Bath and Body Works is popular for one reason…people love scents! Well, they love good scents like warm vanilla and fall leaves. However, what do you do when the scents in your home smell a lot more like a wet dog than a green meadow? Put down the Febreeze because we are here to help you find other solutions that may fit you and your dog’s lifestyle a bit better. From sprays to candles there is something for everyone so take a few moments to check out our top picks for how to get rid of pet odors. Your guest will thank you!

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Air Purifying Deodorizer Bags

     Inside of this pack, you will receive 4 bags, 2 hooks, and one cord. For these bags to work and start purifying all you have to do is place it in the area of concern. To help you cover a wide variety of areas IE.HOME includes 1 extra large, 1 large, and 2 small bags. According to the company, the larger bags are for full rooms to your car while the small bag is for things like travel bags.

     The bamboo charcoal is unique in the fact that it allows the air to pass through it and in the process cleans it of any pet odors. To deodorize the air it removes things like bacteria and allergens. However, the great qualities do not stop there because the bags also help improve the air by sucking up moisture that may be lingering around.  

      You will not have to worry about constantly replacing these bags because they are actually reusable. All you would have to do is put it in the sun for a span of an hour whenever you feel like it may be running low. With this process, you can use and reuse one single bag for at most 2 years.

      Not constantly throwing away these bags will help decrease waste that could harm the environment. Not only that, but since the charcoal does not include chemicals it is not dangerous to people, pets, or nature. In fact, the company even suggests adding the inside contents to your soil to improve it.

Main Benefits

  1.  deodorizes air
  2. removes bacteria and allergens
  3. picks up unwanted moisture
  4. reusable

Trigger Spray

      Your dog may not leave stains on your carpet but instead, leave stains in the air with pet odors. In this case, you will not need a stain remover but just an odor eliminator. To give you exactly what you need there is the trigger spray from Zero Odor.

      To start attacking the odor all you have to do is spray the solution in the air or on something like furniture. There is no strong fragrance so you will not have to worry about overpowering your family and pets. Instead, the spray removes the odor and freshens the air to deter more odor.

      You’ll be excited to know this spray is made right here in the United States. Plus, there were no toxic or allergenic ingredients added. This means that you can use it on your pet’s items without worrying about irritating them. Not only is it gentle on you but since it is biodegradable it will also be gentle on the environment.

Main Benefits

  1. attacks odors in the air
  2. made in USA
  3. non-toxic, non-allergenic
  4. biodegradable

Soy Wax Candle

      A candle is a perfect way to create a cozy atmosphere and with specifically a Pet House candle you will be able to make it odorless as well. Inside each of their candles is an odor neutralizer to take away those musty pet smells. To replace them the mix of essential oils and fragrance inside the wax fills the room as you burn it.

      With a total of 23 different scents, there is a scent that everyone will like. Just a few examples of scents are apple cider, mango peach, and sunwashed cotton. To make sure you can continually keep the air smelling like mangoes, each candle can burn for around 60 to 70 hours.

     Since the candle being completely paraffin and dye free you will not have to worry about burning anything harmful. You also do not have to worry about the environment because the wax is made from natural soy which is a renewable resource.

     This great smelling candle is hand poured in the United States. Basically, this means they can make sure it is done right and it has a more personal than a machine. Once your candle has officially burned out do not throw away the jar! According to the company, you can use it to store things like treats or toys.

Main Benefits

  1. contains essential oils
  2. 23 different scents
  3. burns up to 70 hours
  4. no dyes or paraffin
  5. natural, hand-poured soy
  6. USA made

Air Purifier

      There is nothing like looking into a sunny spot and seeing pet hair floating around like snow. Thankfully, to help you combat this problem there is the air purifier from LEVIOT. According to the company, this buddy can take out 99.9 percent of pet dander.

      To reach such a high percent the filter has 3 different filters inside. The one on the bottom is in charge of capturing smaller items like pet dander or mold while the one in the middle captures the large items like pollen and dust mites. Lastly, the one on the top takes care of removing unwanted pet odors.

     With 3-speed settings ranging from low to high you will be able to make sure that the air travels completely through each filter. Do not worry about being kept awake at night with these settings because it works so softly you will not notice it. Although, the purifier does emit a light. You will see it in the dark and also be able to see around your room at night.

     The product may operate quietly but try not to forget it’s there! The company suggests replacing the filter after 6 months so everything can continue working smoothly.

Main Benefits

  1. get rid of pet dander
  2. 3 levels of filtration
  3. removes odors
  4. super quiet

Air Plug

     If you have a nosey and active pet there may be a chance that they like to mess with anything that is new. To help you put out a new air purifier without them or anyone noticing there is the air plug by Hamilton Beach. These little guys are so small and faint that no one will want to be noisy and stick their nose in it.

     To put in this purifier all you have to do is plug it into the wall just like you might an air freshener. They fit right into any 110-volt outlet that you have in your home or office. Then to turn it on and have it start working you just have to flip on the power switch.

      Inside there is a filter made of carbon that does all the work. The only thing you will need to remember is to change the filter so it can keep running smoothly. With a replacement indicator on the front of this filter, it will be easy to know when a change is needed.

       If you are replacing a night light with this plug do not worry. To keep you from running into any chairs you have the choice of ordering one with a night light. You also have the choice of adding a scent like green meadow into the plug.

Main Benefits

  1. discrete and quiet
  2. can come with a night light
  3. easy to use

Liquid Cleaner

      Orange may not be your favorite fruit but it may just become your favorite cleaner. This liquid cleaner from Angry Orange is made with oil from orange peels. In turn, this gives it a citrus odor which will fill your house with a pleasant aroma.

     However, do not let the scent make you think it is soft on odor. According to the company it was first created for things like feedlots and pet waste removal companies. With a purpose like that it should be the scariest thing, your odors have ever seen.

     It may be harsh on odor but it will not be harsh on you. The cleaner is not only nontoxic, but it is wonderfully biodegradable. To make sure it was safe for their customers, the company even made sure it meets standards presented by FDA-GRAS.

     One thing the company does stress is that you do not need a lot of the cleaner to get the job done. Using the 8-ounce bottle you can fill up a total of 4, 32-ounce spray bottles. Not only will you be able to use these spray bottles inside your house but the company says it will also work outside.

Main Benefits

  1. tough on pet odors
  2. non-toxic
  3. biodegradable
  4. works inside and outside

Stain & Odor Eliminator

      Stains are something that comes with some pets and unfortunately, an odor is what comes with stains. Sometimes they happen on carpet but they can also occur on things like clothing, furniture, and pet carriers. To make you remove a stain and odor no matter where it happens there is the stain & odor eliminator by Rocco & Roxie Supply Co.

rocco & roxie odor

      The most important aspect of this cleaner is the enzymatic bacteria it has inside. This bacteria is silent until it touches the stain and then it gets to work. To remove the odor and the stain it destroys ammonia crystals and organic matter making up the stain.

     It may attack the stain but it will be nothing but gentle on your family and pets. This is because it does not contain any chlorine or harmful ingredients that would be left over. In fact, it is so safe that it was approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute. According to them, it can be used on any carpet and it will not cause an issue.

Main Benefits

  1. removes stain and odor
  2. gentle for pets
  3. can be used on any carpet

Odor Removing Gel

      If you want the odor removing aspect but with no extra fragrance added then this odor removing gel from Fresh Wave is right for you. Instead of being overpowered with the scent of roses or cotton you will just breath in a fresh and clean aroma.

      Not only does this gel not include fragrance but when it was made in the United States dangerous chemicals or ingredients were not added. Instead of these harsh elements, it uses things like oil from plants and water to fight the odors. These ingredients are released in the air as the gel evaporates and starts getting to work.

      To get the gel to start working you have to take off the lid and the seal under it. Then just put the lid back on and set it where needed. According to the company, their 15 oz containers would work perfectly for a 200 square foot area filled with odors usually found in a home like for example pet odors.

      Although, if you do have a bigger space they recommend to use more than one container. Thankfully you will not have to continually buy a new container each time it runs out. Instead, the company offers refills which can last up to 30 or 60 days.

Main Benefits

  1. odorless
  2. USA made
  3. natural
  4. easy to use