Any Amazon user knows that they can find just about anything they need on the website. No matter if you are looking for a new set of pillows or a collar for your pup, they have it. Not only that, but you would be hard pressed to find another site full of such variation and options. Amazon has always had a section devoted to various pet supplies with different categories to help customers find exactly what you are looking for. Now, the well-known website is supplying their own products! With the new Solimo brand users will be able to purchase dry food, jerky treats, and dental treats by Amazon.

To help you figure out if this brand is right for you and your Fido we have researched each product they offer. Take time to read below to see if you should start filling up your cart!


The Basics

 The main aspect of this new line from Amazon is their dry dog food. They offer two types of food called Premium and Ultra-Premium, which you can get in 3 different sized bags. You can get the 5 pound bag to test it with your pups and then you can get the 15 or 30 pound bag for continuous feedings.


When first trying out this new food the company suggests you slowly transition your pup for 7 to 10 days. To do this, each day you will need to add a little bit more of the new food to their old food. This, in turn, will allow their stomach to slowly get used to the new taste and ingredients. Also, the disk-shaped kibble should mix easily with many different brands.

Since this is new food, the company has provided a measuring table to measure how much your furbaby needs. The table uses a mix of your pooch’s weight and age to find just the right amount for them. Don’t worry about looking the table up, it is located on the back of each dog food bag.

To make sure that this food stays fresh, keep the bag in a place that is not wet or normally high in temperature.

Attention to Ingredients

It is never easy for pet owners to choose a new brand of food. The wellbeing and safety of their pups is a big concern for all owners. To make sure that all pups stay healthy and okay the company follows all safety protocols with the production of their food. For example, they keep a close eye on things like the materials and the process of creating the kibble.

However, the company also understands that not every dog will enjoy the same food. You cannot control your dog’s preferences but you can control the state of your purchase. If you or your pup is not happy they will completely refund your purchase. To make it an easy process you will not have to return anything (like the bag or any specific amount of food).

Premium Option

The premium option dog food is made right here in Oklahoma. You can choose between two different flavors; lamb and rice or chicken and rice. With two different flavors you can make sure that your pup gets a taste that they actually enjoy!

In both of the recipes the first ingredient is the meat. For example, in the chicken and rice recipe the first ingredient is American chicken.

Although, the best thing about the Solimo Dog Food are the ingredients it does not include. They do not include corn, soy, or wheat in either of these recipes. In addition, they also do not include any artificial ingredients or chemicals. The only thing your pup will be ingesting are health conscious ingredients. Notably, this includes vitamins that will help their immune system and help them live happy lives.

Ultra-Premium Option

The other type is Ultra-Premium Dry Dog Food which is actually make in 3 different flavors. To help please the pickiest of pups you can choose from beef and sweet potato, chicken and sweet potato, or wild-caught whitefish and sweet potato. Thankfully, one thing they do not have to choose is grain since none are included in these recipes.

The Ultra-Premium Dog Food is USA made in the state of California. Not only that, but they also get their meat from the United States as well! This is important since the first ingredient in each of the recipes is the meat. In turn, each flavor is full of protein and will help Fido grow big and strong.



Not only does Solimo have dog food but they also have Jerky Dog Treats. These treats are offered in a total of four different flavors. The first 2 are basic chicken and duck while the second 2 are chicken or duck with the addition of sweet potatoes. The company suggests either giving these treats as a little bite in between meals or a gift for doing something good.

No matter the flavor both of the recipes include little ingredients ranging from 4 to 5 in total. At the front of this list are the meat or sweet potatoes with the chicken or duck following close behind. In addition, to the order the great thing about this ingredient list is what is not included. To make it easy on their bellies there is no gluten, wheat, soy, or corn included in any flavor.

These treats come in a 2 pound bag and according to some customers they are quite big in size. However, these same customers mention the treats are easy to break apart if you want to give it to a smaller pup. Additionally, multiple customers mentioned how happy they are that the ingredient list is short but also filled with healthy ingredients.


No matter how you decide to give these treats to your pup the company recommends that your keep your eye on them just to make sure everything is okay. If you are worried about how many treats your pup should receive you can use your pups weight to follow a table on the back of the package. With this table you will be able to figure out the right amount for a pup who is 5 pounds to one who is over 40 pounds.

To make sure you feel comfortable and safe giving these treats to your pups they follow all safety protocols with the production of their food. No matter if it is the environment they are made in or the finished treats themselves they will be checked to make sure everything is right. Although, if for some reason you or your pup do not enjoy these treats you can receive a complete refund without having to return anything.



In addition to the jerky treats the Solimo brand also has Green Dental Chews Dog Treats. They may not taste like duck or chicken but they are quite beneficial when it comes to your pups teeth. We love that these dental chews are made right here in Minnesota. Furthermore, you can truly count on picking out a great size chew for your furbaby. The company offers four sizes; ranging from tiny to large.

Inside of the tiny sized bag there is a total of 130 treats. According to the company this size is just right for dogs that weight between 5 and 15 pounds. The second size is the small bag which holds 60 treats and is perfect for dogs that weigh between 15 and 25 pounds. Another size you can choose from is the medium bag which has a total of 36 treats and is just right for dogs that weigh between 25 and 50 pounds. The last size you can choose from is the large size bag which holds 24 treats and is right for dogs that weigh between 50 and 100 pounds.

Healthy Teeth

What really makes these treats unique are the indents and bumps that cover the surface. The different shapes are not just for the appearance they also help to clean your pups teeth! Each time they chew on this treat it will help remove plaque and tartar. In turn, this will keep their teeth healthy and even freshen their breath.

To help their teeth all they need is one treat a day. They may take some time to chew these up but they are not filling enough to replace a full meal. Also, to make sure that they get the full effect from the shapes do not cut it into smaller pieces. This treat is very beneficial for many pups but the company advises not to give them to pups that are under 5 pounds or under 6 months of age.

Since these treats are supervised so closely you do not have to worry about any issues with how the treats are made. Each one is made following important food safety protocols. However, if your pup ends up not being a fan you can get a complete refund will out having to return any dental treats.