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Treat puzzles are a great way to keep your dog occupied. They keep your dog’s mind sharp, and help prevent destructive behavior caused by boredom. If your dog is motivated by food, as most dogs are, a treat puzzle may be your best option. One of our favorites is the Spot Shuffle Board Puzzle; it’s great for dogs of all sizes, and will keep your dog occupied and make treats last. Check out our in depth review below, if your dogs are anything like ours, they’ll love this board!

If you’re looking for a puzzle with more of a challenge, check out our long list of interactive toys here. 

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a word about Ethical Pet

Ethical Pet is a great brand that we’ve grown to trust; from accessories, to toys, and interactive puzzles, they have a fun variety of products for Fido. Established in 1952, Ethical Pet has a great reputation for providing safe, innovative, and fun toys for both dogs and cats. Based right here in New Jersey, USA, you can trust that the products you purchase from Ethical Pet are made from quality materials, by quality people. One of our favorite products is their Hide-A-Treat Shuffle Board. 

health benefits

When your pup gets bored, it can cause serious issues and destructive behavior. Especially in the summer and winter months, where the weather is unfavorable for months at a time, it’s important to find ways to keep Fido occupied indoors. We know how antsy dogs can get when they’re not able to run around in the yard all the time. The last thing you want is your pup to start tearing up your house or start gaining weight because it’s hard for them to get the exercise they need. We’re here to help you find engaging toys, and fun games to play with your dog when it’s hard to send them outdoors to burn off all of their energy.

One of the best ways to entertain your pup, without having to constantly give them attention, is buying purchasing an interactive treat dispenser for them. These are especially great for dogs that are motivated by food. They’ll get your pup excited for mealtime, and you won’t have to worry about your pup eating their treats too fast. They also keep your dog’s brain engaged which helps keep their mind sharp, even in old age. Treat puzzles will help your dog learn healthy eating habits, and they’ll stay occupied much longer! 

how does it work?

spot treat puzzle

This treat is great for dogs of any age or skill level. There are 10 shallow slots that can be filled with your dog’s favorite treats or kibble; simply fill as many or as few slots as you’d like. The more slots you use, the harder it will be for Fido to get them out! To start, you should show your pup that you’re hiding a single treat in the board. Then, use your finger to slide the board open so they see how the board works. Eventually, they’ll learn to nudge the board with their nose to get the treats out. You can use any dry kibble, and your dog will have a blast getting them out. The smell of the treats will entice them to play, and they’ll always have a delicious reward waiting for them. 


If your dogs are anything like ours, you’ll realize that treat time only lasts about 3 seconds. This treat is great for dogs that gobble up their treats too fast. Rather than swallowing the treats whole, they’ll have to work at it! When you pull this board out, they’ll know it’s treat time! The excitement will build, and it’ll keep them busy for more than just a few seconds.

This board will stimulate your dog’s brain, eliminate boredom, and helps develop your dog’s motor skills. Dogs need both mental and physical activity to stay healthy, and this toy has a great balance of both. We love this board because it can hold a variety of treats keeping your dog occupied for as long as you need. The board is great for medium and larger dogs; tiny breeds such as chihuahuas struggle to move around the board. It’s 8.1″ x 1.1″ x 12″ inches long, allowing most breeds to sniff around the board with ease. 

This board is great for crate training and dogs who get anxious when they’re left alone. It will keep their mind off of you, and give them something fun to focus on for awhile. The circular slots glide with ease making it easy for your dog to move the pieces around to look for treats. 

puzzle board


Keep in mind that while this product is made of wood, it’s not indestructible. If you have a heavy chewer, make sure you monitor them while they’re using the board. The last thing you want is a chewed up board and pieces of wood all over your house. Our dogs like to chew, but they seem too occupied with the treats to chew on anything while they’re using the board. 

is this right for my pup?

This is a great product for any food motivated dog. It’ll stimulate their mind, while also rewarding them with treats. At around $10, it’s well-worth the price in our opinion. It’ll last forever because your dog will simply be nudging the pieces around with their nose and eating treats from it. As long as your dog doesn’t feel the urge to chew on the board, it’ll last you a lifetime! It’s fairly simple, and can be altered to make it a bit harder once your dog masters the game. The various slots keep things interesting, and your dog will be surprised by how many treats you hide each time!