Coming soon, Better Living With Fido will cover the very best of minimalist dog toys.  From dog toys made of renewable materials, to clever addons to would-be-waste products like those neat plastic water bottle cover style dog toys you’ve seen at the pet store, we’ll hit everything that peaks your interest to be responsible by using renewable dog toys for the minimalist in you.  

Not only will we cover the best eco-friendly dog toys on the market today, but we’ll also go in depth on why they are worth your money. Exciting products that are both a dog toy, and a treat.  Edible dog toys, compostable dog toys, dog toys made of recycled products, dual purpose dog toys, and even low profile dog toys. We’ll cover everything about dog toys that appeals to the minimalist in you!

Sustainable dog toys might just be the future of the pet market.  We hope it’s the future of every market, but we’ve got to start somewhere, right?  We’ll cover recycled rubber dog toys, hemp made dog toys, natural canvas dog toys, and even touch on the ultra durable dog toys on the market.  Green dog toys, dog toys for the responsible pet owner, planet friendly dog toys, these are the things that we value so deeply as responsible humans.  

What’s more?  We’ll also cover in-depth what companies are putting these fantastic dog toys on the market, what their message is, their core values, and where that dollar you put forth goes (good causes, we hope!).  We’ll find dog toy companies you can get behind, and really believe in. We’ll cover their top selling dog toys, and why they sell so well! The perfect toys for your pup, while being a responsible pet owner, voting with your wallet, and helping to reduce the amount of dog toys that end up in landfills.