There are many reasons why you could be struggling with getting your dog into your car. Reasons could be that your dog is pregnant, your car is too high, or simply just because your dog doesn’t want to jump in the car. Some dogs may need extra assistance, especially those who are older or injured. Their injuries can cause consequences if something goes wrong while loading them into the car. Luckily, portable dog car ramps were created to help with this issue. Give your pet the boost they need with the PetGear Travel Lite Car Ramp with SupertraX.

This high-quality ramp allows your dog or cat to easily climb into your vehicle without risking injury or straining your back. With many amazing features, you and your pup will no longer struggle or stress about going for a ride in the car. Read on to learn all about this awesome car ramp, including the different kinds, features, and what makes this ramp superior to others.

About Pet Gear

Pet Gear Inc. was started after the revolution of Vermont Juvenile Furniture that has been making products that help care for babies since 1936. They not only wanted to provide helpful products for children but also products to care of our adorable fur babies. They are committed to offering pets the most comfortable surroundings at very affordable prices.

Who Should Use the Travel Lite Car Ramp?

Almost any pet owner would enjoy using the Pet Gear Travel Lite Car Ramp. Whether you have a dog who has arthritis or doesn’t want to jump in the car, there are endless uses for this car ramp. You don’t have to give up car rides just because its stressful for both you and your dog. This ramp will make it easier than ever to quickly get in the car and go! It’s also a great option if you’re trying to get multiple dogs into the car at the same time.

We think this is one of the safest car ramps on the market due to its one-of-a-kind material, SupertraX. This material provides that extra grip so dogs don’t slide off. The Travel Lite Car Ramp is also strong and durable for any sized dog, including those big fluffy bear-like pups! The durability makes for a smooth transition into the car and extra protection for your pets.

What makes this product great for all pet owners is that its light and easy to handle and fold. The bigger ramps weigh from 15-27 pounds while the smaller ones weigh only 7 pounds. So, if you’re worried about not being able to install it yourself, don’t stress! It easily folds and is specifically designed to quickly use in your car.

Pet Gear Travel Lite Car Ramp with SupertraX Mat

 With so many pet owners needing a safe and effective car ramp, we’ll explore the benefits of the Pet Gear Travel Lite Car Ramp throughout this review. This Pet Gear car ramp has a few extra features that make it more durable, safe, and convenient for you and your dog.

  • What is SupertraX?

The SupertraX material was first used in the auto industry for car mats. The mats were found to be superior to regular car mats because of their better grip, even in wet or snowy conditions. Now, SupertraX is being used in the pet industry as a sturdier mat on pet ramps and stairs where traction is a big concern.

SupertraX is made with the finest quality raw material to produce sturdy and durable mats. These mats come in all shapes and sizes and are completely removeable for easy cleaning. One of the most important features of SupertraX is that it allows for “pressure activated gripping,” which means the more pressure the pet puts on the mat, the stronger the grip achieved.

The material on this mat form around the pet’s paw allowing for a large amount of surface area contact. This makes any product better for pets than any standard or carpeted surface where pets paws only rests on the top of the surface.

  • Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold Ramps

The Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold Car Ramps allow your pet easy access into your car or other hard to reach surfaces with a better grip than ever before with SupertraX. The removeable mat made with SupertraX material is pressure activated so your pet can have a better grip and not risk the chance of sliding off. Furthermore, the bottom grippers on the ramp include safety tether to help the ramp maintain its steady position by securing it to the back of most vehicles. With a built-in carry handle, you can easily transport and the bi-fold design reduces storage space.

  • SupertraX mat is soft, protecting pets’ paws and interior of your car
  • Pressure activated grip allows pets’ paws to easily grip into the mat
  • SupertraX mat removes for easy cleaning
  • Built-in handle and easy fold for portability and less space storage
  • Bottom grippers for secure placement
  • Raised edges to prevent pet from slipping off of the side
  • Safety tether included for securing ramp to the back of vehicle
Sizes and Colors
Bi-Fold Half Ramp
  • Product Dimensions: 42” L x 16” W x 4” H
  • Weighs 7 pounds
  • For pets up to 200 pounds
  • Colors include black/green and tan
Bi-Fold Long Ramp
  • Product Dimensions: 66” L x 16” W x 4” H
  • Weighs 13 pounds
  • For pets up to 150 pounds
  • Colors include black/green
Tri-Fold Ramp
  • Product Dimensions: 71” L x 16” W x 4” H
  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • For pets up to 200 pounds
  • Colors include black/green
Extra Wide Tri-Fold Ramp
  • Product Dimensions: 71” L x 19.5” W x 4” H
  • Weighs 27 pounds
  • For pets up to 200 pounds
  • Colors include black/green

Advantages and Disadvantages

Because there are different features to every pet car ramp, it’s important to know which one is right for you and your pet. While the Pet Gear Travel Lite Car Ramp may be strong and durable, it may not be the perfect fit for everyone. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of this product.


  • Rubber grips keep the ramp from slipping while in use and the safety tether secures it to the back of most vehicles for even more stability
  • Makes it easier for dogs to get into the car without risking injuries
  • Holds pets up to 200 pounds
  • Removeable mat for easy cleaning
  • Easily compacts for storage
  • SupertraX material for a better paw grip


  • Might not fit in smaller cars depending on the size you get for your dog
  • Bigger ones can be bulky and heavier
  • Car door has to be able to open completely for it to work

Customer Reviews

We researched what customers who used this product had to say about it. While not every product works for everyone, this product was rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Here’s what pet owners thought about the Pet Gear Travel Lite Car Ramp:

“Just got it today and used it to take my 11-year-old 65 lb. dog to the vet in my 2014 Ford Explorer and it worked great! It felt pretty stable to me and she had no problem walking up or down the ramp. She was a little confused the first time walking up but once she figured it out she was good.”

“My 8-year-old 88 lb. Australian Shepherd is getting old and the ability to jump into my tall SUV is limited at best. I decided to try this ramp. It’s wider than most and the length makes a very gentle slope. I’m so happy she will be able to safely take rides with me. It folds into a nice compact package and is easy to put into the car. I highly recommend this for your aging pups.”

This won’t really work in any of our cars.With passenger cars and small SUVs with smaller door openings and doors that don’t fully open, the ramp will only fit at an angle. This means that this ramp won’t engage with the sill of the door opening safely.”

Our Verdict

Safety –5/5. It has superior material that is far better for pets to grip than standard material used on other car ramps.

Comfort –5/5. The ramp is specifically designed for pets, so it’s made with a paw pressured material that is both comfortable and sturdy, so pets feel supported instead of stressed.

Convenience –3.5/5. Some pet owners have said it doesn’t fit in their car. Depending on your type of car, it can be a bit more of a hassle. However, it does compact easily and quickly so you can transport it with no help.

Durability –5/5. One thing we absolutely love about this product is how much weight it can hold. Even the biggest and heaviest dogs can use it with no problems.

Cleaning – 5/5. If your pup gets into mud and dirt, the mat easily removes so you can clean all of the parts.

Value – 4.5/5. For the most part, we think very highly of this product. Its durable and effective. Pet owners have said this product has lasted years with no damage. We knocked off half a rating because it may not be useful for all owners and their cars due to the weight and size.

We hope this review has given you enough information about the Pet Gear Travel Lite Care Ramp to decide if it’s right for you. It’s a unique car ramp in many different ways, so it definitely stands out from the competition. If you’re looking for a safe and durable ramp for your fur baby, look no further. However, the only major downside we have noticed is it not being the right fit for every car. So, before you purchase make sure to measure the ramp to see if it’s the right fit for your car.