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All dogs are chewers. Chewing is a necessary part of being a healthy pup. It helps keep a dog’s jaw strong and prevents destructive behavior. They are going to chew, it is just a question of what they will chew. Given this, finding a good reliable chew toy for your pup is important. If they are going to chew, they might as well chew on something that isn’t damaging! Consider the Pelay Chew Ball or Uyiku Durable Rubber Chew Ball. We’ve taken a close look at each product and are  here to present our findings.

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The Pelay Chew Ball and UYIKU’s Chew Ball toys aren’t just any regular chew ball toy, they are versatile and serve a few different purposes for your canine friend. If you are going to spend your money on a chew ball toy you might as well try and spend it wisely. Pelay and UYIKU’s chew ball toys are made with dog friendly materials. They also have some extra unique layers to them to challenge the inquisitive pup. We’ll be looking at what makes Pelay and UYIKU’s chew ball toys worth it for you and maybe some potential drawbacks.

We will cover all of this and more about the Pelay Chew Ball and UYIKU’s Chew Ball toys. No matter how familiar you are with Pelay and UYIKU’s chew ball toys, we’re here to help. No need to waste your valuable time scouring the internet trying to find the best of the best, that’s what we’re here for! Even better, all of our top picks are on Amazon, so you don’t have to run out to the store to pick up your new chew ball toy. Simply read, click, and get ready for your dog’s new chew ball toy.  So sit back, relax, and read up. Then, all you have to do is consult Fido on their top pick!

Why Chew Toys?

Chewing is an important activity for a healthy dog. It stimulates a dog both mentally and physically. It is not good for a dog to not have a chew toy that they know they can chew on. If they don’t have a chew toy then they might turn their attention elsewhere. They’ll end up chewing things like couches, shoes or the nearest dangling wire. This is obviously not good and not something you want your pup doing. Finding a chew toy is necessary, but finding a good chew toy is paramount.

When looking for a dependable chew toy there are a few things you should consider. A good chew toy should be hard enough to where a dog can not tear chunks of it off and swallow the debree. They also shouldn’t be able to rip out the chew toy’s squeaker and swallow it. While a chew toy should be durable, it should still also be soft enough that you can make an imprint on it with your thumbnail. This means the chew toy has enough softness to it so that it won’t damage a pups teeth.

It is also important to have the appropriate size chew toy so that it can properly tame a dog’s excessive energy. If your dog can fit an entire chew toy in their mouth then that chew toy is too small. As dogs grow up, the chew toy should be eliminated as well. As a dog gets older and bigger, the chew toy stays the same size so you definitely don’t want to be hanging on to old chew toys in order to avoid choking hazards. Also, if a toy has been ripped up over time you should throw it away to prevent the dog from swallowing chunks and choking.

Your Dog's Needs

Before buying a chew toy you should also take note of the type of chewer your dog is. Some dogs are aggressive chewers and just love eating and swallowing. They rip off pieces of anything just to gobble it all down. Other dogs are less about swallowing and more about destruction. They will tear anything apart just for the sake of doing it. There are also dogs that are more gentle. They’ll chew without destroying or swallowing and they’ll just take it nice and easy. It’s good to consider these things when buying a chew toy that way you can make sure you find a chew toy that fits your dogs habits and needs.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer they probably need some hard rubber or woolen bite-resistant, wear-resistant toys. For a dog that’s more in the middle between gentle and aggressive, canvas or plush toys are a good pick up. These toys are easy to clean and not easily broken while also being pretty soft. For pups who gentle in their chewing habits, soft rubber toys are a good fit for them!

The Pelay Chew Ball

Pelay’s soft rubber chew balls are great chew balls for keeping your pup both physically and mentally occupied. They are made from non-toxic soft security plastic to go easy on developing teeth and gums. Pelay’s soft rubber chew balls have a side slot and hollow center that you can insert treats in to for your pup. Your dog will have to work to retrieve the treat. By doing so, they are being mentally stimulated but they are also burning energy. This way they aren’t focusing that energy in bad ways. The side slots are shaped with teeth-like brustles that keep the treats in the slots. They also help keep your dogs teeth clean by removing tartar and massaging their gums. The chew balls don’t have a noisy squeaker which is great because it is not annoying but also its something your dog can’t rip out and swallow! They are also very easy to clean with just soap and water!

These balls are probably best for a puppy or non-aggressive chewer. A bigger dog or a more aggressive chewing dog may tear right through these things. If you think your dog might tear through these, UYIKU durable rubber chew balls mentioned below may be a better fit.


There are some drawbacks with the Pelay Chew Ball to consider. The chew balls themselves each have a really strong rubbery smell which may be a turn off. The side pockets on both of these chew balls are great but they could actually be a little bit bigger. Some bigger treats may not fit in the pockets, limiting your choices as to what you can put in there! UYIKU’s durable chew balls could also probably be a bit more durable. Even though they have indestructible in the name, your pup may not find this to be true. We are also uncertain where these balls are manufactured, which could be cause for concern.

The Pelay soft rubber chew balls are good chew balls but they really only serve a small sample of different dogs. Unless you have a tiny or gentle chewing dog these chew balls probably wouldn’t be a great fit for you. Also, even if you do have a pup that won’t rip through these soft rubber chew balls, the smell may be too much for you or your dog! The same can be said about UYIKU’s durable rubber chew balls. While they may stand up to tough chewers more than the soft rubber chew balls, they still may be lacking in the durability department. Consider this with the smell as well and you may feel like it is not worth the investment.

UYIKU Durable Rubber Chew Balls

UYIKU has these same chew balls in a more durable version. They can be purchased in a pair of two called the indestructible pack. They are made with the same exact design featuring a hollow center, brustled side pockets, and no noisy squeaker. These balls are made with a more durable non-toxic rubber meant to stand up to tough chewers. Even though these balls are listed under large and the Pelay balls are listed under small, they are both about the same size. UYIKU’s balls are just made from a tougher rubber.