Sometimes you just have to spoil your pooch. From premium toy bins, to high-quality toys, and even interactive toys! We have reviewed some of the best high-end products for upscale dogs that need some extra pampering. Everything your picky pooch could ever dream of, you’ll find here. 

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toy bin

Looking to really spoil your pooch and give their toys a chic home? This custom toy bin may be for you. Each bin is personalized and engraved with your dog’s name. The toy bin is made from solid pine that’s not only durable, but looks great, too! Each bin is 19″ high, 14 ” wide, and 11.25″ deep. It should easily fit all of your pup’s toys, accessories, and anything else they like to keep close. As you can see, the bottom is open, and you can throw your dog’s toys in from the top. No matter how big or small they are, they’ll always have access to their toys. 

The only downside to this toy chest? The price. It costs around $200; however, considering the handmade craftsmanship that goes into each design, we believe that it’s worth the price. Check out the bin on Amazon, and you can order a personalized chest for Fido today. 

Pet Tower

The Richelle Pet Tower is a convenient way to keep track of your dog’s regular food and treats. It has a snap-lock lid that will keep your dog’s food fresh, and the odor inside. It’s thin design also makes it ideal to put just about anywhere in the house. We love the tower because you don’t have to get down as low to access your pet’s food. There’a foot petal at the bottom, much like a trash can, that will give you great access to the food without bending over. There are also side hooks on this tower that you can hang leashes, poop bags, or anything else your dog likes to use on a regular basis.

You’ll be happy to hear that this bin is BPA free, and made right here in the USA. You can trust the this tower to keep your dog food safe and fresh. The bin is 12x9x15″, and even comes with a 1.5 cup food scoop. The bottom of the bin can hold about 8 lbs. of food, and there’s two convenient smaller compartments at the top that you can use for poop bags, treats, or whatever you need handy for your pooch. This tower is definitely ideal for households that need an easy way to access their food and doggy products. 

Elevated dog feeder

Looking for a better way to feed Fido? This premium dog feeder may be the answer. It keeps your kitchen looking sleek, and of course, keeps your furry friends hydrated and fed. As you can see, it has 2 sleek stainless steel bowls that you can easily fill, set into a beautiful bamboo stand. Stylish enough for any pooch!

We highly recommend elevated dog bowls. They protect your dog’s neck while they’re eating, and even prevent back pain. Additionally, they prevent mold from growing underneath of the bowls due to moisture. 

This premium feeder is one of our favorites. The bowls are easy to clean, and always stay in put. Each bowl has a snug o-ring to prevent spills, and metal clanking noises. The bottom of the feeder also has non-slip feet. This will prevent your pup from nudging the bowls around, and also keep your floors scratch-free!

This fun elevated setup is available in three sizes; the smallest is 4″ tall, the medium is 7″ tall, and the large is 12″ tall. No matter how big or small your furry friends are, there’s a feeder that will suit their needs. Check out the various sizes on Amazon, and you’ll be on your way to mess-free feedings. 

Memory Foam Dog Bed

If you’re lucky enough to have a memory foam bed, you know how comfortable they are! They practically mold to your body and help to protect your joints to prevent body aches. Now, your dog can have a bed that’s just as comfortable (if not more comfortable). The PetFusion memory foam bed gives your dog a cozy, comfortable place to sleep, lounge, and chew on their favorite toys. 

This PetFusion bed has a 4 inch memory foam base that’s great for your dog’s mobility and joints. Additionally, the bolsters are made from recycled material; making it great for your dog’s neck support and the environment! 

We know that it can seem like a bad idea to purchase a premium bed for a pet that likes to chew, bite, and scratch at their things. Fortunately, this bed is water resistant, and even has a tear resistant cover. Your dog can slobber and scratch the bed all they want with minimal damage. You can also purchase replacement covers when it gets to be too dirty for your taste. The bed is 65% polyester and 35% cotton; making for a comfortable and soft place for your dog to lay. They may even prefer it over sharing the bed with you.

This dog bed is available in three sizes and two colors (grey and brown). No matter how large or small your furry friends are, it’s a perfect fit!

Small: 25 x 20 x 5.5″ (2″ memory foam base)

Large: 36 x 28 x 9″ (4″ memory foam base)

XL: 44 x 34 x 10″ (4″ memory foam base)

aromatherapy shampoo

In need of a spa day? Well, your pup may be, too! With this aromatherapy shampoo, your pooch can have a relaxing bath fit for a canine king. The Primp-n-Shampoo naturally “medicates” with the use of pure essential oils. This shampoo is great for all skin types, especially those with skin conditions or issues with dry skin. 

This shampoo will calm, relax, soothe, soften, and create a great shiny coat for your pooch.  We highly recommend this shampoo for all coat types. This shampoo is also fantastic for dogs that have anxiety or stress. The aromatherapy acts as an anti-depressant, and calms down anxious and tense dogs. So, if your dog actually hates bath time, this may be a great way to calm them down!

  • Reduces Shedding
  • Repels Mosquitos
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Anti-Flaking
  • Anti-Scaling
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Itch
  • Soothes hot spots
  • Exterminates Fleas
  • Balances Ph

Dog shampoo and conditioners are an extremely important tool to not only clean your pup, but to spoil them from nose to tail. If this one doesn’t fit your furbaby’s needs, we recommend heading over to Dog Shampoos You’ll Want. There you will find other options; including shampoos with natural ingredients, soothing qualities for dry skin, and deshedding capabilities.

merry pet home

If you have a smaller pet, the Merry Pet Home might be one of your best options. It’s practical, affordable, and has benefits for both you and your pup. You’ll love this home because it’s relatively inexpensive, priced under $100, and takes only twenty minutes to assemble. Get ready to spoil your pup, this home includes a lattice, balcony, and steps up to the top.

The dimensions of the home are 21″ x 29″ x 26″, making it ideal for small breeds such as chihuahuas, or eve cats. The house is built with cedar to ensure durability both indoors and outdoors. Fortunately, even the lower level of the house is elevated off of the ground, maintaining a comfortable temperature. This also gives your dog two different areas to relax in, which makes it ideal for households with multiple dogs.

One issue that some dog owners find with this house is that the stairs are steep which deters some dogs from using them. If this becomes an issue you can also attach a ramp to the side of the house. However, some dogs will simply jump to the top balcony.


The iFetch Launcher is one of the most popular automatic launchers for dogs. The balls are small and soft, making them great for both indoor and outdoor use. The iFetch launcher comes with 3 small balls, each 1.6″ in diameter. They’re great for dogs of all sizes, and you won’t have to worry about broken lamps! Your pup can play with it all day; without you having to wear out your arm trying to keep them entertained all day. This launcher can throw the balls 10, 20, or even 30 feet, depending on your needs. Simply help your dog learn to drop the ball into the opening, and the machine will do the rest!

This automatic launcher can either be plugged in to an outlet, or you can let it run on battery. This makes it easy to use both inside, and outside! The only downside to this launcher is that the balls are tinier than traditional tennis balls, so if you lose all three of the small balls, you’ll have to make sure you purchase tiny balls to replace them. 

furbo camera & treat launcher

Our top pick is the Furbo Dog Camera. This camera is full of fun features that keep your pup free from boredom and safe while you’re out of the house. What makes this camera so unique is its unique treat tossing ability. The Furbo can hold up to 30 pieces of your pup’s treats, and easily toss them from your mobile phone. The app is compatible with both iOS and Androids. Dog cameras are becoming increasingly popular because they allow you to enjoy some time away while still keeping a close eye on Fido. You can see all sorts of dog cameras in The Best Dog Camera.

The Furbo is also incredibly easy to set up. Simply plug it in using the USB cord, download the free app, and connect your device to wifi. It’s simple design is what makes it our favorite pet camera. No hassle, no wires, and no worrying about your pet.

We also love that this camera has two way chat designed for dogs. It has a barking sensor that will send a notification to your phone when barking is detected. This will allow you to see what’s going on at your house, and talk to your pup via the device if you need to calm them down for some reason. The camera also has a privacy mode, so when you return to your house with your mobile phone, the camera will shut down until you leave again.

The Furbo has a 720p HD camera and night vision to allow you to live stream video and see your dog easily through the wide-angle lens day or night. We would highly suggest this camera for any pup parent in need of a simple way to monitor their pet while they’re away. It also allows you to treat your pup and calm them down no matter what’s going on in the house. 

Whistle 3 Tracking Device

Repeated innovation and enhanced engineering has lead Whistle to release their third version of their leading product, dubbed the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor. This device has every feature you and your dog could ever dream of. Whistle 3 can track your dog via GPS and cellular technology anywhere in the United States. They also allow you to track all of your dog’s activity within a 24 hour period, and the battery won’t die for a full seven days. You can even set designated safe spaces where you want your dog to stay based on wifi signals at your home, etc. If your dog manages to stray too far from a safe space they’ll send a notification straight to your phone to alert you.

The Whistle 3 dog tracker is accompanied by an app that you can easily set up on your phone. The app will monitor your dog’s activity and rest, track their location via Google Maps, and alert you if they stray too far from their safe spaces. It will even let you know how much activity your dog needs depending on their size, age, and breed; you can then set fitness goals and keep up with their daily activity.  The Whistle 3, unlike any of its predecessors, also has Bluetooth and wifi capabilities to both save its battery, and keep accurate readings on your pup. Weighing less than an ounce, it’s ideal for any dog over 8 pounds.

The tracking devices that made our list are easy to use, as they either attach to your pet’s current collar or come with their own adjustable one.  They’re also lightweight, so much so that your dog or cat likely won’t realize it’s there.

Not sure if the Whistle is right for your pooch? Check out more tracking devices here.

End Table Crate

The Casual Home Pet Crate is a great size for small to larger sized dogs. There are two sizes, and two colors available for the crates, depending on your dog’s needs. The smaller crate is 24″ wide, designed for dogs up to 20″ long, and 14″ tall. The larger crate is 27″ wide, ideal for dogs 38″ long and 29″ tall.

The Causal Home end table is superior to a lot of the end tables we’ve seen. It has great ventilation because of all of the slots, this also makes it easy for your dog to feel like part of the group when they’re in the crate. It has a secure latch on the front if you do want to make sure your pup stays in one place. It’s also made of solid wood, which will not only look great but will last your pup a long time.