It is no secret that dogs love toys.  Pooches of all shapes and sizes were born with the instinct to chase, toss, throw and bounce anything they can get their paws on. However, a lot of the toys aren’t always made with love! In an increasingly environmentally-conscious world, pet parents should strive to give their pet toys that are fun and entertaining, but also good for our planet. Luckily, we know of an awesome company called SodaPup that feels the same way! To help you and your dog find the perfect toy, they have a wide range of options from with different shapes and material. With so many options you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Although, do not worry because we have picked we picked out the three best options we believe they have to offer and went into depth about each of their amazing qualities.


Why do dogs even play with toys? Whether they chew, chase, bounce, bury or play in some other way, dogs just love their toys! A few reasons why toys are so important to our furry friends are:

  • Instinct: Balls and other fetch toys are commonly thrown fast and far, sending your pooch on quite the chase. This activates a natural instinct that dogs have to chase prey. It’s just science!
  • Mental stimulation: Just like people, dogs get bored when they don’t have enough going on! Playing with toys can exercise both their body and their brain to keep them happy and entertained.
  • Exercise: Running around and stretching their legs can do a pup good, and they love the way it feels. Dogs get the same invigorating energy as humans when they exercise. Endorphins are released to make them feel happy and excited while they play.
  • Quality time with owner: Many dogs love playing because it means they get to spend time with their favorite human. Tossing a ball around or engaging in a game of tug-of-war can strengthen the dog-owner bond can improve your relationship with your pet.
  • Chewing is important: Most dog toys involve chewing, which is one of the most basic instincts and desires that a dog has.


The most important thing to the company other than the toys they make are the choices they make. According to SodaPup other companies tend to have their products made overseas. This may cost less but in turn will cost the environment, workers, and the product much more. To make sure the process is beneficial for everyone and everything involved SodaPup makes all of their toys in the United States.

Having the company in the United States means that they have to comply with USA environmental and labor standards to protect each from any harm. Also, without having to travel overseas they do not have to harm the environment with excessive transportation. Being able to be there all the time also helps them keep track of the quality of production. This will make sure that everything is the best it can be. In addition, by being on US soil there are more job opportunities available for locals.

Adding to the American foundation the company is also owned by a veteran. They have already given back to the country but now they also are giving back to shelters. In areas where they do business, they give products to shelters in need. With this much care going into each aspect of their company you can trust that they care for your dog and the toys they play with.


You do not have to worry about giving your dog these SodaPup toys. Each one is approved by a veterinarian to ensure that they are safe and ready for playtime. However, if you do want to make sure that everything stays perfectly clean you can throw it in the dishwasher. Nothing will be injured and it will come out fully clean and ready for your dog to grab.

If during playtime your dog destroys part of the product or the product is not what you expected the company offers a replacement guarantee. To help your dog keep the fun going they will replace the toy one time. Even though their toys have been built to take on multiple bites they understand that no toy is completely indestructible. This means that you do not have to worry about spending extra money if someone gets a little too excited about their new SodaPup toy.


To make their toys the company uses a rubber called PuppyPrene. This rubber is unique because it comes from trees. In turn, this means that it is natural and also a renewable resource. While this helps out the environment they also make sure it is safe for your dog with only using ingredients in their rubber that is FDA-compliant.

Adding to these already great qualities the rubber is also created to add a specific level of chewiness and durability. To make sure every dog gets the right amount of each for their size and age the combination is available in three different rubbers. Puppy Rubber is softer so it will be easy on their gums while they are teething.  The Average Chewer is for a wide range of dogs that enjoy playtime but are not as rough with their toys. According to the company, this would be best for adult dogs. Magnum is perfect for the dogs who like to get quite rough. With tear resistance and extra elasticity, it is made for some tough love.

One warning offered from the company is to be careful with rubber used by other companies. They may call it material rubber but it is usually a thermoplastic rubber which is made from petroleum. This resource is hurtful to the environment because it is non-biodegradable.


This toy is made to look like a soda can but offers a surprise for your dog. Inside of the can you can fill it with various foods. You can fill it with their favorite solid treats or you can use something like peanut butter. To make it the perfect treat on a hot day you can even freeze the toy so the peanut butter is nice and cold. Another way to use this toy is to slow down fast eaters by filling it with their food. It will take them longer to get the food out slowing down their meal.

No matter what food you end up using you will not have to worry about cleaning the scraps out. According to multiple SodaPup customers, they just let it soak in warm soapy water. This will help you completely clean out the center and make it ready for the next food adventure.

Another great quality of this toy is that it comes in multiple sizes, colors, and rubbers so you can find the perfect fit for your dog. Each can comes in four different sizes and five different colors. The sizes range from small to extra large while the colors include orange, green, purple, pink, and black. The pink can is made of Puppy Rubber, the black is made of Magnum, and the rest is made from Average Chewer.


This toy is a ball that has a very unique shape causing it to have six points. With these six points no matter how the ball lands it will bounce back in an unpredictable pattern. This crazy motion will capture the attention of your dog and keep them entertained longer while you play.

To make sure that this ball is ready for this longer playtime it is made with solid rubber. According to the company, many other companies’ toys do not have a core to make it cheaper to make. However, SodaPup added a core to make sure that it is solid the whole way through. With so much strong material the company believes that this toy is best for large dogs.


This toy is made with a unique design to make it look like a bottle cap. The rubber material may be fun to chew on but this toy is specifically made for retrieving. With the toy being made from rubber it will not hurt or harm your dog’s mouth when they catch it.

To help you find the best one for your dog these caps come in multiple different colors and sizes. For the younger dogs, one is made from Puppy Rubber. This one is pink and only comes in the size small. The black toy is made with Magnum and only comes in the size large. With such strong material, it is made for larger and rougher dogs. A third option is the color orange that comes in small and large made for dogs that are in between.


We at Better Living With Fido recommend these products because not only are they safe for your dog but they are also safe for the environment. With so much care going into each step of the production it is clear that SodaPup is a trustworthy and caring company. No matter what product you choose you will know that it is made with the environment, you, and your dogs well-being in mind. Also, you get to feel good knowing that with these products you are choosing to make a difference. Time to live your best life and live in your best world with SodaPup.