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A dog ID tag is the most important accessory your dog will ever wear. It will give you peace of mind, and help others to identify your dog if they go missing. As a puppy, you should train your pooch to get used to wearing a collar. This will help them be comfortable wearing a collar as an adult. After all, a collar is useless if your dog can scratch it off. Check out our favorite personalized dog ID tag options below to find the perfect ID tag you didn’t know you and your dog needed! 

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why does my dog need an id tag?

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One of the very first things you need to buy for your dog is a dog collar and dog ID tag. Dog tags are absolutely necessary because they identify your dog and may potentially prevent a devastating loss. Most city councils require dog tags, so you’ll need to purchase one right away to be in compliance with local laws. Dog ID tags are a simple, effective, and inexpensive way to protect your dog. Your dog should even wear their dog tag when they are inside the house, just in case they run outside.

The sound of a dog tag jingling will also allow you to hear your dog. This will help you keep track of your dog while they are in the house. If the clinking of dog tags annoys you and has deterred you from purchasing an ID tag for your dog, the tag in the article is for you! It comes we a noise canceling buffer so your dog can still be protected and you don’t have to worry and that annoying jingle. 

About GoTags

If you already have a dog or are adding a new four-legged member to the family, you need these IDs. GoTags offers quality and durable dog ID tags that stay in perfect condition, even when attached to the most active dogs. With dogs in mind, GoTags has created a range of top-notch ID tags. Their products range from just the tag to collars with the tags embedded to military dog tags. All of their products are high-quality and are tried and tested so you know you are getting your money worth! GoTags not only makes quality products, they also make unique products to make your life easier when it comes to keeping your dog safe and located. 

Id tag with Glow in the Dark Silencer

One of the awesome products GoTags makes is a dog ID tag that comes with a rubber glow in the dark protector around the tag. The tag itself is made out of stainless steel making it strong and durable. Each tag can hold up to eight lines of customizable text, front and back. The information you provide will be laser etched into the tag. This helps your information stay clear and readable no matter how long your dog wears the tag for. The tag itself has a glow id tagpolished, mirror-like finish so that your dog is stylish and safe! 

Another great feature of this specific tag is that it comes in two adorable shapes. Offered in either a circle or bone shape, you will be able to pick the shape that best suits your dog! Both shapes still offer up to eight lines of text, four on the back, four on the front. 

The best feature of this tag is the glow in the dark silencer that surrounds the tag. The silencer is made of a durable rubber that slips onto the entire outside of the ID tag. Doubling as a protector and a safety mechanism, the rubber silencer glows in the dark to make your dog more visible to you and others. It’s called a tag silencer because it prevents the tag from clinking against other tags on the collar. This is a necessary bonus for those of us who get annoyed with the sound of our dog’s tags clanging together. Even if you don’t get annoyed, the glow in the dark silencer will help you see your dog better at night and will also protect the tag. The silencer will help prevent the tag from getting scratched, making it last longer. 

Reflective waterproof collar with id tag

dog id tag

Another amazing product that GoTags produces is their waterproof, reflective collar. With this collar, you don’t need a separate ID tag because the ID tag is actually embedded into the collar. The actual collar is made with a thick, durable plastic. This collar, while rigid plastic, is actually better for bigger dogs who love to adventure outside. Compared to fabric collars, plastic collars do not soak up water or mud. This means that they will not start to smell over time. Because the collar is plastic, it is easy to rinse clean and will not fade like a fabric collar. 

The collar comes in six sizes: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches. The collar size listed is the smallest size the collar can be. So an 18-inch collar actually goes from 18 inches to 21 inches. The collar itself is available in three colors: hot pink, hunter orange, and blue. 

Measuring an inch wide, the collar has a reflective strip that splits the collar in the middle. This reflective strip makes your dog more visible and keeps them safe. When it comes to the ID tag part of the collar, the information you provide is actually inscribed directly onto the reflective strip. The collar and the reflective strip with the information inscribed are all covered with a protective film. The collar connects with a metal buckle and has a thick metal loop to attach leads to. Unlike the tag above, the collar only has space for your dog’s name and then your phone number. If you feel like your dog needs more information, you can attach another tag to the metal loop. If your dog loves to adventure outside, you need this collar to protect your dog and to dress them in a quality, worthy collar! 

Reflective Embroidered collar

If you like the idea of having your dogs ID tag embedded into their collar but think the plastic collar is too rugged for your pooch, GoTags embroidered collar is for you! Similar to the waterproof collar, the embroidered collar is reflective. This is an important safety feature that will make your dog more visible at night. Unlike the waterproof collar, this collar is made out of a soft nylon webbing. The nylon webbing is durable and strong while also being soft and flexible. This collar is water wicking but not waterproof like the above collar. Instead of the ID tag being inscribed into the reflective strip, the information on this collar is actually embroidered into the collar. This means that your information can never be rubbed or scratched off. 

dog id tag

With this collar, you can be sure that no matter how long your dog wears it, they will always be protected. GoTags embroidered collar comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The small size is 5/8″ wide and has an adjustable length of 11″ – 16″. The medium size is 3/4″ wide and has an adjustable length of 14″ – 20″. Lastly, the large size is 1″ wide and has an adjustable length of 18″ – 26″. Another important feature of this collar is that it has a quick release, plastic snap connector. It also features a stainless steel D-ring to attach a lead or more tags to the collar. The embroidered collar is by far the most customizable collar offered by GoTags. You have the option to pick from five collar colors and fifteen thread colors. 

Funny phrase tags

funny id tag

GoTags is famous for their high quality and unique products. Their “funny phrase” tags are no exception to that. GoTags creates cute little tag additions that have adorably hilarious sayings on them. While these tags are not necessary, they can help bring your dog home quicker. The tags have sayings that help identify your dog’s personality and alert neighbors and others that they are lost. GoTags even makes these funny phrase tags for cats! Pairing one of these funny phrase tags with an actual ID tag or ID collar will help get your dog or cat home quickly and safely.

Another bonus of these tags is that every funny phrase tag comes with a glow in the dark silencer. As discussed above, the glow in the dark silencer helps to protect the longevity of the tag and make your pet more visible at night. With over eight design options and up to four lines of customization, you need to get these ID tags for your pet! 

HOw to customize

When ordering through Amazon,  select which item you want then in the top right corner, select the “Customize This” button. That will navigate you to a customization options page. Here you will customize colors, threads, size, or whatever else applies to your product. Here, you can enter up to the maximum allowed characters for customization. Each line has its own box to fill out. After all the text is filled out, you should double check and make sure that all information is correct. It will not help your dog if your phone number or address is wrong! Once you double check the information, click add to cart. Doing this will save your customizations to your order. All you have to do next is pay and wait for your new, adorable collar or ID tag to arrive!