If there is one item that is an absolute necessity for your dog, it’s a pet identification (ID) tag. Although we hope your dog never escapes or gets lost, it can happen, so having dog tags is one of the best ways to get them home safely. There are many different styles to choose from with their own unique advantages.

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pet collar tag advantages

· Slide-On Dog Tags: These tags lay flat along a collar with slits on each side rather than hanging off of a collar. An advantage of these collars is that they don’t get caught on anything or jangle. However, they can only be used on certain collars and they don’t allow for more engraved information on the back. If this doesn’t appeal to you, check out hanging ID dog tags instead!

· Hanging ID Dog Tags: Hanging tags are the most common for pet owners and their dogs. They can be made of metal, plastic, or resin. These tags are easy to attach and can be used for any collar. However, they can be noisy each time your dog makes a move. These types of hanging ID dog tags may also get caught on other objects in your daily life such as branches or furniture. If you aren’t sold on a hanging ID tag, you’ve got other options! Check out our pick of rivet-on ID tags

· Rivet-On ID Tag: These tags are secured onto the collar with rivets. They are said to stay on the collar more securely than other tags. These tags would be beneficial for playful or active dogs as they do not fall off easily. You also won’t have to worry about losing their information as it is usually engraved into the tag. There is less versatility with this tag as it is unable to display any information on the back. Do you dig the idea but you’re not a fan of the rivets? Take a look at slide on dog tags!

So, what should be included on a dog tags? For starters, your dog’s name. Second, the most important is your contact information, such as your phone number where you can be reached if your dog becomes lost. Other pet owners may choose to put their own name and street address, but this can be optional depending on the owner. If you have more room on the tag, additional information may be a great idea. The tags with extra space for information may be best for older dogs with more medical needs or younger, more active dogs that tend to run away. Owners can also present whether or not their dog is micro-chipped on the tag.

things to keep in mind when purchasing a pet collar

Your furry friend is an important part of your life and we all want nothing but the best for them. Nearly one third of all house pets will become lost at some point in their lives. This is what makes a pet collar one of the most important accessories for your pup. It provides information such as their identification and medical needs. In addition, it allows you to display your own contact information in order to get your pup home safe and sound.

Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to find the best collar for your companion!

  • Style: Your dogs breed may determine the right type of style that will benefit them the most. Some may need a harness while others may just need a simple collar, depending on their weight and strength.
  • Size/Fit: Make sure to get a collar that will be able to expand and fit your dog when they grow quickly! Nothing is more harmful to a dog than a collar that is too small or tight. This making the size and fit one of the most crucial components as the dog’s comfort takes top priority!
  • Material: You and your dog’s activity levels may determine the type of material for your pup collar. If you have a high-energy or more laid back lifestyle, the dog tag should reflect that in the type of material. This could be a variety of options including leather, nylon, or other alternative materials.
  • Added Features: If your pup likes to go on nighttime walks, built in lights would be very beneficial to keep them in eyesight. Extra padding or more durability could also be best for high-energy dogs with active lifestyles. There are many different added on features that could help you to have a safe and happy life with your pups!

what are silent dog tags?

Having ID dog tags on your dog is necessary for keeping your dog safe but, boy, can they be noisy! That’s where silent dog tags come in. These dog tags are made to be durable, comfortable, and best of all, jingle-free! You’ve probably noticed how their metal tag can be constantly clinking against water bowls, furniture, or rattling while on walks. It can be worse if your dog scratches a lot as the noise can soon become excessive! Not only can it annoy humans, but some dogs have very sensitive ears and those jingles can be hard for them to listen to as well. These problems can all be in the past with a silent ID dog tag.

There are many different varieties, such as fun and playful shapes, custom-made, and glow in the dark. Some even fit the dogs microchip ID number on the back. You can personalize each tag by embroidering all of your information with multiple colors and patterns. There are also options to engrave contact information into a buckle collar. Check out our favorite silent dog ID tags below. Enjoy all the love but none of the noise from your favorite pups with these new silent dog tags!

quiet alternatives to collar tags

hanging dog tags


Doggie Details:

  • Stops jingling noise from tag
  • Easy and secure attachment
  • Dog tested for roughest play
  • Waterproof
  • Smell-resistant

What You Should Know About This Quiet Tag:

This dog tag silencer is designed to work with four standard thickness flat tags and with any shape. Your pup can go anywhere with it being waterproof and tested for the roughest dog play. It comes in various colors including black, pink, red, and sky blue. This connector easily attaches to a pet’s collar, which makes it easy to switch tags for new collars. It eliminates the noise without sacrificing the style your dog deserves!

ThunderCover Dog Tag Silencer

Doggie Details:

  • Silences noisy dog tags
  • Easily readable with transparent silicone cover
  • Durable silicone cover
  • What You Should Know About This Quiet Tag:

What You Should Know About This Quiet Tag:

Are you annoyed by hearing that pesky dog tag in the middle of the night? ThunderCover is offering the ThunderRing to silence those noisy dog tags. It has a soft durable silicone cover that makes it easy to read tags without removing. The material is gentle and easy to clean if your pup happens to make a mess. The ThunderRing is available in four colors including clear, pink, blue, and red. The silicone cover fits up to 3 regular-sized dog tags.

slide on dog tags

LaReine Slide-On Pet ID Tags

Doggie Details:

  • Personalized and customized
  • Made of stainless steel and elastic rubber
  • Rubber buckle
  • Durable and easy to put on and take off
  • No noise

What You Should Know About This Quiet Tag:

A silent dog tag that is made with durable rubber that is smooth and won’t hurt your pooches’ skin! It has clear engraved letters that stay in good condition long-term. Its suitable for collars of different sizes and isn’t a hassle to put on. You’ll no longer have to hear daily annoying jingles with this small investment. They come in colors such as black, white, pink, blue, red, and magenta. Sizes of these tags include small (1cm wide), medium (1.5 cm wide), large (2 cm wide), and x-large (2.5 cm wide). These varieties allow for dogs of all sizes to enjoy life without the hassle of noise!

GoTags Pet ID

Doggie Details:

  • Durable identification for dogs and cats
  • Stainless steel pet tag
  • Great for active dogs
  • Less prone to catching on branches or fences
  • High polished mirror finish

What You Should Know About This Quiet Tag:

Keep your pup noise free with this high quality and durable pet ID tag. The stainless-steel tag slides into the collar easily and quickly with metal buckles. You can customize these tags to add your personalization details. It includes up to 4 lines of text. Sizes include small slider (fits 3/8-inch-wide collars), medium slider (fits 5/8 & ¾ inch wide collars), large slider (fits 1-inch wide collars). The tag slides into single thickness nylon collars, but unfortunately, will not be able to slide onto an adjustable collar with plastic straps.

luckypet jewelry collar tag

Black Bone Lucky Pet Slide On Dog Tag

Doggie Details:

  • Easy attachment
  • Durable rubber and stainless steel
  • Back side is very smooth
  • Non-slip tag
  • Customize dog and owner information

What You Should Know About This Quiet Tag:

No need to worry about your missing dog tag! This dog tag is easily attached and can be slid on to the collar. It’s stylish, durable, and comfortable! The letters are engraved onto the tag with a laser light, which makes the words on the tag last a lifetime. The super strong elastic rubber is easy to take off from the tag and is easily cleanable. Furthermore, the stainless-steel tag is rust resistant, making the tag far more long-lasting. Sizes include medium size (1.5 cm wide), and large size (2.0 cm wide) and are available in 5 different colors.

rivet on dog tags

LuckyPet Pet Tags

Doggie Details:

  • Custom engraved
  • Durable, quiet and long lasting
  • Easy to attach
  • Securely attached to pet’s collar
  • Strong Velcro
  • Fits snugly

What You Should Know About This Quiet Tag:

This is LuckyPets most popular dog ID tag! It is stylish, durable, and easy to attach to collars. The strong Velcro holds the tag in place that opens and closes to securely attach around the collar. You can customize by adding your personalized information that can be engraved up to five lines. The Velcro is made to securely fit around a single ply nylon collar. Even better, if needed, the company will make the Velcro longer to fit around a thicker collar! Sizes of this tag include small (3/8-inch-wide collar), medium (5/8-inch-wide collar), and large (1-inch wide collar).