Spending time outdoors with Fido is a simple joy that costs us nothing but our time. The most ideal time of year for adventures outdoors is when the sun is shining and the skies are clear.  Ruffwear is a brand of dog accessories that makes outdoor adventures possible, no matter what season it is! From cooling gear for the summer months to knit sweaters for the fall, Ruffwear has everything you need for outdoor adventures with your dog.

Ruffwear Dog Accessories

When temperatures are high, you don’t want to risk a heat stroke with Fido. Ruffwear provides optimal cool gear for hot weather. This gear includes the Swamp Cooler, the Jet Stream, and the Core Cooler; a variety of cooling vests that use evaporative cooling when you’re out and active with your pup. High temperatures also mean hot pavement which can be extremely dangerous and painful for Fido. Ruffwear Grip Trex boots are the perfect way to protect your dog’s paws. Made with Vibram rubber outsoles, these boots provide great traction. Ruffwear Grip Trex are made with breathable mesh allowing ventilation while keeping out dirt and debris.

If you plan to take your outdoor adventure from land to water, you’ll want to have a proper life jacket for Fido. Ruffwear Float Coat is a quality dog life jacket that is shaped to support your dog’s natural swimming position and motions. This jacket is lightweight and has a handle allowing you to help your dog in and out of the water.

Whether you’re going to hike a trial, chase geese at the lake, or simply play outdoors on a hot day Ruffwear Dog Accessories will help keep Fido comfortable and safe. Having these products will allow you and your dog to enjoy hours in the sun. Ruffwear even offers everyday outdoor gear like the Ruffwear Approach Pouch. Coming soon, our team will provide a full length article on these products and why Ruffwear dog gear is a must!