Keeping your dog mentally stimulated is vital for their happiness, which we know you care about as their pet parent. Interactive toys are perfect for teaching your dog new things, especially treat dispensers. Once your pup realizes there’s food inside the toy, they will have to use their problem solving skills to get it out. If you have been searching for a toy of this nature, you’re in the right place! In this review, we will tell you all about an interactive, educational toy: The Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

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Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball: What is it?

Main Benefits:
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Prevents boredom
  • Works as a slow feeder
  • Non-toxic
  • Adjustable learning levels

     This is not your average toy ball; it works as an educational and interactive tool for your pup. Simply fill the ball with your dog’s favorite kibble, and watch them work for their food. As they roll, nudge, and paw at the treat ball, kibble will fall out of the hole. It will be like a reward for their hard work! Not only will Fido have a blast with their new toy, but you will have fun watching them play as well.

     The Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball has 3 parts: 2 clear plastic halves and a disc insert. The disc goes in the middle of the ball provides 3 difficulty levels, so you can increase the level as your dog becomes more skilled with their treat ball. Along with being a fun activity for your dog, the IQ Treat Ball also works as a slow feeder. This will especially be beneficial if you have a pup who scarfs down their dinner, because it will force them eat slowly as kibble releases. Regarding size, the medium is 3 inches and the large is 4 inches. Overall, this is a unique treat toy that will bring some educational entertainment to your dog’s life.

About the Brand: Pet Zone

     Pet Zone is a brand under the OurPets company, which focuses on providing pet care solutions. In their line of products, they have what any dog owner would expect: toys, dog bowls, dog houses, and even pooper scoopers. But Pet Zone doesn’t stop at just dog products; they also have plenty of items for cats, along with a entire line of wild bird feeders. Although we focus on the needs of dogs, we love to see that this brand provides a little something for everyone. Whether you have a dog, cat, or like to keep your local birds happy, Pet Zone is worth looking into.

Is This Toy Right for My Dog?

     Educational toys are designed to give your dog mental stimulation and to teach them new things, which provides numerous health benefits. That being said, if you want to keep your dog mentally active, the IQ Treat Ball is a suitable choice. In return, playing with this treat ball reduces boredom in dogs. Unfortunately, dog owners are not always able to give their undivided attention toward playing with their pups, however, you still want to keep your dog entertained. Whether you have a bored dog on your hands or just need a new activity for Fido, the IQ Treat Ball will be of great help.


1. Provides Mental Stimulation

     Keeping your dog’s mind healthy is just as important as the rest of their health. In order to maintain a healthy mind, your dog needs mental stimulation. The Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball challenges your dog to work for their food, helping them develop problem solving skills.

     Mental stimulation allows your dog to release their energy, which is extremely necessary for dogs. You may be thinking that dogs can only expel their pent up energy by running wild in the yard, but that is not always the case! Educational activities, like a treat dispenser, also require energy from your dog. Plus, this toy will especially be helpful on rainy days when you can’t go outside to play fetch. Instead, you can stay dry while your pup plays with the treat ball. Overall, using a treat toy to teach your dog new things will be fun for your pup and beneficial to their health.

2. Multiple Difficulty Levels

     We love that Pet Zone offers multiple inserts that change the level of difficulty (three to be exact), because each dog has different needs. Your dog could be quick to getting kibble to fall out of the IQ Treat Ball, or it may take them a little longer to learn. If your dog seems to be an expert at using the treat ball, we suggest using the smallest hole. On the other hand, if Fido is struggling to get the kibble out, you can help them by using the larger hole. Of course, there is medium sized hole for average pups as well. You want your dog to be challenged, not frustrated with the treat dispenser. We recommend starting with the easiest level first, and working your way up to the more difficult levels.

3. Reduces Boredom

     As many dog owners know, a bored dog is not a happy dog. Our furry friends require activities, exercise, and mental stimulation to keep them healthy. When left for boredom, it can lead to behavioral problems, which no dog owner wants. Some signs that your dog may be bored include:

  • Destructive chewing
  • Excessive barking
  • Digging
  • Pacing
  • Getting into things (like the trash)
  • Depression

     As you can see, these are all very worrisome behaviors. The IQ Treat Ball can correct these problems, because it keeps your dog entertained. Just the smell of the treats inside will make your dog light up! They will be so focused on getting a treat to fall out, that they won’t have the chance to get bored.

4. Two Size Options

     We are huge fans of variety in toys, because it allows dog owners to find the perfect pick for their canine friend. Specifically, size is a great feature to have multiple options for, since there are so many different sized pups out there. Luckily, the treat ball comes in two sizes, which includes:

  • Medium: 3 inches wide
  • Large: 4 inches wide

     Pet Zone recommends the medium size for small to medium dogs, and the large size for medium to large dogs. If you are unsure about which size to choose, you can take a look at your current toys for a size reference.

5. Made of Durable, Non-Toxic Material

     When it comes to dog toys, materials are always an important feature to look into. Our furry friends love to put things in their mouths, so it is vital that they are playing with safe materials. Fortunately, the treat ball is made of non-toxic plastic, so you can have peace of mind while Fido plays. Plus, the plastic is durable to last through their many days of play.


     Although the IQ Treat Ball is safe for Fido to paw, nudge, and even lick, it is NOT safe to be chewed. The plastic is durable, but not designed for chomping pups. If your dog is known to be a chew monster, we suggest supervising while they play with this toy. As an alternative, you can find a chew toy in the The Best Dog Chew Toys Review.


    Even though this is a wonderful, beneficial toy for your pup, there are still some downsides we need to inform you about. Many customers say that the hole on the clear plastic portion of the ball is very small, making it impossible to use treats other than kibble. The inserts are adjustable, however, the exit hole stays the same size. Unfortunately, many treat dispensers are made with small holes. Although this may be seen as a negative aspect of the toy, we don’t think it is a deal breaker. Plenty of dogs love kibble, so it should work just fine in the treat ball.

A Purchase with Value

     As a smart shopper, you are always looking for value in your purchases. It’s exciting to find a inexpensive product that has high-quality features, because you know you are getting the best bang for your buck. The IQ Treat Ball offers benefits like mental stimulation and reduced boredom, which will be well worth the low cost. In addition, it is durable to withstand the test of time, so you won’t have to go purchasing another toy right away.


     As a loving dog mom or dad, you want what’s best for your furry friend. We strive to give you important information you need, so you can make the right purchase for your dog. As you have learned from reading this review, interactive toys bring many benefits to your pup’s life. A toy filled with food is sure to bring your dog happiness, and even teach them some new things! As a bonus, watching your dog fill with excitement when kibble falls out will be quite entertaining for yourself.

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