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Dogs have a tremendous sense of smell. In fact, their noses are 40 times stronger than ours. That means that they can recognize their toys, and of course their treats, just by smelling them! If you’re ready to spoil your pup with their own scented dog toy, then you’re in luck! We’ve found some of our favorite scented dog toys. From little balls designed for games of fetch to larger toys designed to be fetched out during snow storms, we are covering it all. 

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Benefits of scented dog toys

Many pup parents use scented dog toys in the winter. Why? Becuase snow can dull your dog’s sense of smell. The snow pretty much coats all of your dog’s familiar scents. Unfortunately, this makes it hard find their toys, and can even make it easier for them to get lost. That’s where scented dog toys come in! They’re strong enough to allow your dog to find them, even if they do get covered with snow. Additionally, your dog will be able to find it much easier if it gets thrown far from the house.

Scented dog toys are also great for dogs that are visually impaired or blind. If your dog can’t see their toys, they’ll certainly be able to smell them! Purchasing your dog scented dog toys will allow them to find their toys much easier, and get them excited regardless of how well they’re able to see the toy. 

Last, but certainly not least scented dog toys are exciting for your dog! Your pooch will be able to smell their toy at a far distance, always enticing them to play. If you have a dog that gets bored with toys easily, this may be something to try out! Some of our picks even have a flavor to match the scent. Needless to say, food motivated dogs will get a kick out of these toys. It’s a calorie-free way to treat your pup. 


Hartz is one of the only brands that offers quality scented dog toys. Truly, all of their products are designed to perfection. We’re not too surprise by their leading innovative designs when it comes to dog toys. They have a team of vets, nnutritionists,biochemists, engineers, and chemists all working together to ensure they’re releasing the best of the best. 

They strive to be superior in everything they do. They strive for growth, and devote themselves to creating products that will help you bond with your pooch. Hartz has been around for more than 90 years, providing innovative products that are not only fun for your pets, but healthy and affordable as well! If you see the Hartz logo, chances are, it’s worth the buy!

dura play

hartz toys

The Hartz Dura Play is one of our favorite Hartz Products. It’s a perfect indoor/outdoor ball that you can try out for your pooch (no matter how big or small they may be). This ball is made of a firm natural latex that gives it a great bounce, and also makes it perfect for dogs that like to chew on their toys. Additionally, the interior is made with a foam technology that contains a squeaker. 

Because of this unique material makeup, the Dura Play is easy to clean, floats, and has a lightweight design. Of course, the reason why you’re even on this page is because this fun ball is scented! In fact, it’s bacon scented – the best kind of scent! Your dog will go nuts over the meaty smell, and it will entice them to play, chew, and have fun. 

This ball has simple raised areas that give your dog a great grip while chewing or carrying it around in their mouths. We highly recommend this toy for any pup that is a moderate chewer. You can purchase it in a variety of sizes, and can also purchase multi-packs to save some money. 

In our opinion, this ball is well worth the price. Depending on the size, you’ll be spending around $5 per ball, considering it’s durable technology, and fun smell, we think this toy is a no-brainer. 


hartz scented ball

Chew 'N Clean

chew n' play

Hartz’s Chew ‘N Clean is another enticing product for dogs of just about any demeanor and size. Not only is it a fun play toy, it’s also great for dental health. As you can see, it’s bone shaped, encouraging your dog to chew. It’s made of polyurethane and nylon; making it safe for your pooch to chew on. This bone will help your pooch obtain great oral health, and a strong jaw. 

Of course, this toy is also bacon scented! The scent will entice your pooch and captivate their attention. The scent is long lasting, and will occupy your dog for awhile

We highly recommend this chewy bone for dogs of all sizes. It’s available in two sizes; medium and large. It’s soft enough for puppies and seniors to chew on, yet durable enough for even the toughest dogs to roughhouse with. In our opinion, it’s well worth the price. It’s long-lasting, fun, and safe. 

dura chew bone

dura chew bone

If your dog likes the Dura Chew Ball, you’re in luck! Dura Chew also has a fun bone version. The bone is made from the same natural latex material allowing this toy to withstand moderate chewing. Additionally, the bone floats, squeaks, and bounces! Unlike a ball, the bone will bounce in every which way direction when you drop it, keep your dog on their toes. 

If your dog likes chewing on edible bones, this toy is a no-brainer. It has a great bacon scent that will entice your dog to chew on it, while also massaging their gums and providing a calorie-free ‘chew’. 

You can purchase this toy in either a medium or a large size from Amazon. The medium is about 5″ long, and the large is almost 8″ long. When you order, you’ll either receive a purple, or orange bone. The colors are chosen at random by the distributor. 

Ethical Pet

Ethical Pet is another great brand that we trust. They have a variety of fun toys that our dogs love. In fact, our sister site,, includes some of their toys in their monthly boxes. 

Ethical Pet was established in 1952, and have become a huge name in the dog toy world. They have a great reputation for providing safe, fun, and innovative toys for both dogs and cats. Additionally, they’re based right here in the U.S. Ethical Pet’s Sensory Ball is another scented dog toy that your pup will go nuts for!

sensory ball

sensory ball

Ethical Pet’s Sensory Ball is not only scented, but engages all five of your dog’s senses! This ball is not only smells like beef, but tastes like beef, too. This aroma and flavor will be enticing your dog to play, and also encouraging them to chew. 

As you can see from the image to the left, this ball also has a variety of fun textures for your dog to chew on. Making it fun to chew on, while also soothing their gums and cleaning their teeth. 

Additionally, this ball has a bel and a squeaker that will keep your dog interested, longer. 

This ball is made from durable TPR rubber, and is completely safe for your pup to chew on. We recommend this ball for moderate chewers; if you have an aggressive pup, they will most likely tear it apart. 

The sensory ball is available in two sizes, and you can also purchase multipacks to extend playtime. The small is 2.5″, and the larger size is 3.25″. Both sizes are under $10, and well-worth a try in our opinion. It will engage all 5 senses, and seems to extend playtime. 

sensory ball

Scented dog toys are not only great for those that are visually impaired, they’re great for everyday play as well. Shake up playtime a bit by introducing your pooch to a play toy that will engage their senses.

No more losing toys in the leaves, woods, or snow. Your dog be able to sniff out their toys from across the yard, park, and house. 

If you have any questions about the products we have covered, please reach out to our team at [email protected]