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Are you looking for a great way to challenge your dog? Is your dog in constant need of mental stimulation? If so, you’re in luck! The Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop is just what you’re looking for and more. From entertainment for your dog to a tasty treat, your pooch is going to love every feature of the Snoop. It provides the interactive fun that your dog will love, plus a delicious treat or two! 

Another bonus of the Orbee-Tuff Snoop is who makes it. Planet Dog is dedicated to creating unique, engaging toys to entertain and spoil our dogs. On top of all of that, Planet Dog manufactures all of their toys right here in the United States! Purchasing an Orbee-Tuff Snoop shows your patriotism and shows your dog how much you love them! Keep reading to learn more about this amazing, all-in-one toy or click now to buy! 

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About planet dog

planet dog orbee tuff snoop

Planet Dog is a great company that has high values and keeps their business here in the United States. Since being founded in 1997, Planet Dog has made exceptional toys backed by an amazing company. Their toys all come with a 100% guarantee. If you don’t like the toy or if something happens to it, they will replace the toy for you. Their mission is to make the planet “a better place by unleashing the power of play.”  

While not all of their toys are made in the United States, the majority of them are. Even if the items are not made in the United States, Planet Dog still requires the manufacturers to adhere to strict guidelines. They make the stuffed squeaky toys, leads, collars, and travel bowls in China. However, they make the rest of their products in America! This includes the Orbee-Tuff Snoop toy that we are reviewing in this article. 

PLanet dog foundation

Another great reason we love Planet Dog is due to their charity efforts. Planet Dog started the Planet Dog Foundation that helps fund the training and placement of guide dogs to people in need. They host several charity fundraising events a year and also have certain products that 100% of the profits go towards the Foundation. Planet Dog is a company that cares about more than just selling products. They make sure their products are safe for your dog and the environment and they use the opportunity they have to support the community. To support the Planet Dog Foundation, click below to purchase their Glow for Good ball. All proceeds from your purchase will go towards the Foundation. 

orbee tuff glow for good

What is orbee-tuff?

Orbee-Tuff is a plastic that Planet Dog created themselves. The plastic is latex and BPA free. In fact, the Orbee-Tuff plastic is a thermoplastic elastomer. A thermoplastic elastomer is a durable, strong plastic material. The difference is that because it is a thermoplastic polymer, the material is way easier to break down and be recycled. This means all the Orbee-Tuff toys are non-toxic to your dog and to the environment. Instead of using chemical softeners, Planet Dog uses White Olenific Oil, which is very similar to baby oil. They also add a small amount of peppermint oil to the rubber. The Orbee-Tuff line has nine categories: balls, bones, produce, sport, recycle, interactive, puppy and senior, industrial, and cosmos. Each toy is individually rated based on durability so you know which toy is best for your dog. The Snoop falls into the interactive category. 

orbee tuff snoop

Orbee-tuff Snoop

orbee tuff snoop

The Orbee-Tuff Snoop is one of the most ingenious interactive toys on the market. The durable yet soft material makes the Snoop a perfect toy for any size dog. As one of the most versatile toys ever, the Snoop can be used as a fetch toy, a bouncy toy, an interactive puzzle toy, and a treat dispensing toy. You can be sure that the Snoop will keep your dog busy, no matter how they chose to play with it. Even though it is made of the same thermoplastic elastomer that all the other Orbee-Tuff toys are made with, the Snoop is not intended to be a chew toy. While most dogs will be able to gnaw and chew on it with no problems, strong chewers might be able to chew a hole or a split in the Snoop. Most dogs don’t try to just chew through the Snoop, however, so this should not be a huge issue. 

The Orbee-Tuff Snoop is a multiple award-winning toy and an Amazon’s Choice toy that stimulates your dog’s brain. Available in two colors, orange or blue, the Snoop is a translucent orb that has a funnel hole in the middle. Unlike other Orbee-Tuff toys, the Snoop is squishy and flexible. At 5 inches in diameter, the Snoop really is the perfect size for any dog. The Snoop is designed to be filled with bones, treats, peanut butter, anything! Your dog will chew, nibble, scratch, pounce on, and roll the Snoop trying to get the treats out of the middle! The Snoop is the perfect balance of difficulty and do-able. Your dog will be entertained for a long period of time but they will be able to solve the puzzle before they get bored.

How to use the Snoop

The Snoop may look similar to other puzzle balls you have seen before however, the design of this toy is what makes it so unique. To fill the Snoop with treats, simply pull the middle funnel part out. This turns the half circle orb shaped toy into more of a tube-shaped toy. Simply feed the treats or bones through the tub and push the middle back into place. This technique locks all the treats in the inner circle of the Snoop. 

You can even fill the Snoop with soft treats such as peanut butter or cheese. Simply spoon whatever food you want into the tube and close it like you would for dry foods. Or, if this seems too challenging for your dog, you can spoon whatever directly into the center hole when it is still in the orb shape. This method might be easier for smaller dogs. If you are already thinking ahead to how dirty the Snoop is going to get, don’t freak out! 

orbee tuff snoop

The Snoop is top drawer, dishwasher safe! This makes all the cleaning necessary so easy! It is also hand-washable and easy to rinse out due to the expandable funnel feature. Due to the nature of this toy, you may be concerned that your dog will toss this toy around trying to get the treats again. Again I say don’t freak out! Even though the Orbee-Tuff Snoop is strong and durable, it is lightweight and bouncy. So even if your dog tosses it around your house, it will not damage anything because it is so soft! 

Snoop Accessories

orbee tuff snoop nook

The Snoop is one of Planet Dog’s best sellers. Because of this, Planet Dog has created a whole line of toy specifically designed to fit into the hole of the Snoop. These toys are called “Nooks”. Nooks are small, 2.5 inch wide circular toys that are also made out of the Orbee-Tuff material. These toys are made to be chewed on so they are harder and more durable than the actual Snoop.  Nooks have a durability rating of 4 out of 5. This means that they are suitable for rough play but might not last constant chewing. 

The Nook is the perfect accessory for the Snoop. It can also be used as a separate toy all together! The bumpy sides of the Nook cause it to bounce around when tossed, perfect for fetch! Nooks also float making them a versatile toy for any occasion. Another bonus of the Nook is that they are infused with mint oil which helps to freshen your dog’s breath! 

The Nook also has nooks and crannies that can be filled with both hard and soft treats. When combined with the Snoop, the Nook adds an extra level of entertainment for your dog. They have to work to get the treats out of the Nook and then remove the Nook to work the rest of the treats out. 

Compared to similar products

As aforementioned, there are similar interactive toys that mimic the Snoop. However, none of the other toys on the market are as unique, easy to fill, and easy to clean. The most notable competitor to the Snoop would be the Kong Wobbler. The Kong Wobbler is shaped like a traditional Kong that has holes in the side. To fill, you have to twist the top of the Kong off and pour in hard treats only. Unlike the Snoop that can both hard and soft treats, the Kong Wobbler is only suitable for hard treats.

The Wobbler is also a harder toy and not as suitable for being tossed around. Another pro of the Orbee-Tuff Snoop is that it is transparent whereas the Kong Wobbler is not. Because the Snoop is transparent, dogs can see the treats that are left and stay entertained trying to attain them. Another difference between the Snoop and the Wobbler is that the Snoop is quieter. Due to the soft, flexible exterior, the Snoop makes very little noise when played with. If you know your dog would love an interactive puzzle toy, consider Planet Dog’s Orbee Tuff Snoop! 

orbee tuff snoop kong

A Final thought

Planet Dog is a company that we stand behind. The quality of their products and the quality of the actual company make it a no-brainer to support them! Orbee-Tuff Snoop is the versatile, interactive toy you need to get to keep your dog entertained. With all the fun filler options such as treats or the Nooks or both, the Snoop has endless options for play! 

If you have any questions about these toys, please reach out to our team at [email protected]