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      Softflex has an amazing line of durable squeaky toys. All of these toys are ideal for moderate to aggressive chewers. In our house, it seems that the only toys that have been around forever, are Kong’s and our Soft Flex balls. They’re safe to chew on, fun to play with and are very cost effective. Why? They’re durable, and a majority of dogs find them fun to play with. All of their toys have fun textures that entice our pups to play and encourage them to chew. If you have a dog that likes tug o’ war, fetch, or simply chewing on their toys, you can find a Soft Flex toy for them.

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about soft flex

Soft Flex is a dog-centric company that’s been around since the 70’s. Their first and still most popular toy, the clutch ball, has been a fan favorite ever since! Soft-Flex toys are designed to be soft enough for your dog to bite down on, and they all contain fun squeakers!

Our dogs love their toys, and we appreciate that they last. In fact, our sister site,, includes a variety of their products in their monthly packs of dog toys. Soft Flex considers their toys to be ‘virtually indestructible’, and while extreme chewers will no doubt be able to poke holes in them, they’re perfect for light and moderate chewers. 

Fortunately, if your dog does manage to rip these toys apart, you won’t have much of a mess to clean up. The squeakers are molded into each ball, ensuring there won’t be a secondary piece falling out of the ball. This also reduces the possibility of a choking hazard. 

Clutch Ball

One of Soft Flex’s most popular toys is the clutch ball. In fact, our sister site,, includes this ball in some of their monthly deliveries of dog toys. Why? Because it’s durable, fun, and captivates most dogs. As you can see, this ball has fun ridges that make it easy for your pooch to grab in their mouths, additionally, it’s flexible. Your pup can squeeze the ball down with their jaw to make it squeak. Of course, this will only excite them more. 

As soon as you receive this ball, you’ll realize how durable this ball is. It’s hard to squeeze down on, and even aggressive pups can play with this toy without ripping it to shreds. 

The only downside is that this ball isn’t super bouncy. It’s great for games of fetch, but it won’t bounce very high as it’s made of softflex plastic. 

You can purchase this ball in three sizes; 4.5″, 6″, or 7″. Additionally, it’s available in three colors; purple, green, or orange. This is a great ball for moderate chewers that ned a new interactive ball to throw around. Aggressive chewers will most likely be able to rip the plastic open after a little bit of play. Nevertheless, any dog will have fun with this toy while it’s still alive!

Gripper Ball

The Gripper Ball is perfect for dogs that like fetch and games of tug o’ war. This ball is designed with you in mind! It has a special loop that makes it easy for you to pick up, without getting covered in drool. Additionally, you can use this loop to get more leverage when you’re throwing it for your pooch. 

The Gripper Ball has some bounce to it, and also has a squeaker built in. You can purchase this ball in a variety of sizes, ensuring your pup can comfortably fit it in their mouth. The smallest size is 4.5″ in diameter, the medium is 5.5″, and the largest size is 7″. 


We highly recommend this ball for both indoor and outdoor use for just about any breed. It flies through the air, is soft enough for your dog to easily pick up, and you never have to touch the gross part of the ball. 

Bumpy Ball

The Bumpy Ball is another one of our favorite Soft-Flex products. It’s tough, yet flexible, and our dogs love the texture. Obviously it rolls, but the unique molding gives it unpredictable bounces. The edges also make it fun for your dog to chew on. 

Just like all Soft-Flex toys, the Bumpy Ball has a built-in squeaker that’s molded right into the ball. When your pup bites down on the ball, they’ll get a good squeak out of it. 

We highly recommend this toy for dogs that enjoy playing with balls, but need something that’ll give them a bit of a challenge. 

The Bumpy Ball is available in three sizes; 4″, 5.5″, and 7″. For perspective, a typical tennis ball is 4.7″ in diameter. For perspective, a tennis ball is 2.7″ in diameter. This toy is long-lasting, and at under $10, we highly recommend at least trying this ball out. 


If your pup gets bored with traditional toys easy, you need this toy. It’s a perfect fetch, tug o’ war, and chew toy for medium and larger dogs. The ball is made with traditional Soft Flex Plastic that is both flexible, and durable. Your dog can squeeze down on the ball and chew at it, without completely destroying the ball. The inside of the ball is pretty much hollow, as the squeaker is molded right into the ball. Of course, this also means that if your dog does rip through the ball, there’s not much to fall out or cause choking hazards. 

While this ball is tremendously durable, it’s priced around $5. . Most dog owners rave about this ball; it’s lightweight, durable, and dogs love the fun textures. They can chew at the rope, or chew at the ball. 

Another pro to this ball is it’s rope end. You can grab the ball by the rope without having to get your hands all slobbery every time. Additionally, it’s perfect for playing tug o’ war with your pooch. 

Tuggy Ball

The Tuggy Ball is very similar to the Toss-N-Clutch. Of course rather than having one rope, it has two ropes that create 4 ends for your pup to chew on. This also means you have 4 ropes to pick from when you’re trying to pick up the ball for your pup. We also find that this makes the ball ideal for households with multiple dogs. 

This ball is available in three colors; green, blue, and orange. Additionally, you can pick from a 3.5″, 5″, or 6.5″ ball. 


If you’re great with footballs, this may be a perfect toy for you and your pup. We all know footballs fly a bit differently. If you can get that perfect spiral on it, it’ll fly much further than a traditional ball. Additionally, its unique shape can make it fun for dogs to bite down on. 

The SoftFlex Football is made with Soft Flex plastic that’s a bit tough, but also gives a bit when your dog chews down on it. It has a fun squeaker that’s molded right into the football. 

This football is available in three sizes; 5″, 7″, and 9″, making them suitable for just about any breed. Dogs love the shape, which allows them to dig their teeth into it, and get a good bite out of it while they’re carrying it around. Additionally, they can use their paws to hold onto the football while they’re chewing at it.