When you first get a new puppy there are two things that you have to do. First, it’s your duty to love spoil them to no end (o darn). Second, you simply have to show them off to everyone; making sure people understand how cute your pup is. This can range from taking the pup everywhere you go to posting a million pictures onto your social media platforms.

     You may find yourself thinking that there is no way your pup can get any cuter. WRONG! With a few adorable accessories made for puppies, your pup’s cuteness can increase even more. Ranging from hair bows to bandannas, we will go into depth about different accessories and help you pick which adorable option is right for you. Get ready for the Instagram likes to flood in. No one’s puppy will be cuter than yours, that we can promise!

Table of Contents

Hair Bows

     If your pup has hair that keeps getting in their eyes, then a hair bow is the perfect accessory for them. Although, with various colors, patterns, and jeweled details on these bows your pup may just use it to add a cute detail to their already adorable face. YAKA offers 6 different packages of their bows with a total of 30 pairs inside. You also have the choice of either using clips or rubber bands to attach them.

     In total, you would be receiving 60 bows with each package. Each of these bows measures to a total of 1.5 inches in length and 0.98 inches in width. If you do choose to get ones that have the clip attachment you will receive alligator clips made of stainless steel. The other option is a rubber band attachment which can be fully stretched to 3.5 inches.

     According to the company their bows, clips, and rubber bands are very well made and sturdy. They even say that they will cause you no issues like falling out. In fact, they are so certain about this that they offer a full refund or will replace your bows if you do experience any issues.


     Did your pup finally land a date with that cute poodle down the street? If so then they need a cute bow-tie to make sure they look their best at the dog park date. Thankfully TopTie offers seven different sets of these adorable accessories so there is no need to worry! No matter what set you do choose to order it will include a total of 10 different bow-ties.

      Each of these bow-ties is made from polyester material but that is where their similarities end. Every bow is covered with a different design. They do have some regular colored ones but most of them have fun and crazy patterns. If you are looking to dress him up for a date then you may go with their fancy swirls and stripes but if it is just a regular day then you may go with their cute teddy bears or skulls.

     The full measurements of these bowties are 3.94 inches in length and 1.97 inches in width. To attach them there is an elastic strap connected that you can adjust to fit their neck. Once adjusted they can fit a neck ranging from 7.9 inches to 15.7 inches in girth.


     Your pup may not be going to puppy prom but it may still be nice to let them wear their own version of a corsage. With 14 different bows in the set from Leinuosen, you will have a bow for every collar and every occasion. The different colors you will find in this set range from watermelon red to ivory white which means there is an option for everyone no matter their choice in style that day.

      No matter the color, each of these beautiful flowers is made from chiffon. This material is smooth, nontoxic, and silky so it will not irritate their skin as they wear it. It is also quite durable which means that it will stay together no matter what they dig into.

     Each flower measures around a total of 3.15 inches in diameter. Every flower is not made exactly the same so their measurement may vary slightly. To attach this flower there is an elastic band on the back. This elasticity will allow you to put it on and take it off of their collar with no issue. Also, since it is moveable you can easily move it around till it looks and fits just right.


      Starting to question if your dog is related to Houdini? No matter what size or type of collar you get they always seem to slip out like magic. The issue with all those colors that you have been using is that they were not made specifically for puppies like this one from Didog. In fact, the first important feature is the smaller size. For this specific collar, they offer it in XXS which is 6 to 8 inches up to small which is 10.5 to 13 inches.

     The collar itself is made from suede leather on the side facing out and faux leather on the other side. This material is quite flexible so they should be able to move freely and not feel constricted or choked. To add some personalization you get to choose from 3 different colors which are red, pink, or black.

      Adding even more personalization, you also get to choose whether the collar has a silver or black tag. This tag is located on the front and center of the collar and is shaped like a bone. The cool thing about this tag is that you are able to engrave it to have their name and your phone number. Also, since it is made from stainless steel it is durable and less likely to rust.



     If you believe that your dog is a star then you may be interested in having them shine like one. To do this they will need the reflective harness from Pawtitas. Even if the light conditions are very poor they will still shine brightly. To add some style in the daylight as well, these harnesses come in 9 different colors ranging from black to teal.

      However, the appearance of the harness will not matter if it does not fit right. To help you figure out the right size for your pup they offer 4 sizes ranging from XXS to s/m. You may think you know the right size for your pup but the company does recommend taking a few moments to measure their neck diameter and chest girth.

     For example, after you measure you may find the XXS size with 22 centimeters in neck diameter and 32 centimeters in chest girth is a better fit than the extra-small size that is 24 centimeters in neck diameter and 34 centimeters in chest girth. The measurements between sizes may be close but it is better to have one that fits right instead of okay.


      Will, your dog not stand to be caught in a regular harness? Do not worry, we have a more fashionable option for those picky walkers! This Blueberry harness comes in 6 different designs all involving flowers and a frilly border surrounding all the edges. The only difference between these harnesses is the colors involved. Some options you can choose from range from creamy white design to a navy blue design.

      To keep them as comfortable as possible on their runway walks the harnesses are made out of mesh and polyester. This material will not weigh them down or irritate their skin as they walk. Not only will your pet feel good but since the plastic buckles are made from eco-friendly material you will feel good as well.

      When it comes to the fit of the harness you want to make sure that it does not allow your dog to chew on the material. To make sure you find the right fit the company recommends taking time to look at the chest girth and neck measurements. Another thing they stress is that the chest strap does not adjust so the extra small strap will stay at 5.5 inches while the small strap will stay at 6 inches.


     We may not be back in the wild west but it would be wild for you not to check out these cute bandannas! They come from the company MEWTOGO and their full set includes a total of 10. Fitting with this wild theme none of the patterns on these bandannas are boring. Ranging from foxes to the American flag there is a new and fun option for every day. There is even enough to not be a bandanna repeater for a whole week!

      The full dimensions of each of these bandannas are 23.3 inches x 15 inches x 15 inches. According to the company, this size should fit your puppy and also give you enough room to tie a knot. Although, they do recommend that it is useful to know their neck girth to make sure it will fit okay.

      To make these bandannas comfortable and also long-lasting the company made them out of cotton yarn. Not only that but they also made sure it would not unravel by professionally stitching all of the edges. This means that these bandannas should last you all year long even passing your pups birthday. To help you also celebrate this special occasion this company also offers birthday bandannas as well.