While you are looking at a matching set you may be wondering to yourself why should I get a matching accessory with my Fido? Other than a cute Instagram picture there are actually a couple different reasons to own such a sweet accessory. Here are just a few reasons why we believe you would benefit and a matching accessory set that we think you may enjoy!


A Reminder of Pup Love

When you were little you probably had something matching with your best friend. It does not matter if it was a friendship bracelet, a shirt, or even a toy. Since both of you shared this same item it almost felt like you were both special and a part of an exclusive club. With this matching accessory you will feel the same way with your pup. In turn, this feeling will create a deeper connection between you and bring you closer together.

There is no question that getting busy is common as you get older. Sometimes you may even get so busy that the stress causes you to get upset. Thankfully, with this matching accessory all you have to do is look at it or even think about it to remind you of something you love; your pup! This will this be comforting in hard times but it will also remind you how much you love them while you are away for something like a vacation.

Showing Off Your Pup Love

Not only will it remind you of your love for them but it will also show everyone else around you as well. This is something to proud of because it is showing off your personality and values. Also, this accessory allows you to meet new people because it is a great conversation starter. Who knows, you may even find yourself connecting with someone who likes that about your personality or has the same values.


Lastly, this matching accessory is not something that you put together when you were a little kid. These accessories are made to be fashion forward and compliment anyone who wears them which includes your pup! Before you know it people will be asking you where you got your stylish bracelet.

As you can see there are a lot of different reasons why having this type of accessory would be great. Now, let us tell you about a company that creates matching accessories and the matching accessory itself! Who knows, you may find that this is the perfect thing to add to you and your Fido’s style.


How They Started

It is never easy starting your own business. Although, when you can not find what you are looking for or like on the market then you feel like you should. The only difference between everyone else and Anja is that she did not just think about it but actually did it.

The idea for this business all started when she was trying to find a collar for her cat named Lily. However, as she looking all she found was collars made of cheap materials which she did not like. When it comes to your pets you want the best for them and for Anja this included the materials used to make the collar.

While looking for a collar she was looking for 4 specific things. The right collar had to natural, comfortable, soft, and beautiful in appearance. Unfortunately, no matter how long she looked there was nothing that fit this description. In turn, this caused her to take the task in her own hands and she started to create her own pet products.


As she started creating her products her focus was to create each one with a lot of care and love. With all of this effort going into the creation she can make sure that each of her collars, leashes, and beds are made to be natural but also comfortable.

Cats are not the only animal that gets to enjoy these products. Anja also made sure to make a line for dogs and dog owners as well. With all of these options available she suggests that you gift this special matching accessory to your favorite pet owner. To help you out she even sends out all of the accessories in a gift box.



These sets are offered for cats and dogs but, for this article, we will only go into depth about the products for dogs. Inside each of these sets there are two pieces. The first is a collar made for your pet while another is a matching bracelet for the owner. This bracelet will fit just right because you can change it from 6.3 inches to 11 inches. Also, if you wanted to add even more accessories you can even purchase a matching leash as well.

All these matching accessories are great but the thing that started it all is the collar. When you go to choose one that is right for you and your Fido, you can choose from one that has a wooden detail or one with a buckle closure. Do not worry about fitting your dog’s name tag with all these details because there is ring in the shape of a D that will hold it or a leash perfectly.


 To make sure that this collar stays strong over time it is made from 100% hemp. Not only that but it is also made with two layers with a gorgeous design on canvas on top. However, do not think that with multiple layers it would be annoying to wear. After the material is used to create the collar it is completely lightweight and does not bother the dog at all. These materials might be strong but the unique thing about them is that they are natural. In turn, this means that it will not irritate your dog’s skin when they wear it.


 With all these great qualities you can tell that each of these collars are made well. Pettsie offers a variety of adorable collar options for you to choose from. In particular, we pulled three exciting designs:

1. Wood Bow Tie Collar:

This specific collar is offered in two different color options. The first is blue and the second is pink. Although, what really makes this collar stand out from the rest is the wooden detail it has. Made out of pure beech wood a bowtie sits right on the front of the collar.

To help you get the right size for your pup they offer it in 3 different sizes. First if you have quite the small pup you can choose the extra small size that can be changed from 7.5 inches to 10 inches. If your pup is just a little bigger than that you can choose the small size which you can change from 10.5 inches to 14.5 inches. To accommodate even bigger pups there is a medium size that can be changed from 14 inches to 20 inches.

2. Wood Heart Collar:

Instead of just being offered in different colors this collar is offered with different designs. The first option is a red color with butterflies and the second option is a purple color with flowers. To add even more there is a heart detail made out of pure beech wood right on the front of the collar.

The 2 sizes this collar comes in is small or medium. If you need one for a smaller pup you should choose the small size which can change from 10.5 inches to 14.5 inches. Although, if your pup is on the bigger size you should choose the medium size which can change from 14 inches to 20 inches.

3. Trendy Dog Collar:

This collar does not come with a wooden detail like the others but instead it just has a buckle clip to close it shut. However, it does match the Wood Heart Collar with the red color and butterfly design.

With this collar you can choose between two different sizes. The first size is small which can be changed from 10.2 inches to 14.8 inches. If your dog is a bit bigger than you can get the second size which is a medium. This size can be changed from 13 inches to 20 inches.


Design and Details

Like we mentioned before Pettsie also offers leashes that will match the Wood Bowtie Collar sets. Just like the sets the two colors these leashes come in are blue or pink. Unfortunately, these leashes can not be added to a set and have to be bought separately.  Although, since they are sold by the same company they are just a click away on the same page! Additionally, you can easily purchase all items through our Amazon links.

The leash itself is 5 feet in length and ⅝ inches wide. According to the company this is  just the right size for dogs that weigh no more than 20 pounds. They also suggest that other smaller animals like cats can use it as well. Do not question its strength just because it is made for smaller or medium sized dogs. Just like the collar, it is made out of two layers with strong 100% hemp. Additionally, it was constructed with two layers; making it quite sturdy.

Further Features

  Pettsie added 2 specific details to their leash that really help owners. First, they use neoprene to pad the handle on their leash. This means that you will be able to hold the leash firmly without it irritating your hand. Second, on the leash there is a ring in the shape of a D. This ring can be used to store multiple items that you may have to carry around like keys or poop bags.