Are you a dog lover on the hunt for a chewable companion for your pup? Need a toy that is going to be ultra durable and dependable though even the most aggressive chewers? If you are looking for a toy to keep your four legged friend entertained while home alone, then the Fairwin Ultra Durable Pineapple dog toy is the toy for you! 

Table OF Contents

  • About the Fairwin Ultra Durable Pineapple dog toy
  •  Fairwin Pineapple Dog Toy Benefits 
  • Key Features 
  • Why is this toy perfect for your dog?


  • Size and Color
  • The importance/ Benefits of an Interactive dog toy
  • Still not sold?
  • A little about Fairwin

The Fairwin Ultra Durable Pineapple dog toy is an interactive chew toy that is perfect for any pup who needs a little extra encouragement when playing. This toy is an all-in-one kind of toy that has many different benefits and ways to play. The Fairwin Pineapple dog toy can eliminate the loneliness feeling in your pup while you are away and provide them with entertainment and companionship. This toy is an interactive toy as well as a treat dispensing toy, which is great for training and entertainment purposes. Perfect for keeping your pup motivated to play and out of trouble. The Fairwin pineapple toy is also a squeaky toy that is perfect for chewing or fetching. It also comes with a fresh pineapple sent that will intrigue your pup and is made with a non- toxic material that is durable and bite resistant.  Which makes it perfect to hold up through any aggressive chewers play time.

Fairwin Pineapple Toy Benefits

  • Interactive toy
  • Smell and taste attraction
  • Squeak ability 
  • Dental chew toy 
  • Treat dispensing toy 
  • Bite resistant and Ultra durable
dogs playing

Key Features

Indestructible: This toy is durable and bite resistant, which makes it perfect for aggressive chewers. The long lasting durability makes it able to last through any play time and when it becomes your pups favorite toy, you won’t have to worry about them destroying it and having to get a new one right away. The ultra durability also helps hold your dogs attention for longer periods of time.This longer  play times and keeping them distracted for longer as well. Dogs get into mischief mostly when they are bored. So by keeping them entertained and distracted, you also get to save your furniture in the process. 

Treat dispensing : This toy has a treat dispensing feature if you choose to use it. The treats go inside the small compartment inside the pineapple and will come out through the little holes around the pineapple, but only though your pup manipulating the toy in ways to get the treats out. This feature encourages motivation and desire to work for a reward. This feature creates long lasting entertainment that keeps your pups mind moving and his body active. This also teaches your pup to problem solve. 

Squeaky toy:  This toy also has a squeaky toy feature that is great for keeping a dog’s attention. This toy is perfect for outdoor fetch play or indoor chewing playtime. Unlike normal squeaky toys that get ripped to shreds, sending squeaker, fluff and toy parts flying everywhere, this toys durable rubber material makes it impossible to chew apart, keeping the squeaker intact for longer periods of time. 


Value: If  you value high quality dog products for a great price then this is a perfect toy for you and your pup! Your pup will love the ability to chew as aggressively as they want for a long lasting playtime. You will love the high quality for a great price! The Fairwin Ultra Durable Pineapple dog toy can be bought on Amazon from 11.99$ – 16.99$. That’s a great price for keeping your dog happy, healthy and motivated to play all day. 

Multiple features: The Fairwin Ultra Durable Pineapple dog toy is perfect for all dogs big or small. With it having so many features, this makes it easier to hold the attention of any dog. If a dog isn’t interested in squeaky toys, but likes food dispensing toys then this toy is perfect for your dog! Even if that is switched and your dog doesn’t mind the dispensing feature, but loves squeaky toys, this toy is still perfect!

Focus that saves furniture: This toy is great for entertainment and keeping your pup playing all day long. This is a fun and interactive toy that keeps your pup problem solving. That way their focus stays on chewing the interactive toy versus chewing on furniture and getting into trouble. 

Goodbye bad breath:This toy is also perfect for your dog because of its teeth cleaning benefits. Along the outside of the Pineapple toy there are little ridges that help clean your dog’s gums, tongue and plaque while keeping your dog’s breath fresh and clean. No more stinky breath face licks!

Strengthen diet: If you have a pup that isn’t as interested in food in a bowl, the food dispensing feature can help get your pup the nutrition they need as they play. Same goes for if your pup attacks the food bowl and is done eating in seconds. The food dispensing feature can help slow your pups eating, helping them digest their food better and set straight a healthy eating routine. 

No more loneliness: the main objective of this toy is to reduce stress and loneliness when they are alone. It’s important to give your pup something that makes them feel comfortable and calm while they are alone so they aren’t wandering around chewing on things they aren’t supposed to. The Fairwin Pineapple dog toy is the perfect chewable companion for any pup.

Bonus feature:   The Ultra Durable Pineapple dog toy is not only shaped like a pineapple, it has the sweet smell of a pineapple along with the sweet pineapple taste as well. While we have not tasted the product ourselves, reviews reveal several dogs being caught licking the pineapple as well as chewing on it. The bright color and sweet scent and taste is great for grabbing your pups attention and keeping them satisfied and entertained for hours. 

Size and Color

The Fairwin Ultra Durable Pineapple dog toy comes in multiple sizes and has an appearance that will attract all of your pups senses. Not only does this toy have a pineapple smell and taste that will attract your pup, but its size and color is intriguing as well. The toy comes in sizes small (11.99$) and large (16.99$) which makes this toy perfect for all dogs big and small. It’s very important to keep in mind that the toy must be bigger than your dog’s mouth. This is for safety reasons and to ensure your pup does not try to swallow the toy and choke. While size is important, the color also has its benefits. This toy comes in a bright orange color that is great for playing outdoors and not losing the toy. 





Distract from mischief

Escape loneliness 

Release Energy 

The importance of an interactive dog toy is to keep your pup entertained, happy and motivated to play. This feature is great for pet owners who don’t have a lot of time to play and get energy out with their dogs. This toy makes it so your dog can get out that energy while they are alone. An interactive dog toy keeps your pup out of trouble and most importantly not feeling stressed and alone. A stressed and lonely dog is usually one to get into mischief but can be super calm and playful when given a toy that plays back.

Another reason an interactive dog toy is better than a boring generic rubber toy is that it makes your pup exercise. Dogs should have up to a couple hours of exercise each day. Most dogs who are cooped up inside don’t get the opportunity to release this energy during the day which begins to make the dog anxious, stressed or mischievous, which all can result in your furniture being torn or your favorite vase being broken. It’s important to let your pup get out this energy to not only keep them happy but healthy as well. An overweight dog is a depressed dog which can lead to several health and behavioral problems. An interactive dog toy can take the focus off being alone and stressed and keep the focus on problem solving and trying to manipulate the toy to get the treats or to make it squeak. An interactive puzzle toy is a great way to keep your pup happy and healthy

Still not sold?

Floats in Water:  The Ultra Durable Pineapple dog toy is great for water playtime because of how the toy floats in water when it’s empty. This toy is great for fetching in the water during the summertime at the pool, beach or lake. Its bright orange appearance makes it easy to spot and the squeaky feature helps you keep tabs of your pup during their water adventure. 


Dental Cleaning: This toy is made from a FDA certified non-toxic natural rubber material, that makes it safe for chewers everywhere. The ridges along the pineapple help for gentile teeth cleaning while also keeping your pups gums healthy and breath fresh and clean. 

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee: Fairwin offers a lifetime replacement guarantee to all their customers. This toy is claimed to be indestructible and bite resistant to the most aggressive breeds. The Fairwin company wants their customers to truly believe that quality by offering full money back or free replacement for any issues after receiving the toy.


A little about fairwin

The Fairwin company is primarily focused around tough long lasting products. They have a variety of products from tough long lasting tactical belts to ultra durable dog toys and extra tough long dog leashes. Fairwin focuses extra on the quality of their products to ensure their customer satisfaction. Heavy duty and long lasting is their middle name. Fairwin is a great company to buy from If you want something tough and durable. They offer a full lifetime replacement guarantee for the Ultra Durable Pineapple dog toy to prove to their customers they value their quality. You can expect the Fairwin Ultra Durable  Pineapple dog toy to be one of the toughest and most durable toys on the market. Able to survive playtime with the most aggressive chewers. It’s obvious that Fairwin pride themselves on quality assurance and customer satisfaction over profit. They want their customers to gain more value for their money and that’s exactly what they do. Most of their products are sold on Amazon for prices that can’t be beat!