The game of fetch is quite possibly the most common activity an owner can play with their active pup. This simple toss and retrieve packs both simplicity and great benefits. From bonding time to training practice, fetching is popular for many excellent reasons. Like Chuckit!, the Slinger product line specializes in making your game of fetch extra special and easy. In particular, we are in love with Slinger Plush dog toys like the Flying Pig and Flying Duck!

The Slinger Plush Flying Pig and Flying Duck are two soft dog toys you can attach to the end of a Slinger Launcher. As a result, you can easily flick the launcher to hurl each adorable plush animal. Your furbaby will excitedly chase and retrieve; loving their new squishy Flying Pig or Flying Duck!

While the Slinger Launcher can be compared to the Chuckit! Launcher, there exist some key differences to realize before purchasing. Adding the plush Flying Pig and/or Flying Duck to your arsenal is a good, affordable move. Not only are these launching toys extremely adorable, they are also practical! We did some research on what these products are, why they are useful, and what others have to say about them.

To Start: Why is Fetching Great for Dogs?

A good game of fetch only requires three things: a dog, an owner, and an attractive object. While some lazy pups never seem to get into the excitement, other dogs have it in their blood! Dog breeds like the Labrador Retriever, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Golden Retriever, and more are the result of breeding the best canines for retrieval. Literally, they have “retriever” in their name! Consequently, these dazzling pups make great duck hunting dogs.

Most sources will give you a long list of reasons why fetching is great for dogs. Through our research, we have narrowed it down to three key concepts that have consistently shown up. First, the game of fetch simply makes your furbaby feel good! The act of doing something they are great at and then receiving praise can be categorized as self-reinforcing behavior. In essence, your pup is able to show off. Additionally, the exercise experienced releases a chemical called Serotonin throughout their brain. Serotonin is most notably nicknamed the “feel good” hormone.

Second, playing with your furbaby through fetch is excellent bonding time. It builds trust, loyalty, and companionship. Furthermore, it is a wonderful time to practice your training commands. A well-trained dog stays safe and out of trouble! Words such as “sit,” “stay,” or “drop it,” allow you to watch over Fido and remain in control of their well-being. In effect, you are giving your pup the keys to success in their environment.

Finally, fetching gives Fido their needed exercise. Like puppies, many dogs are highly energetic and require more avenues to release that energy. Otherwise, they may resort to digging, excessive barking, jumping, or home destruction! We recommend you consider a fetching tool, like the Slinger Launcher, to easily play longer with your pup.

The Product: Slinger Plush Flying Pig and Flying Duck

Both the Slinger Plush Flying Pig and Flying Duck are a part of Slinger’s plush product line. They are specifically designed to work with the Slinger Launcher, yet there is nothing stopping you from using them as a simple plush toy. When combining with the Slinger Launcher, simply slip the end of the launcher into the provided fabric slot on the belly of the animal. Next, hold the launcher so that your animal faces upright. Finally, use your arm or wrist to flick the launcher forward. Consequently, the toy will fly from the launcher and await your pooch to chase it down!

We love that these cute plush animals work in tandem with the Slinger Launcher! You will no longer have to pick up a slobbery, wet toy to toss. The launcher will act as your arm and keep your hands squeaky-clean! Additionally, the launcher undoubtably extends a throwing distance without straining your arm. After a hard day of play, the plush toys are easy to clean. Thank goodness!

The Flying Pig and Flying Duck are both made from a durable nylon, canvas exterior and plushy interior. These materials provide a buoyancy that enable Slinger’s dog toys to float! The pig is bright pink, and the duck is a bold yellow with red-rimmed wings; two highly visible colors for your pup! Both animals sport charming floppy wings that add to their “flying” aesthetic. In addition to the wings, each animal has legs and a head that make it super easy for Fido to grab on and carry.

Measuring 8.5”, we recommend the Flying Pig and Flying Duck to medium and large sized dogs. Toy dog breeds may have a hard time carrying the object around. Unfortunately, Amazon only offers the Slinger Plush Flying Pig at the moment. Furthermore, no customers have left reviews. At the same time, we have purchased this toy in-house; continuing to trust in its affordable price and functionality.

By and large, the Slinger Plush Flying Pig and Flying Duck are great durable, plushy toys for medium to large dogs. You can choose to use it with the Slinger Launcher for fetching fun, or simply gift it to your pup alone. Furthermore, its material makes an outstanding choice for water loving dogs!

Why Use Plush Dog Toys?

As a dog owner, or soon to be, you are aware of just how many dog toys exist. Too many to count! Yet, not all toys are equal. The material of your perfect dog toy is an important factor and will certainly depend on Fido’s age, breed, and personality. Plush dog toys are soft, squishy, and often less durable. In essence, these specific toys will be your best choice in different scenarios.

For example, puppies at 3 weeks of age may still have their baby teeth. Hard toys can be detrimental to their mouths and jaws. Instead, reach for a plush toy for them to snuggle up with! Their tiny mouths are much less likely to tear a plush toy apart.

Similarly, dogs entering their elder years will not have the same strong chompers they once enjoyed. Usually beginning at the age of seven, consider gifting softer, plush toys to Fido. They will continue to live an active fun-filled life, but one less cumbersome on their teeth!

Squishy dog retrieval toys are optimal for water play. The soft material will allow your furbaby to fully close their mouths around it; swallowing much less nasty water. In specific, ingesting too much salt water can really do a number on your pup’s digestion. Yuck! Thankfully, all Slinger Plush toy products have the ability to float.

Because plush dog toys tend to be less durable, always keep a close watch on Fido as they gnaw. Furthermore, pick up any ripped carnage from your floors so that pets do not swallow them. Your dog’s digestive tract is not built to inhale synthetic materials.

Slinger Launcher vs. Chuckit! Launcher

The Slinger Plush Flying Pig and Flying Duck are designed to work with the Slinger Launcher. If you have never heard of the Slinger Launcher, you may compare it to the well-known Chuckit! Launcher. The Chuckit! Launcher features a curved handle and a ball-shaped scooped on the end. The scoop locks objects in place, providing easy pick-up. Furthermore, the handle is curved to aid throwing and object release. In contrast, the Slinger Launcher features a curved handle with a flat end that slips into pockets located on each object. While the curved design of each handle is very similar, it is the head of each launcher that differs.

Chuckit! offers more variety of launchers. This includes the Sport Launcher, Pro Launcher, Ultra Grip Launcher, and Sport LX Launcher. Each has its specific features and come in multiple lengths. Slinger, on the other hand, only offers two launcher variations. This includes the 21.5” Launcher Handle Only and 21.5” Launcher Handle with Ball.

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We are in love with how adorable the Slinger Plush Flying Pig and Flying Duck are! These dog toys will make a great addition to any household looking to spoil their pup. While most water-friendly dog toys look dull, Slinger’s pig and duck add a spark that will excite your dog for more play. Not to mention, you can pick up the Slinger Launcher to increase throw distance and keep your hands slobber-free.

All in all, fetching will always play an important role in your furbaby’s life. You will spend a considerable amount of time in the yard or at the park together, making a lifetime full of memories. Consequently, you will go through toy after toy. Some will be destroyed in battle, some will be lost, and some will be buried in the back yard for another day. In the ever-growing world of dog toys, you will never run out of options.