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As a dog owner, you love to watch your pup explore the backyard with new wonder and excitement. They seek out every corner, sniffing their way about and discovering other little critters. Or maybe you’re packing up for a glorious day at the beach. You romanticize basking in the sun, knowing your pup will love a new environment! Both scenarios will result in Fido’s paws getting all sorts of dirty. With this in mind, you foresee a messy situation. Fortunately, having a paw plunger tool on hand will get your pup cleaned up!

If you have never heard of a dog paw plunger, now is your chance to learn how it can make you and your pup’s life easier. All variations of this nifty tool are basically the same; featuring a cup with soft bristles on the inside. Imagine ditching the splashing outdoor hose for a portable and cleanly paw plunger! Simply dip your furbaby’s paw inside, twist the cup around a couple times, and voila!

Additionally, paw plungers are extremely portable. Designed like a simple cup, the plunger is an easy size to carry with you on all your outdoor adventures. This ensures your pooch will have clean paws before the car ride home! We dug up some fabulous paw plungers you may want to consider.

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our top pick: Dexas petware mudbuster portable paw cleaner

The Dexas Petware Mudbuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner specifically made our top picks list because it is BPA free. Unlike the Pet Product Innovations Paw Plunger, its inner bristles are made from silicone. You will utilize the same techniques to use this paw plunger:

  1. Add some water
  2. Insert a paw
  3. Twist the cup around the paw
  4. Towel dry the paw
  5. Repeat as needed
  6. Dump the dirty water

Customers note that your pup may be skittish to first use a paw plunger. Although, they reassure that their pups quickly became accustomed to it. Additionally, you can expect to change the dirty water often. We speculate that this will be required of most paw plungers.

You will have a choice of three sizes for the Dexas Petware Mudbuster. Size small measures 4.3” tall and 3.65” wide, designed to fit a paw up to 2” wide. Size medium measures 6” tall and 4” wide, fitting a paw up to 2.5” wide. Finally, size large measures 8.85” tall and 4.75” wide, fitting a paw up to 3.5” wide. Once you measure your furbaby’s paw, you can then choose from colors blue, green, or pink. These are the vibrant colors on the inner cup and silicon bristles. The outer cup is clear for your convenience.

The Perfect Gift Idea

A paw plunger is the perfect gift idea for any dog owners you know! It is unique, innovative, and definitely a conversation piece for anyone who owns one. As it is something owners would not typically think to buy, it is a great present for any dog owners you know! Give it for christmas, birthdays, or any special occasions, with the paw plunger, you are sure to bring a smile to any dog owner’s face!

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This specific paw plunger comes with high customer ratings. We choose the Pet Product Innovations Paw Plunger for a top pick due to its silicon top opening, which is designed to prevent spillage. Most paw plungers have an open top, creating a spill hazard. Furthermore, the sturdy cup resembles a large coffee mug; providing an easy-to-hold handle. One customer was amazed at how long the paw plunger lasted: over 2 years!

To remove mud, dirt, sand, or other dirty substances, soft bristles on the inside will gently rub up against your furbaby’s paw. This scrubs off the grime. First, add warm water to the top of the bristles. Second, insert one of your pup’s paws and move the cup up and down in a slow twisting motion. Third, towel dry the paw. And lastly, detach the outside cup to poor out the yucky liquid.

The Pet Product Innovations Paw Plunger offers three different sizes. Size small is perfect for puppies, toy breeds, and small pups up to 15lbs. At 5.75” tall and 4” wide, this size comes in both black or pink. Size medium is designed for dogs 15 to 75lbs. It measures 8.5” tall and 6.5” wide. For this size, you may choose from black or blue. A customer warned that this size will look huge, but it absolutely gets the job done! Finally, the large size accommodates for dogs over 100lbs and only comes in black. The manufacturer claims this size can fit an average adult human hand!

While the Pet Product Innovations Paw Plunger features amazing qualities and durability, it does not come without its faults. To ensure no water leaks out, make sure the lid is securely on. No matter what though, this particular paw plunger offers less of a spill hazard than others on the market. One customer explains that you can not expect the tool to clean under your pup’s nails. We believe this rings true for all paw plungers.


In essence, this paw plunger is very similar in design to the Dexas Petware Mudbuster. Again, the inner bristles are made from a gentle silicone that will not harm your pooch’s paw. You will use the exact same steps when using the product with your pup.

We love the Dogmom Love Portable Dog Paw Cleaner because they offer at 100% money back guarantee. Feel safe purchasing this plunger because you can return it if negative results ensue. Not to mention, this specific company loves to serve the world of dog moms. We love how cute their product packaging is!

The Dogmom Love Portable Dog Paw Cleaner comes in two sizes: small and large. The small size is 4.5” tall and 3.5” wide; great for smaller dog breeds. In contrast, the large size is 6” tall and 4” wide; designed for medium and large dog breeds. In addition, both sizes are conveniently the same price! Pick your optimal color between blue, green, or pink for the inner cup. The outer cup will come clear for visibility.

the doggie dipper

The Doggie Dipper is a universal paw cleaner that is made to accomodate dogs of almost every size. The inner bristles are made of a gentle dog-safe material that are great for dogs with sensitive paws. The Doggie Dipper is able to clean off any dirt, sand, mud, and whatever else your dog might track into the house.

Red Doggie Dipper Paw Plunger

What makes the Doggie Dipper unique from the rest of it’s competitors? The Doggie Dipper not only washes the paw but dries it at the same time! The Doggie Dipper has a sponge like material inside the dipper that absorbs the excess water that comes off your dog’s foot. Other paw plungers use silicone bristles which end up just rubbing the dirt into your dog’s paws. The Doggie Dipper uses dog-safe bristles that reach the various layers of their coat to release all of the mess in your pup’s fur.  The Doggie Dipper gives you THREE TIMES the clean compared to it’s competitors. 

The self-contained, portable paw cleaner is a breeze to clean making your life THAT much easier! Simply pull the bristles out of the container, rinse them off, and plan your next muddy encounter! Some buyers have noted that the foam sponge can be more fragile than anticipated but that they were still satisfied with the quality of the clean the Doggie Dipper gave.


Your pup does an immense amount of movement throughout the day. From running and chasing to simple lazy walks, their paws take on a lot of use. By and large, keeping those paws healthy means your pup can happily continue in their daily activities and other adventures.

If you notice Fido picking or chewing at their paw, this requires attention. In general, the action is often a sign of an allergy. Your pooch may be allergic to certain grasses or anything else they stepped on. Too much picking and chewing may lead to a yeast infection. In prevention, wash off your pup’s paws after being outside. Did someone say paw plunger?! Important to realize, continued excessive chewing or licking may be related to simple stress or boredom.

More significantly, cuts and abrasions will require immediate attention. The Canine Health Foundation suggests “wash the foot with an antiseptic soap and apply topical antibiotic cream.” If you feel uncomfortable playing nurse to your furbaby, see your local vet for treatment. Furthermore, running on rough surfaces may cause dry paw pads. To prevent cracking, use a Vitamin E cream and rub it well into the pad.

Some simple tips to healthy dog paws include:

  1. Trim their nails
  2. Clean their feet and check for foreign objects
  3. Moisturize dry pads
  4. Avoid hot pavement and sands
  5. Avoid winter rock salt and ice melting chemicals
  6. Keep your home clear of any pointy debris


In order to keep your pup’s paws clean, owners should be making sure they are trimming their pet’s nails and hair. If grown out, they can cause your pup pain and make it harder for them to move. Since hair does grow between their nails, it is important to trim them to keep your pup’s paws looking clean and healthy! If not trimmed, there could be a build up of debris or particles that will potentially lead to an infection, thus making trimming extremely important. Owners should be trimming evenly with the pads of their dog’s paws, this will prevent you from accidentally harming your pooch.


Owners should be consistently cleaning their dog’s feet multiple times per day, especially if they love to go outside. Use wipes, a towel, or washcloth to get off any excess dirt and debris when your pup steps inside. Owners should be making sure they are cleaning all parts of their paws, even in between their toes. This will keep them from dirtying up your floor whilst preventing infections at the same time!


For active pups who love to go outside, moisturizing their pads is extremely important. While outside in the elements, your dog’s paws can become cracked or dry. A simple moisturizer will solve this problem and leave your pup good as new!


As dog owners, we understand that there are some dangers to your dog’s paws that need to be avoided at all costs. Owners should be steer clear of hot pavements, salted roads in the winter, and hot sands to prevent harming your pup. If your dog goes into snow, wash their paws off with soap. This will prevent blistering and infections as it gets off all the harmful chemicals. If you do see your pup step on any pointy objects, apply first aid to repair the damage immediately. Use an antibacterial wipe to disinfect the area, and then bandage it for healing. If the cut is more than half an inch, it warrants a trip to the vet’s office.


To summarize, paw plunger tools are nifty little cups that will easily clean your pup’s paw. Ditch the hose or bowl of water and treat yourself to a portable cup of magic. As shown above, most paw plungers work the same way and require little effort. After scavenging through product details and customer reviews, we found four plungers to make our top picks! On the whole, each one will cost you between $10 and $25 depending on the size you order.

Your dog’s paws are incredibly important. Pets.wedmd notes “Pads provide extra cushioning to help protect bones and joints from shock, provide insulation against extreme weather, aid walking on rough ground and help protect tissue deep within the paw.” By cleaning up Fido’s paws after an outing, you are reducing any hazards they may have picked up along the way. Not to mention, you maintain a clean car or carpet! It is certainly a product worth considering.