The best way to become friends with a dog is to either give them treats or take them for a walk. Treats may seem like the easier option but after a while, they will need to walk them off! However, not all places or dogs make taking a walk a nice afternoon activity. From busy streets to hyper dogs you may find yourself running after them and into a bit of trouble! One solution for these stressful walks includes a short dog leash. Most leashes range from 5 feet and above, while a short dog leash goes from 4 feet and below.

      Many people turn away from these particular leashes because they seem more difficult to use. However, what they do not realize is all the great qualities they have to offer. To help you learn about these benefits we go into depth about them below. Then once you decide if a short leash would be right for you we also cover a few of our favorites!

   In short, we have done all the lengthy research so you do not have too! In the end, if you do find a leash perfect for you and your pup we have also included a link to it on Amazon so it will be at your house in no time. You could almost say this whole process is short and sweet just like the leashes!

Table of Contents


1. Control

     The main reason why people use short leashes is for control. During walks, your dog tends to go ahead of you and in turn decides where they want to go. With a short leash, you can keep them close and also direct them the right way. This, in turn, makes walks more smooth because you do not have to constantly stop and correct them.

2. Deter Pulling

     Another reason why people use short leashes is to deter their dogs from pulling. You never really realize how strong they are until they are pulling you after a squirrel. The sudden jerk in movement could easily pull the leash out of your hand and send them running. With a short leash, you will feel them start to move and can hold them back before they jet off.

3. Short Distance

      Having a long leash means that there is a bit of distance between you and your pup. Covering this distance there is the leash which unfortunately is quite bendable. In turn, this means that with one wrong turn you both could be wrapped around a tree or a street sign. With a short leash, there is not as much distance so there is no way to wrap themselves around anything.

4. Populated Locations

      All of these instances can happen anywhere but they are most likely going to happen in places filled with a lot of people and dogs. Some examples of these places would be a city or a vets office. If you visit either of these or a similar place often then you should think about how a short leash could benefit you. Not only would you appreciate but I am sure everyone around you including the squirrels would too!

5. Decrease Risk of Injury

      One last but very important reason to use a short leash is that it decreases the risk of injury. As your dog pulls off or gets tied up the longer leashes will choke them as you try to catch up. This, in turn, hurts their neck and also hurts your hand as you try to hold them back. Not only can this prevent injury to you and your dog but also to others. For example, a dog that may want to start a fight or a treat holding stranger.


Prima Pets

  • Neoprene lined handle
  • Two handles
  • Extra D-Ring
  • Lobster clip
  • Reflective stitching
  • 5 color options
  • Material is resistant to water

     As you walk your dog having a comfortable handle is very important especially when holding your dog close. To make sure that your hand does not get uncomfortable the handle is lined with soft neoprene. However, unlike other leashes, this one has two handles instead of one. Another handle located lower on the leash is perfect for directing your pet when it gets too busy.  

     Right by the top handle, there is an extra D-Ring which is the perfect place for you to put things like a wallet or waste bags. Then at the bottom of the leash itself there is what the company calls a lobster clip which according to them is strong enough to keep their collar attached for years to come. This hardware may be shiny but what will really help the leash shine is the reflective thread stitched on both sides.

      The leash itself, comes in 5 different colors ranging from black to pink. These colors may make the material stand out but what is most impressive is that it is resistant to water. This means that even if you get caught up in the rain your leash may be wet but it will not be ruined.

GOMA Industries

  • Made from 100%t Nylon
  • Very Durable
  • 2 color options
  • ½” Wide
  • Absorbs shock
  • Padded handle
  • Clip hook
  • Reflective thread

     This short dog leash is made from nylon and can either come in the color blue or red. According to the company, this leash is unique because it is the only on Amazon that is 100 percent nylon. This sturdy nylon is weaved together to create a ½ inch wide leash which will be a challenge for dogs who enjoy chewing.

      With this leash, one thing that will definitely not be a challenge is holding them back when they pull. Since the weaving of nylon creates a mountain climbing rope it will absorb the shock created from the sudden pull. In turn, this will not hurt your arm and with a handle covered in padding, the rope will not hurt your hands either.

     To make sure that your dog stays attached to the collar it has a clip hook at the end. According to the company, this clip will need over 308 pounds to make it break. However, if for some reason your pup does get out of your hands the reflective thread that was added to the weave will help them shine in the dark. Not only does the leash itself have reflective qualities but the handle does as well.



  • Adjustable length
  • 1” wide
  • Bright blue color
  • Reflective
  • Padded handle
  • Lobster clip
  • D-Ring

     Sometimes you want your dog right by your side while other times you want to give them some extra space. Thankfully to help you in both of these instances this leash has a buckle that allows you to adjust the length. At full length, the leash will be 2 feet but if you would like it shorter you can bring it down to 1.5 feet.

     When it comes to the width no matter what length you choose it will be 1 inch wide. With such a wide leash you have room to not only show off its bright blue color but also to include a reflective material. All the way down the darker blue edge there is reflective stitching that will help you keep an eye on them at night.

     Some other great qualities that this collar has is its handle, clip, and ring. The handle is actually padded on the inside making sure you have a comfortable grip. At the end of this leash, there is a lobster clip that will allow you to connect it to the collar and keep it connected for many walks to come. Additionally, if you need to pick up after your dog during your walk there is also a D-Ring attached to hold waste bags.



  • Unique handle: Solid handle covered with foam
  • Made from Nylon
  • 1” wide
  • 3 color options
  • Large clip
  • 12” and 18” option

     The most unique part of this leash is how its handle is constructed. Unlike other handles, the Leashboss short dog leash will not bend or squeeze your hand when your dog pulls. The reason behind this is because the handle itself is made with a plastic core to keep it solid. Then to cover that there is foam so it does hurt to hold when they decide to pull.

     Attached to this handle is the leash itself which is made out of nylon. Using this nylon the company is able to make a strong leash that is 1 inch in width. To then help you personalize it the nylon leash can come in either black, blue, or red. The color will just change for the leash while the hardware and handle stay black.

     According to the company, to make sure that the clip connecting the leash was as durable as possible, they used the biggest one they found. However, since the leash is only 12 inches in length they do not recommend clipping it to a harness that needs to be clipped at a chest. If you do have a harness with that type of clip the company also offers the same leash in 18 inches as well.


  • Brown or black leather options
  • Leather imported from Italy
  • Strong clip
  • Handmade
  • 12” solid option and 16” braided option

     To construct this leash the company uses leather. This leather can come in brown or black and creates a stylish and clean look. Its appearance may be special but what really makes it unique is that the leather used is actually imported from Italy.

     This ¾  inch thick leather makes the leash quite resistant but what really adds the strength is the large alloy hooks used to clip to the collar. In fact, according to the company, these clips are so strong that they can take on a pull strength of 502 pounds. With such strong hardware, this leash would be perfect for big breeds like a Bernese Mountain Dog or a German Shepherd.

     What makes these leashes even more unique is the fact that each one is handmade. This means that each one is one of a kind and was made with a lot of care. Not only does the company take time to hand make the 12-inch leash but they also make a 16-inch braided leash as well.