Playtime with your furry friend is always a good time, but constantly replacing dog toys can be annoying. If your dog is a super chewer, finding a durable dog toy that Fido likes is something you can appreciate.  Ruffwear makes a line of dog toys with the durability to last for years; the perfect long term solution to your dog toy problem. Centering their brand around adventures, Ruffwear has become a company we love. If you and Fido are always on an outdoor adventure, you’ll want to bring a Ruffwear toy along to add to the fun.

Ruffwear Durable Dog Toys

Ruffwear dog toys are not only durable, but they are also interactive. Some are inspired by nature like the gnawt-a-stick or gnawt-a-rock. Ruffwear dog toys are made from natural, sustainable rubber, ripstop fabric, and with a bounce perfect for fetch. Other special features include gum massaging surfaces and easy to clean treat chambers.

Since Ruffwear is all about outdoor adventures with your pup, it comes to no surprise that some of their toys float. If your dog loves to splash in a river, ocean, or even just a pool, these Ruffwear water toys are going to be ideal for you. The Ruffwear Hydro Plane, along with the Lunker, are some of the floating dog toys that Ruffwear offers. Plus, they are brightly colored so you’ll be able to easily spot them in the water.

Whether you’re playing fetch, tug of war, fetch, or down at the lake, Ruffwear has a long lasting toy for that. With nature inspired toys, Fido is sure to love it. Coming soon our team will provide a full length article on Ruffwear durable dog toys. If you’re tired of buying toys just for them to be instantly destroyed, Ruffwear dog toys are worth the buy!