Unfortunately, for dogs, they do not have a wide range of options when it comes to drinks. Water is not only one of their only options, but it is an absolutely essential part of their diet. To get their pup more inclined to drink water, many have turned to a nifty invention: the pet water fountain! The moving water increases your dog’s interest and the added filters increase the water’s taste. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of options in PetSafe fountains.

PetSafe fountains are made from either ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel. To help you choose the right one for both you and Fido, we have picked the best one made out of each material! Additionally, we have added a choice for those dogs who spend more time outside.


The PetSafe brand started in 1991 and, since then, has grown into a flourishing company. Their products have now reached fifty-two countries and they account that success to their dedicated staff. The company prides themselves on only hiring people who care about pets and want to help give them a better life. Also, with consultants ranging from trainers to veterinarians, the company knows that everyone is working with the pets best interest in mind.

To make sure that the products live up to that same quality they follow two international standards. The ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards make sure every product is made with the best systems from development to inspection. One of the main qualifications they check for is that every product is lead-free. In addition to these tests, they also test prototypes in home settings to perfect the finished product.

With all of these high standards the company holds their staff and products to, it is clear that they care about your pets! In fact, they follow the acronym “THE WILL” to make sure all of their values are met. In this acronym, there are reminders to work with their team and listen to their customers to make the best products possible. One important letter is the H, which stands for honesty in how they make their product. No matter the monetary gain they will always put your pets well being ahead of the profit!

To help out even more, PetSafe has created multiple programs that help both animals and people. From walks and parks to organizations and projects, the company helps to ensure that everyone gets the care and aid they need. Just last year the company put in three million five hundred thousand dollars into their programs!


PetSafe fountains include four different ceramic fountains but the best has to be the Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain. This indoor-only fountain is able to hold one hundred ounces of water. With the water in a big BPA-free plastic bowl, large dogs will have no problem lapping it up. However, this larger size does not take away from its design. A sleek and modern look is created with a clear bowl and ceramic tower in the center.

Not only does it look good but with its dual filtration system, it tastes good as well. The carbon filters inside are made from coconut shells and are used to clear any gross taste or odors. In addition to this one, there is the foam filter that catches small things like hair that may end up in the water. Both of these filters are replaceable so your dog can enjoy clean water from their fountain for a long time.

With the water in a sturdy bowl, you will not have to worry about your dog hitting it with their tail or their favorite ball. Also, with a bigger bowl, there will be less water spilling or splashing over the edge. Although, if you do need to clean the inside of the fountain do not stress because everything but the pump is dishwasher safe on the top rack. Each piece is easy to take apart so you can make sure it is fully clean and nothing was missed.  

All of these qualities are great but the real benefit of having a fountain is the moving water. Bacteria is less likely to grow in circulating water and your dog will be more interested in the water since it is moving. If you are worried about your dog being nervous about the loud sound of the water do not worry. With this fountain, the movement is quiet and perfect for a timid dog.


The company offers thirteen different plastic fountains but the best has to be the Drinkwell 360 Plastic Pet Fountain. This BPA-free indoor only fountain holds one whole gallon of water. In turn, this means that water will not run out quickly decreasing the need for you to refill it. To make sure all the water gets around you can have up to five streams. Not only that but with a control cap you are able to change the flow of these streams to your dog’s liking.

To make sure the water taste good no matter how many streams are going there are two different filters. The first filter uses activated carbon to remove any gross odors or taste in the water. This is aided by the second filter made of foam to grab small things like hair that may find itself in the water. Although, to make sure the fountain itself is as clean as the water inside everything except the pump is dishwasher safe.

The multiple streams of water will not only add oxygen to the water but also catch the interest of your dog. If you have a home with multiple dogs this fountain will be perfect because they can all drink at once. In turn, this will allow everyone to get the water they need and decrease the chance of anyone getting mad.

If you like this PetSafe fountain but have a dog that does not like a lot of noise do not worry. The pump on this fountain is made to work while submerged which means it will operate very quietly. Also, with the option to change the flow you can reduce noisy splashing. On the bottom, there is also rubber that will keep it from easily moving and scaring your dog if they push it too hard.


The company offers three different stainless steel fountains but the best has to be the Drinkwell Zen Pet Fountain. This BPA-free indoor only fountain holds up to one gallon of water. To create a flow of water to your pet it slides down a ramp into a completely stainless steel bowl.

To make every part of the gallon taste great, this PetSafe fountain has a carbon filter that has three layers. This operates to clean out any gross odors or taste that may be in the water. Also, with the water constantly moving bacteria is less likely to grow. If you want to make sure there is no bacteria at all you can clean the bowl in the top rack of your dishwasher.

The ramp allows for a wide stream of water producing more oxygen. In turn, this will make the water have a fresh taste for your dogs to enjoy. If you have a more timid dog they will also enjoy that the fountain operates pretty quietly. With this wider stream, the water will not make any noise rushing or splashing at the bottom. Also, with a pump that works while submerged, it will be just as quiet.

This wide stream of water empties out into a big steel bowl. The large size makes it easy for any sized pet to get the water that they need. With the bowl being round and made from steel it resembles a standard water bowl your dog may have had before. In turn, this means that this fountain would be good for a dog that is new to drinking out of a fountain because the look is familiar.


PetSafe offers a wide range of fountains for you to choose from. However, not all of these fountains are able to be used outside. The best PetSafe fountain that gives you the option of both inside and out is the Drinkwell Everflow Indoor/outdoor fountain. If you put it inside it can hold up to one and a half gallons of water. Although, if you put it outside you can connect it to your hose and it will refill on its own.

To keep the water clean no matter where it comes from the fountain uses two filters. The first filter is made up of activated carbon while the other is made from foam. Carbon will remove bad taste and odors while the foam will capture small things like hair. To make sure that all the BPA-free plastic parts are clean as well it is dishwasher safe.

With the fountain being outside, PetSafe has created ways to protect it from breaking or decreasing in quality. To protect the cord it has an anti-bite cover so it will stay strong against any animals. With a polystyrene that is UV-resistant, the sun will also not be an issue. With all of these great qualities, this particular PetSafe fountain is great for someone who has a hard time remembering to refill the outside bowl during the summer months.