Today, the world offers almost everything in digital form. With handy gadgets, information and comfort is at the tips of our fingers! Some crazy consumers will wait in line for hours, just to get their hands on the latest and greatest. But, here there is no line and no hassle. By using NFC technology and QR codes, the PetTouchID Smart Pet ID Tag helps you find your dog if they go missing. One of the scariest experiences for a dog owner is to lose your pup. To give your mind a bit of ease, the PetTouchID makes locating your dog much quicker. There’s a lot to learn about this high-tech dog ID tag, and we’re here to help you get the details!

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Why Do I Need A Dog Tag?

One of the very first things you need to buy for your dog is a collar and an ID tag. Dog tags are absolutely necessary because they identify your dog, and can potentially prevent a devastating loss. Most city councils require dog tags, so you’ll need to purchase one right away. They are a simple, effective, and inexpensive way to protect your dog. Your dog should even wear their dog tag when they are inside the house, just in case they run outside. The sound of a dog tag jingling will also allow you to keep track of your dog while they are walking around the house so you know their whereabouts.

PetTouchID Smart Pet ID Tags

Main Benefits
  • Free online pet profile page
  • Provide unlimited pet information on your page (breed, age, etc.)
  • Once scanned, you receive the GPS location of your pet
  • NFC technology and QR code
  • Sleek designs with a variety of colors
  • Waterproof

PetTouchID is one of the very few pet ID creators to attempt to bring the dog tag into the 21st century. Their pet tag, called the Smart Pet ID Tag, does not have engraved information. Instead, the tag uses smart technology to house all your furbaby’s information. If your dog was to go missing, anyone with a smartphone can scan the tag to help you find your pup. The link they scan will take them to a web page that you can customize with information and pictures of your dog. When scanned, the person who found your dog can also notify you of your dog’s location. Plus, the web pages can be updated for new pets, so unlike engraved ID tags, you can reuse the same cloud-connected tag on different pets. Truly, the Smart Pet ID Smart Pet ID Tag will take you into the 21st century of dog ownership.

(Paw Print Design)

(Bone Design)

About the Technology

With the use of NFC technology, the PetTouchID Smart Pet ID Tag makes locating your pup easier than ever. You may be wondering, “What is NFC technology?” Well, it stands for Near Field Communication, which uses magnetic fields to wirelessly connect devices. So, someone with an NFC enabled smartphone can tap the tag with their phone to access the digital content. If their smartphone doesn’t have NFC, then they can simply download a QR code scanner. Better yet, some phones have a QR scanner already built in.

How to find your Dog with the Smart Pet ID Tag

So, how would this tag, with absolutely no engraved information to be shown, help you find your dog? In the event that your dog goes missing, these are the steps to take with your PetTouchID Smart Pet ID Tag:

1. You would log on to to report your dog as missing. This unlocks the NFC chip in the dog tag so strangers can access your dog’s information via a smartphone. This information will be found on your personalized web page.

2. Whenever someone scans your dog’s tag, a GPS coordinate is sent to your dog’s online profile to update their location. To scan the tag, the person will need a smartphone with a built in NFC technology, QR scanner, or a QR scanner app. Be aware, this does not mean you can track your dog’s location in real time. Rather, you get a single location update whenever the tag’s QR code is scanned.

3. The individual who finds your dog can then find your contact information on your dog’s web page, contact you, and eventually reunite you with your dog. Ideally, this system will make the process of finding a lost dog much faster. Additionally, it allows the owner to skip the hassle of paying a shelter’s holding fee.


Provides More Information 

The real benefit comes from just how much information you can store about your dog on PetTouchID’s personalized pet pages. You can now keep so much more information than your dog’s name, owners’ names, home address, and contact information on record. The personalized dog page comes with options for recording things such as fur color, breed, birth date, weight, allergies, medication, whether or not your dog is spayed/neutered, tolerance to dogs, cats, and children, veterinarian information, as well as any custom information you can think of. This is all accessible in an instance to any individual with a smartphone that finds your dog.

Fun Design

There are many benefits in bringing your dog’s information into the digital world. From a visual standpoint, the lack of engraving on your dog’s ID tag looks much sleeker and modern. Although the cloud-connected GPS and information-retrieval are the focus of these tags, there is still a bit of fun to have in accessorizing your pup.

The tags only come in one, somewhat bulky size, but there are a variety of colors and designs to choose from. Specifically, the dog tag comes in a paw print or bone design, with an array of colors for each. Available in colors like blue, black, pink, and red, you will be sure to find the right match for your dog. Some specific combinations are even available with glitter or glow in the dark backgrounds to give your pooch some extra dazzle.

Made to Last

Unlike a traditional dog tag, information on a web page won’t fade away. After years of wear, engravings can tend to lose their quality.  These tags are made with both the protection of the vital NFC chip and QR code, along with keeping affordability in mind. The code and chip are protected by a zinc alloy shell. Although it could never replace a material like stainless steel, this alloy keeps the tag protected from everyday wear and tear. The QR code, located on the backside of the tag, has a PVC epoxy coating for protection. This substance keeps the QR code, an essential piece of this tag, safe from rubbing off. By making the QR code extremely durable, the dog tag will be usable for months and years to come. Not to mention, the dog tag is waterproof!

The front side of the tag is decorated with colored plastic and a fun metal badge of your choice. Smart Pet ID Tags look very minimalistic and sleek: perfect for a modern, cloud-connected dog tag. However, these tags are on the heavier and larger side, so they are more fit for your Collies, Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Dalmatians. Keep in mind, the colored plastic on the front has been known to chip off under severe wear and tear.


Lack of a Smartphone

The only downside to going digital with pet tags is that people without smartphones are not able to contact you if they find your dog. However, the overwhelming popularity and steady growth of smartphone usage should indicate that this won’t be a huge issue.

People might be unfamiliar with the technology

There isn’t a set of directions on the tag to explain how to scan it, so someone who finds your dog might not know how to. Since this is a newer type of dog tag design, people could be unfamiliar with it. A traditional pet ID tag would include a phone number, which is more straightforward than trying to learn how to scan a QR code. On the other hand, the PetTouchID Dog Tag includes a link, so someone could figure out how to scan it by going to the website. If you are more interested in traditional dog tags, head on over to our Leashboss Pet ID Dog Tag Review.

Our Final Thoughts

If you love your dog but don’t want to drop a load of money on other tracking devices, this PetTouchID Smart Pet ID Tag is the next best thing! Pet Touch ID’s smart tags are a huge and great step in the direction of modernizing dog ID tags. The epoxy coating and zinc alloy are strong enough to protect the vital QR code and NFC chip within, while being economical enough to keep this modern tag at a mid-range price. Also, the tag design is super snazzy and will look fantastic on your pooch. It isn’t always easy to bring products such as dog tags into the 21st century, but PetTouchID did one of the best jobs at doing so.

(Paw Print Design)

(Bone Design)