A sturdy, comfortable dog collar and leash are important tools within the dog owner’s arsenal. After spending your time (and money) hunting down the perfect pair, it can be quite disappointing when your dog’s collar or leash breaks. Perhaps you have a strong pup or, maybe, its quality construction wasn’t so “quality” after all! Each collar and leash contain a specific set of hardware; like buckles, D-rings, and adjustment pieces. Most of the time, it is this hardware that breaks. As a result, most owners deem it a lost cause and toss the entire collar or leash in the trash! Instead of throwing away your hard-earned money, we’ve found the best replacement hardware for dog collars and leashes. By having these tools on hand, you can simply fix the break yourself.

Basic Dog Collar and Leash Hardware Terms

Buckles. Many dog collars use buckles. This hardware enables an owner to easily put on and take off the collar. In fact, quick release buckles are a fan favorite because of their added safety measure.

D-Rings. D-rings are simple, yet important pieces of hardware. They are attached to a collar so that an owner can clip on a leash. The most important distinction among D-rings is if they come welded shut or not. If not welded shut, you run the risk of your dog pulling it apart after a couple of walks.

Adjustment Pieces. More often than not, your pup’s collar is adjustable. This important feature allows the collar to grow as your dog does! To make the magic happen, a collar’s fabric or cord slips through a piece of hardware. Companies often design this hardware in a simple flat, square shape.

Swivel Snap Hooks. Swivel snap hooks are found at the end of your pooch’s leash. They use a clasp and rotating base to hook onto the collar’s D-ring. Like the D-ring, if this piece of hardware is not sturdy, your dog may pull from their leash during walks.

Dog Collar and Leash Hardware Safety Measures

     Whether your pup’s collar and leash have metal or plastic hardware, we recommend checking them before every use. The last thing any owner wants is to experience a break during walks, runs, or other outdoor adventures. Not only can the results be frustrating and time consuming for owners, but your pooch is put in danger!

     For example, if Fido sees an adorable chipmunk and suddenly pulls, faulty hardware may snap. Consequently, your dog is now off to the races and you’re left chasing after. Heaven forbid this occurs next to a road or during a mountainous hike! Therefore, instill your own safety measure by checking their collar and leash before heading out.

Replacement Hardware Recommended Products

Country Brook Design Deluxe Collar Kit

     Country Brook Designs is well-known for their collar and leash essentials. The company makes it incredibly easy to stock up on both specific replacement hardware parts and full kits. For example, the Country Brook Design Deluxe Collar Kit comes with everything a dog owner will need to replace each piece of collar hardware. Unfortunately, this excludes a hook needed for your dog’s leash. Yet, it remains a fabulous place to start.

     You have a choice between three kits. Each caters to a specific collar size. First, the 1” kit includes all pieces necessary for a collar of 1” width. In fact, we recommend this size for large dogs only because customers note it may be larger than you think. We doubt any owner is looking for a 1” wide collar for their smaller Shih Tzu! Second, the company offers a ¾” variation. Finally, the last option measures 5/8”.

     The Country Brook Design Deluxe Collar Kit is great for those wishes to stock up. In other words, having each of these pieces handy will prevent you from having to rush to the store or place an order. The kit contains:

  1. Nickel plated steel D-rings that are welded shut – 10 pieces
  2. Plastic wide triangles used for collar adjustment (YKK brand) – 10 pieces
  3. Black contoured side release buckles (YKK brand) – 10 pieces
  4. Set of instructions

     Customers confirm that each piece of hardware is sturdy and of good quality. The best part: it is highly affordable! You can expect to pay under $15 for each kit variation.

     We like the Country Brook Design Deluxe Collar Kit because it comes packed with everything you need in terms of collar replacement hardware. This saves you time from hunting down each piece separately. Furthermore, its included set of instructions will help any owner. You will be able to feel less anxious when DIYing your pup’s important collar.

Deluxe Collar Kit 1″ size

Deluxe Collar Kit 3/4″ Size

Deluxe Collar Kit 5/8″ size

Country Brook Design Swivel Snap Hooks

     Our previous recommended product of Country Brook Design’s Deluxe Collar Kit does not come with any replacement hardware for your dog’s leash. To make a complete set of collar and leash replacement hardware, you will need swivel snap hooks. Luckily, Country Brook Designs provides everything! You can simply purchase the Country Brook Design Swivel Snap Hooks to complete your hardware arsenal.

     The Country Brook Design Swivel Snap Hooks will come in a bag exactly like the Deluxe Collar Kit. But, you will have a wider variety of sizes to choose from. Each caters to the width of your pup’s leash and size of D-ring collar attachment. Sizes include:

1” in packs of 10 or 50. Length= 3 ¼”, inside swivel rectangle= 1”, outside swivel rectangle width= 1.48”.

¾” in packs of 10 or 50. Length= 3.10”, inside swivel rectangle= .75”, outside swivel rectangle width= 1.15”.

½” in packs of 10, 25, 50, or 100. Length= 2”, inside swivel rectangle= ½”, outside swivel rectangle width= .55”.

¼” in packs of 10, 25, 50, or 100. Length= 1.57”, inside rounded swivel= .28”, outside rounded swivel width= .48”. This includes a rounded swivel instead of a rectangle.

3/8” baby in packs of 10, 25, 50, or 100. Length= 2”, inside rounded swivel= .44”, outside rounded swivel width= .67”. This includes a rounded swivel instead of a rectangle.

About Country Brook Designs

     Country Brook Designs is a crafting company that acts similar to a wholesale store. They supply craft components for dog collars, lanyards, and anything else you can dream up using their products. In specific, the company’s goal is to support individual entrepreneurs and small craft companies. 

     By supplying both individual crafting pieces and entire crafting kits, customers can cater an order to their needs. Unlike other wholesale providers, Country Brook Designs provides smaller counts as well. For example, while you can order a product count of 100 pieces, you can also choose to simply order 10.

Heavy Duty Replacement Hardware Recommended Products

Sydien Stainless Steel Heavy Welded D-Rings

     A popular reason for collar or leash hardware breakage includes a strong dog. Either your furbaby is prone to pulling during walks, or they are simply stronger than the hardware is.

     Dog collars use D-rings as a method for attaching a dog leash. Therefore, these little pieces of hardware are taking on a lot of weight. For many owners, it is absolutely essential to have a heavy-duty D-ring.

     In our online travels we came across many replacement hardware D-ring possibilities. Yet, we wanted to search for a truly well-made and strong piece. It was essential that our chosen D-ring was welded shut. Many D-rings are not welded shut and, therefore, have a higher risk of pulling apart. Finally, we came to the Sydien Stainless Steel Heavy Welded D-Ring.

Product Details

      The Sydien Stainless Steel Heavy Welded D-Ring is 304 stainless, rounded steel made. Not only is this material durable, but it is naturally rust resistant. Yet, the true selling point of this D-rings comes with the seamless welding. Welding the D-ring shut creates a stronger product that is fabulous for any dog who pulls during outdoor adventures. Additionally, a smooth, seamless weld has no points, bumps, or edges that could catch on your dog collar material.

     We highly recommend this product is you are looking for a stronger D-ring. Each order comes with six pieces; making it easy to stock up for future needs. They measure 1.22” at the inner width, 1.06” and the inner height, and .24” in thickness. You can expect to pay under $15 for the Sydien Stainless Steel Heavy Welded D-Rings.

DGQ Heavy Duty Metal Side Release Buckles

     A buckle is a fundamental feature of many dog collars. While other collars may not use a buckle attachment method, we still wanted to hunt one down for you.

     Buckles are a quick and easy way to put on and take off a dog collar. In particular, owners only need to use one hand to remove a collar with a buckle. Additionally, quick-release buckles are perfect to minimize any doggie choking hazards (which is a fear of many owners for good reason).

Product Details

     The DGQ Heavy Duty Metal Side Release Buckle is specifically made for use with 1” webbing material. They are zinc alloy made; creating a durable product. Many customers have commented on the buckle’s sturdiness. One customer even noted, “They worked great for my XXXL 1” wide dog harnesses.” In general, the buckle measures 2” in outside length and 1 5/32” in outside width.

     We love the DGQ Heavy Duty Metal Side Release Buckle because the company provides a choice between two color options. This was hard to find in a great, quality heavy-duty buckle! For under $15 each, you can choose from a traditional silver 5 pack or a cool bronze 5 pack. Specifically, the bronze-colored buckle option gives an owner the opportunity to better match a unique style.

     A favorite among many owners, this side-release buckle is fashioned in quick-release style. This makes for easy attachment and liberation. Customers said the quick-release works well and has a smooth, clean release. On the other hand, we recommend checking your new buckles upon receiving. Some may not fit as perfectly as others.