaks
  • Bottle Included
  • 15” long
  • Plush

     Each animal in this toy line comes with a water bottle inside. Although, this is not the usual bottle you are familiar with. Instead of just crunching when your dog bites down it will squeak as well. Having 2 sounds will keep your dog on their paws trying to find the source. Once this bottle gives out do not worry you can easily replace it with another bottle of your choosing.

     Another quality that makes this bottle toy unique is its length. At 15” it is one of the longer toys on the market. This length is beneficial not only because it means more toy but because it is easy to grab. With all this room they will have no issue getting a good grip with their mouth. Also, since it is made out of plush it will be gentle on their teeth and gums.

  • Duck
  • Elephant
  • Alligator