Seasonal Canine Illness, or SCI, is an ailment that is very dangerous for Fido. SCI is also known as “mystery illness” as the cause is usually unknown. Unfortunately, this means there are no real measures of prevention. In some cases, Seasonal Canine Illness could even be fatal. Learning what causes SCI and what symptoms to look for is very important. According to studies, most dog owners are unaware of Seasonal Canine Illness. Taking the time to educate yourself on SCI is extremely beneficial to Fido’s health. 

Seasonal Canine Illness

Dogs usually contract Seasonal Canine Illness during the autumn months,  more specifically in September and November, in woodland areas. There is no definite cause of SCI, but vets have found harvest mites to be a connecting factor. While smaller dogs are more susceptible, all dogs can be affected by it. Checking for harvest mites and looking out for symptoms is highly recommended whenever venturing into woodlands with Fido. 

If you notice that Fido has any symptoms of Seasonal Canine Illness, it is imperative that he gets help right away. Symptoms to look out for include vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, stomach pain, loss of appetite, fever, and muscle tremors. Even if you believe your dog just has an upset tummy it is important to see a vet and rule out SCI. This illness tends to hit within 72 hours after being in woodland areas. Be sure to thoroughly check your pups paws and ears for bites and mites. Luckily, if you treat your dog right away, they should make a full recovery. 

If you love Fido like family then you know losing your pup is a scary thought. Spreading awareness and being educated on Seasonal Canine Illness could save the lives of many dogs, including yours. Coming soon, we will provide a full length article on this dog illness. Tune back in to learn more on everything you need to know about Seasonal Canine Illness.