Spring is one of the best times of the year to have a dog. The weather is finally nice; not too cold and not too hot. You can take Fido to the dog park, go hiking, and maybe even some swimming!  We’re here to help you and Fido make the most of this season! From allergies, to dog parks, and even spring holidays, we’re here to help you make this spring the best one yet!

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Spring is a favorite season for both humans and dogs alike. You get to sleep in later, the weather is finally getting nice, and flowers start to bloom. Unfortunately, this also means that pollen will start building up in the air, aggravating your allergies. While you may pop an allergy pill, you have to keep Fido in mind as well.  While they can’t run down to the drug store and grab medicine, there are ways to keep their allergy symptoms at bay. 

does my dog have allergies?

Trying to identify seasonal allergies in your pooch? Your first instinct may be to look out for signs of respiratory irritation such as sneezing, watery eyes, or a runny nose. However, seasonal allergies in dogs usually irritate their skin. Most dogs will experience unusual itching in the springtime if they have seasonal allergies. If they begin to chew at certain parts of their bodies or itch more often, this may be allergic dermatitis (seasonal allergies). 

If your dog itches enough, you’ll begin to see areas of red skin, hair loss, or even hot spots. Your dog also may start itching their ears more often. For some reason, seasonal allergies tend to irritate canine ears more than anything; causing excessive itching and discomfort. 

If you notice any of the above symptoms more during springtime, allergic dermatitis is probably the culprit. Fortunately, this is a minor condition and can be remedied in a variety of ways. 

how to relieve allergy symptoms

Relieving allergy symptoms in canines tends to be easier than relieving human allergies, because they’re caused by inflammation on the skin, rather than in their respiratory systems. The best way to give your dog relief is by giving them a bath. You can easily wash off all of the allergens from their skin and fur giving them instant relief. We suggest using a soothing shampoo that will help to soothe their red and sore spots as well. 

frequent bathing

We highly recommend Pro Pet Works Oatmeal Shampoo for dogs that struggle with allergies. It works to soothe the skin and get rid of all of the irritants on their skin and coat. It also works on flea bites, sensitive skin, and dry skin in the winter. It’s overflowing with nutrients and vitamins that will leave your dog looking and feeling great!

allergy shampoo

This unique blend of ingredients is completely safe for frequent use. It doesn’t contain any alcohol, animal byproducts, parabens, detergent, sulfates, or soaps. Just a simple blend of aloe vera, oatmeal, almond oils, and vitamins E, A, and D. This shampoo also won’t irritate your dog’s eyes, so they can splash around as much as you let them!

The Pro Pet Works shampoo will eliminate wet dog smell, dry, itchy skin, and irritated skin caused by allergens. This unique blend will also detangle your dog’s coat in the progress. 

We highly recommend this shampoo and conditioner for any dog struggling with dry, itchy skin. After all, what’s better than a clean, happy pooch?

wash their paws

paw plunger

The Paw Plunger is a must-have for dogs that are constantly running around outside and getting into messes. It will easily clean any mud, dirt, and allergens from your dog’s paws. It’s incredibly easy to use, and will get rid of all of those pesky irritants that get trapped in your dog’s paws while they’re outside. To use it, simply pour water into the plunger up to the top row of bristles. Then all you have to do is dip your dog’s paws in the plunger. It will gently clean their paws, removing salt, anti-freeze, rocks, or even sand from your dog’s paws. When your pup has built-up dirt and irritants on their paws they will eventually try to lick everything off. This can lead to serious problems if your dog steps in any toxins. The Paw Plunger not only keeping your dog’s paws clean, protects them from harmful chemicals found on the ground.

Allergy Tablets

Vet’s Best is a brand that we’ve come to trust over the years. They have a variety of supplements that help keep your dog healthy and happy. Their allergy tablets are a great way to combat the uncomfortable symptoms caused by seasonal allergies. Each tablet helps to support skin health and maintain normal histamine levels. Use these tablets to calm down your pup’s skin and get rid of the itching sensation. 

allergy tablets

These allergy tablets are made in the USA and approved by the National Animal Supplement Council. You can trust that these tablets are safe, and effective. They contain ingredients such as perilla leaf extract, quercetin, nettle extract, and citrus bioflabinoid complex. 

Perilla Extract : Rich in antioxidants that assist your dog in combating environmental pollutants.

Quercetin: Antioxidant rich ingredient that helps to restore natural histamine levels for dogs that suffer from season allergies. It also protects from free radical damage.

Nettle Extract: Helps to support a healthy immune system by maintaining healthy moisture content on your dog’s skin and fur. 

Citrus Bioflabinoid Complex: Contain antioxidants that reduces the negative effects of environmental factors such as pollen. 

We highly recommend this allergy tablet for dogs that suffer from seasonal allergies and aren’t getting enough relief from regular baths. Consult your vet, and you may be on your way to an allergy-free season with your pooch!

April Showers

We know how tricky it can be to convince your dog to step outside on those rainy days. Our dogs like to hide, bark, and whine to convince us that they don’t need to go outside. Unfortunately, all dogs need to go outside at some point, and if you teach your pup to love the rain, you won’t have to negotiate with your pooch just to get them to go potty outside. 

Making your pup comfortable outside is the key to getting them used to the rainy weather. If you go outside with your pup, keep them as dry as possible, and dry them off as soon as they come inside. They’ll soon learn that going outside in the rain isn’t so bad after all! 

Maybe if you’re lucky, your dog already loves the rain! In which case, you can still go the extra mile to make sure you and your dog have the best time possible when going outdoors. From rain jackets, to booties, and products to dry your pooch in no time, you won’t have to worry about the weather ruining your plans!

Rain Jacket

rain apparel

The Ethical Pet rain jacket is one of our favorite accessories. It’s both functional and cute, making rainy days fun for you and your pooch. The material is 100% waterproof, and also has reflective stripes to help cars see your pooch at night. To put it on, simply pull it over your dog’s head, and adjust the belly strap to keep it secure. The rain jacket also has a hood, so your dog will be covered just about from head to toe! In our opinion this rain jacket is a no-brainer for dogs that don’t like getting wet. Their back, head, and body won’t be getting soaked, making your house cleaner, and your pup happier. 

This rain jacket is adjustable and available in six sizes to provide a comfortable fit no matter how big or small your pup is. Each size has a self-adjusting belly strap that easily fits around your pup without becoming too invasive. 


XS: 8″-10″

Small: 10″-14″

Medium: 14″-18″

Large: 18″-21″

XL: 21″-26″

May Flowers - gardening tips

While many dog owners have a green thumb, we know how hard it can be to maintain a garden when you have a pup. We all know dogs like to explore, and that will include every inch of your property, yes even the garden. The last thing you want is for Fido to dig, eat, and destroy your garden before it has a chance to blossom. Gardening takes patience, and unfortunately, your pooch will have a hard time understanding that.

There are a variety of ways to keep your pooch out of the garden when your plants start blossoming. From fences, to sprays, and even natural scents; as long as it’s safe for your dog and your garden, why not give it a try! Take a look at one of our favorite garden fences below, or check out our full garden guide for dogs here. 

What to plant

If your dogs are anything like ours, they’re going to find their way into your garden eventually. It gives us peace of mind knowing that if our dog does manage to nibble on our plants a bit, it won’t be the end of the world (maybe just the end of that plants life). Fortunately, there are a variety of beautiful plants that you can plant around your house and in your garden. Other than the obvious edible plants such as carrots; you can try out plants such as rosemary, lilly’s, snapdraggons, and even coral bells. To the right you’ll find a quick little cheat sheet to help you figure out what plants you may want to try, and what plants you should avoid. If you have plants inside your house as well, we suggest doing a bit of research. Dogs naturally like to nibble on plants, and it’s best to know what they’re going to be exposed to, and how dangerous each plant truly is. 

plant guide

gardening fence


The Amagabeli Garden Fence is our all-time favorite garden fence. It’s great at not only keeping Fido out of your garden, but smaller rodents as well. No more sharing your tasty veggies with the rabbits! This fence is a great size for just about any breed, and as you can see, it also serves a decorative purpose. After all, half the fun of having a garden is being able to step back and enjoy the view. 

This great garden fence stands 2 feet high and each panel is 17″ wide. When you order from Amazon you’ll receive 14 panels, which will be 20 feet long once all attached together. You can adjust them to any shape or size to perfectly accommodate your garden. These are a favorite for us because they have a no dig design and they’re easy to set up. Simply interlock each panel together and stick them in the ground with their spikes. 

Each panel is made with a rust-proof material, so no matter how much rain or snow you get, they’ll be safe from corrosion. 

In our opinion this fence is great for keeping just about anything from wandering into your garden, and yes, that includes Fido, too! Of course, if you have a really determined dog that likes to jump, you may need a taller solution. 

We highly recommend this fence to any dog owner looking for an easy, decorative, and inexpensive way to keep rodents, deer, dogs, or even cats out of their gardens. When you order from Amazon you’ll receive 20 feet of protection for under $20! 

Spring Grooming

Many dogs shed heavily when the weather starts to warm up. Unfortunately, this may mean your house is about to get a thick coating of fur! Instead of running to the groomer to get your pooch shaved, check out some of our favorite at-home grooming tools. The Wahl Grooming clippers allow you to get rid of your pooch’s winter coat before they start shedding, and the Furminator helps remove all of the fur from your pooch that has already started to shed! Both products will keep your house cleaner, and your dog cooler. 

Wahl Grooming Clippers


Dog grooming clippers are a great way to cut down the fur on long-haired dogs. Especially in the spring and summer, clippers can be a huge help. You can easily trim your dog’s legs, around their face, or just trim down the entire coat in a matter of minutes. We would highly recommend clippers to any dog parents that need a quick way to cut down their pup’s fur. The only downside to clippers is that they can be loud and scare some pups. As long as your dog is comfortable with them and you go slowly, they’re typically a great investment.

The Wahl dog grooming clippers are a staple for a lot of dog owners, and we can see why. When you order through Amazon you’ll receive the clippers, blade guard, storage case, oil, cleaning brush, scissors, styling comb, mirror, and four guide combs – all for around $20. The clippers themselves are also of high quality. They’re built to last trim after trim, and they’re even self-sharpening. No matter how long your pet’s fur is, you’ll find these to be very handy. They’re also designed with fur feeding technology to prevent any pulls or cuts. Even if you don’t know how to clip your pup, the Wahl clippers come with an instructional video for beginners! We would highly suggest these clippers for any pup owner (experienced or not) that needs to trim their dog quickly and efficiently.


Deshedding tools will save you a ton of time cleaning up after your pet. They will reduce the amount of shedding your dog produces with just weekly use. If you buy the right size tool, you will be able to remove almost all of your pet’s excess fur with each use. We find these extremely useful for any dog with longer hair. Although deshedding tools won’t be able to get out knots or mats in your dog’s fur, they will keep your dog’s fur looking great and feeling light.


The Furminator is definitely one of our favorite grooming tools. It removes 90% of the excess fur from your pup without any pain or discomfort. The Furminator is designed specifically for different size breeds and different hair lengths. There are five sizes available, in either a short hair or a long hair version. Not only does the Furminator remove excess hair, it also reduces the amount of shedding your pup does between brushes. We absolutely love this product, you’ll definitely be getting more than what you pay for with this purchase.

Dog Parks

Your dog’s favorite part of spring? Dog parks! If you’re lucky enough to have a dog-friendly park near your house, take advantage of it. Your dog will be able to socialize with other furry friends, have plenty of space to run around, and best of all – bond with you. All it takes is a little bit of preparation to make your next trip to the park a success! Check out our dog park guide for toys, treats, immune boosters, and even dog park etiquette! 

Dog Park Bag

Struggling to fit all of your dog’s necessities into your purse or pocket? This bag holds everything you’ll need, and more. Store all of your treats, keys, your phone, poop bags, toys, and water bowls. It also has a built-in dog poop dispenser so you can easily dispense the waste bags right from the bag. 

You can wear this fun pack a variety of ways; it has a 48″ adjustable waistband, removable shoulder strap, and metal belt clip. The material is lightweight, waterproof, and durable. It’s the perfect way to ensure you always have Fido’s necessities when you leave the house. 

dog travel bag

Travel Treats

Avoid the mess and the bulky packaging with these convenient training treats. Etta says peanut butter little bitz are now available in a to go canister! These treats are perfect for training and come in a mess-free handy packaging to take with you on the go. They come in an air-tight container, which is not only convenient for traveling, but also helps to keep the treats fresh.  

The can itself is only three inches tall and at only 1.3 ounces; you can fit it just about anywhere you go with your pup. They also have a shelf life of 18 months so you won’t have to worry about the treats going bad before your pup gets a chance to eat them up; throw them in your car or your purse and you won’t have to worry about leaving treats at home again!

Activity Monitor

While you may use your fitbit to get into shape this spring, your dog can use this Whistle monitor! Repeated innovation and enhanced engineering has lead Whistle to release their third version of their leading product, dubbed the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor. This device has every feature you and your dog could ever dream of. Whistle 3 can track your dog via GPS and cellular technology anywhere in the United States. They also allow you to track all of your dog’s activity within a 24 hour period, and the battery won’t die for a full seven days. You can even set designated safe spaces where you want your dog to stay based on wifi signals at your home, etc. If your dog manages to stray too far from a safe space they’ll send a notification straight to your phone to alert you.

Whistle 3

The Whistle 3 dog tracker is accompanied by an app that you can easily set up on your phone. The app will monitor your dog’s activity and rest, track their location via Google Maps, and alert you if they stray too far from their safe spaces. It will even let you know how much activity your dog needs depending on their size, age, and breed; you can then set fitness goals and keep up with their daily activity.  The Whistle 3, unlike any of its predecessors, also has Bluetooth and wifi capabilities to both save its battery, and keep accurate readings on your pup. Weighing less than an ounce, it’s ideal for any dog over 8 pounds.

The tracking devices that made our list are easy to use, as they either attach to your pet’s current collar or come with their own adjustable one.  They’re also lightweight, so much so that your dog or cat likely won’t realize it’s there.

Not sure if the Whistle is right for your pooch? Check out more tracking devices here.

Flea & Tick Prevention

Dogs can get fleas from a variety of common places; your home, other animals, or anywhere outside. Fleas easily bounce from one place to another, and dogs are a prime target. Dogs can get fleas from cats, raccoons, house mice, and other areas that may commonly be in your yard or around your house. Additionally, you may have fleas hanging out in your bushes, grass, or even in your dog house. While fleas are active all year round, they tend to be more active about a month after the weather starts to warm up in the springtime. Keep a close eye out for them when your pup starts enjoying this warm weather. 

Seresto Flea Collar

dog flea collar

Flea & Tick collars are an easy way to protect your dog. They’re cheaper than monthly treatments, and not as sticky as sprays. The Seresto collar will kill and repel ticks & fleas without contact. It’s easy to use, and has a non-greasy formula that won’t get all over your dog’s coat. Because this collar works for 8 months at a time, you can easily use it throughout all of summer, and still be able to prevent flea & tick bites in the fall. 

The Seresto Collar has a polymer matrix design that constantly provides two active ingredients; imidacloprid and flumethrin. The collar will continuously replenish your dog’s skin and coat with these active ingredients for the entire 8 months. As soon as you put the collar on your pup it will quickly kill all fleas within 24 hours, making flea & ticks a problem of the past. The collar is available in two sizes, making it suitable for dogs of any size. We definitely recommend this collar to pet owners looking for a simple way to protect their dog for long periods of time. 

backyard necessities

Your backyard is an oasis for your pooch, as it should be! While dogs don’t expect much, there are ways to make your backyard as dreamy as possible for your pooch. From dog houses, to windows in the fences and more! Check out some of our favorite backyard additions here, and check out two of our top picks below. 

Dog House

The Merry Pet Home is a perfect way to make your backyard your dog’s kingdom. It’s practical, affordable, and has benefits for both you and your pup. You’ll love this home because it’s relatively inexpensive, priced under $100, and takes only twenty minutes to assemble. Get ready to spoil your pup, this home includes a lattice, balcony, and steps up to the top.

The dimensions of the home are 21″ x 29″ x 26″, making it ideal for small breeds such as chihuahuas, or eve cats. The house is built with cedar to ensure durability both indoors and outdoors. Fortunately, even the lower level of the house is elevated off of the ground, maintaining a comfortable temperature. This also gives your dog two different areas to relax in, which makes it ideal for households with multiple dogs.

Merry Pet House

One issue that some dog owners find with this house is that the stairs are steep which deters some dogs from using them. If this becomes an issue you can also attach a ramp to the side of the house. However, some dogs will simply jump to the top balcony.

Fence Window

fence window

Fence windows give your dog a sense of freedom, without letting them roam around your neighborhood. Your pooch can easily see what’s going on, on the other side of the fence. No need to dig, or jump around to see what’s going on. 

The PetPeek Fence is our favorite fence window. It’s made with durable acrylic and is 9.5″ in diameter. It gives your pooch a 360 degree view of everything going on outside of the yard, with no room for escape. 

This pet fence takes less than 20 minutes to install. Simply saw out a hole for the window and drill it into place. You can install this window in wood, vinyl, or even drywall. 

The dome is very clear, and you can simply wipe the nose marks off of the inside every couple of weeks. We love this dome because it deters dogs from having to jump up to see over the fence. Of course, you can install it anywhere on your fence to allow any size pup to see out. 

Springtime Toys

Every year we end up buying new toys for our pups. Why? They typically don’t make it through the boredom that winter brings. From water toys, to fetch toys, and even puzzle toys, spring is a great time to replenish your dog’s toys stash and clean out some of their worn out toys. 

don't let fido play with Sticks


Some of your pups will go nuts over sticks in your yard, but this is actually very hazardous for your pooch. Chewing sticks can be a danger to your dog for a variety of reasons. Sharp and broken points are the most common culprit in stick-related health issues. When wood splinters, the pieces can cause intestinal perforation that can seriously injure or even kill your four-legged friend. Splintered pieces can also become lodged in dog teeth and require surgery to remove. Additionally, sticks pose the risk of impaling the roof of a dog’s mouth, cheeks or eyes. If a dog is running at a high speed with a stick in its mouth and trips, it could be a disaster!

You wouldn’t run with scissors so why let your pooch run with a stick? Sticks are not toys, and they have no place in your dog’s mouth. Dog chew sticks such as rawhides are commonly marketed as alternatives to chewing wood, but rawhide poses its own issues. Like wood, it can break and splinter as well as cause digestive blockages in dogs. With so many dangerous things to keep out of your dog’s mouth, it can seem overwhelming to figure out what your pet can have! Below you’ll find some great, safe alternatives to sticks!

Kurgo Skipping Stones

kygo skipping stones

Skipping rocks on ponds is always a fun way to kill time, and now you can involve Fido! Kurgo skipping stones are durable dog fetch toys that skip on water! They have a unique design that allows them to bounce on top of the water, and float. Your pooch will have a splash chasing them through the water, and you won’t have to worry about them sinking. 


These skipping toys are obviously waterproof; they float, non-toxic, and dishwasher safe! No matter how muddy or sandy they get, you’ll always have an easy way to clean them. You can let Fido chew on them, as they’re made from a safe, durable rubber. They’re the perfect fetch toy for heavy chewers. 

When you order from Amazon yo’ll receive a pack of two brightly colored skipping “stones”. Each one is 3 x 2 x 1.5 inches, the perfect size for dogs with just about any bite. 

If your dog loves playing in the water, check out our top water toys here. 

Kong Fetch Stick

Our team always has high expectations when it comes to Kong, and they didn’t disappoint with their Fetch Stick. The fetch stick is the perfect fetch toy for dogs that love chewing and running around. The end of the toy is a long piece of non-abrasive tennis material that’s safe for your dog’s teeth, and able to withstand chewing. Your dog will love the familiar tennis ball feeling, and they’ll have a better grip with the long design. The end also has great bounce like a regular tennis ball; however, it’s goofy shape will make the bounces unpredictable and fun! When your dog brings the toy back, you can grab onto the heavy nylon rope attached the the chew area. It’ll allow you to play tug o’ war with your furry friends, and give you great throwing distance. 

fetch stick

The Kong Fetch stick is available in two sizes. The smaller size is 2 x 26 x 2 inches, and the large is 32 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches. Visit Amazon to cop this great fetch toy for your four-legged friends. 

Springtime Apparel

Spring is one of the cutest times of the year because of all of the fun apparel you can try out with your pooch. Everything is either covered in flora prints, or contains fun, bright colors. Whether your pup is a he or a she, there’s an abundance of fun and functional pieces for them to wear. Check out some of our favorites below!

blueberry collar

blueberry floral collar

Blueberry Pet is a fairly well-known brand in the dog apparel community. Their collars are comfortable, durable, and cute. You can find just about any pattern on their collars. Their spring collars are a favorite with our pups. They have four different floral patterns that look good on any pooch! 

The floral Blueberry collars have bright colors and cute patterns, along with attachable flowers for an extra touch. This collar is available in two sizes; extra small and small. The extra small has a 7.5″-10″ neck and the small has a 12″-16″ neck. Both sizes come in four fun patterns.

All of these fun collars are made with a durable polyester material that is comfortable for your pooch. The adjustable plastic straps are even made with eco-friendly material. 

These collars are the perfect  way to get your pup excited for spring. They’re made with a lightweight material that’s better for thick-coated breeds in the warmer weather. You can even purchase a matching leash to complete the ensemble. 


Now this is a quality bandana! Tail Trends has a variety of premium bandanas (without the premium price). Made from a corduroy material, your dog will have a comfortable way to get into the spring spirit! 

This fun bandana is available in six fun designs perfect for any pup; male or female. From floral prints, to plaid, and even solid colors. Each bandana is made from quality materials, and all prints are reversible! Of course, each one also has the signature leather logo that sets it apart from other bandanas on the market.

spring bandana

You can purchase these bandanas in either medium or large. As you can guess, they’re very adjustable; simply tie the bandana around your dog’s neck. The medium is suitable for smaller and average sized breeds such as poodles, beagles, terriers, and corgis. The larger size is suitable for dogs such as bulldogs, great danes, and golden retrievers. Consult your dog on their favorite pattern, and you’ll have the most stylish pup on the block this season!

How To Keep Your Pup Cool

Depending on where you live, springtime can get HOT! While our dogs love playing outside in the warmth (especially our chihuahua), we still have to be careful not to let them overheat. In the spring and summer months it’s important to look out for signs of overheating; heavy panting, thick saliva, and a bright red tongue. Breeds with thick coats especially can overheat even in spring temperatures. Our solution? Fun water toys! From dog pools, to sprinklers, and even cooling mats, we do everything we can to help our dogs enjoy the backyard longer. Check out our full cooling guide here, and check out our favorite pool below. 

Dog Pool

Dog pools are a fun and easy way to keep your pup cool outside in the spring and summer months. The FrontPet Pool is available in three sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for just about any pup. The small is only 8″ deep, and 32″ in diameter; the large is 12″ deep and 50″ in diameter, and you can even purchase an extra large with a diameter of 60″ for under $100. The pool is made with PVC to withstand your pup’s play and chewing and easily folds up when your dog’s done playing.

You’re also going to be happy to hear that the pool easily drains and is easily transported. The small weighs just 5 lbs, and the extra large only weighs 15 lbs. The only con to this pool is that its lightweight foldable design makes the bottom less sturdy. We suggest using the pool on grass as opposed to asphalt to prevent ripping.

Spring Cleaning

Many people use spring as a time to declutter their houses and reorganize. We love having a clean house for the spring season, but that can be hard with a dog. Their toys are all over the floor, and their treats can often make a mess of your house. We’ve discovered some of the best ways to keep your dog’s accessories organized, as well as a safe way to clean your house with pets around! So check some of our favorites out below!

stain remover

Dog Odor

The Pet Stain & Odor Miracle enzyme spray is one of the best odor removers that you can find. We love this product because it offers a safe and healthy way to remove just about any odor that can linger including urine, drool, vomit, and feces. Any unruly smell your pup brings into your car can be removed with this spray. It’s also safe to use on hardwood, carpet, dog crates, upholstery, and on dog beds. This particular spray is also safe to use around your pets and children. They’re one of the few companies that don’t test their products on animals, and even donates 10% of every sale to animals in need. This is truly a product you can feel good about buying for almost any area affected by your pup.

toy bin

If you’ve come to the realization that your entire house is drowning in dog toys, treats, and chews, you may be in need of a toy bin.  Investing in a toy bin dedicated just to dog toys can declutter your house, and help you keep track of Fido’s toys. This Bone Dry Storage Bin is available in a variety of sizes and patterns, and is large enough for even the most spoiled pups. It can also be easily cleaned due to it’s durable polyester material. Check out all of the variations on Amazon, and then simply consult your pup on their favorite style! 

toy bin

car organizer

wag'n ride

Keep your car organized when you’re traveling with your pup with this multi-use car organizer. The various pockets and compartments allow you to store all of your dog’s necessities in one place without making a mess in the car. Made of durable polyester, the Wag’n Ride car organizer is a heavy-duty way to store your dog’s favorite things. The bag is 15.5″ wide, 11″ high, and 4″ deep. It also has an adjustable strap that easily fits over any headrest in your car. The main compartment easily stores up to 24 cups of dog food and easily wipes clean. It also has 3 outside storage compartments that can fit your pup’s necessities, such as water bottles, treats, toys, and leashes. You’ll also love that the organizer has a built in poop-bag dispenser.

Easter Baskets For Fido

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, you have to admit, dogs look cute in bunny ears; and there’s never a bad time to spoil your pooch! Throwing an Easter basket together for Fido just gives you another excuse to shop for cute toys, treats, and even apparel! Check out some of our favorite Easter necessities for four-legged friends. 

Zippy Paws Bunny

Zippy Paws is a great brand for light chewers. Made with a soft plush material, we recommend this bunny for smaller and light chewing medium dogs. It has a stuffing-free design that keeps your dog safe and your house mess-free! This bunny also has a squeaker to entice play and encourage your dog to play with it. In our opinion, it’s the perfect addition to any Easter basket! It’s 3.3″ by 3″, and is around $5. It’ll give your dog a soft, cute toy to pull out of their basket. 

Bunny Toy

Plush Easter Egg

The plush easter egg is another favorite amongst our toy testers. This egg is fairly large, making it perfect for dogs of just about any size. Smaller dogs can lift it up due to it’s lightweight design, and larger dogs can get a good bite on it. The egg stands 6″ tall, contains a squeaker, and of course, will make a perfect addition to your Easter basket this year. The egg is made by Midlee, and can withstand a moderate amount of chewing. If your dog likes to chew, this will inevitably rip open, but if your pooch is getting an Easter basket, they’ll just move on to the next toy!

Easter Dog Treats

Chocolate bunnies are the pinnacle of any Easter basket; while your pooch can’t exactly have chocolate, this is the next best thing! These fun treats are made by Bobby & Bambi’s Gourmet Dog Bakery. As you can probably guess, each cookie is handmade just for your pooch. They come from a small bakery, so you can trust the ingredients and the quality of each batch. 

These fun Easter treats are made without preservatives, chemicals, additives, gluten, or wheat. So, even if your dog has a sensitive stomach or allergies, they can still have a full Easter basket this year! All of the ingredients are 100% human-grade, all-natural, and even organic. Your pooch will love the taste, and you don’t have to worry about feeding your dog unsafe ingredients for the sake of a cute treat. Each treat is full of protein, and even Vitamins! Check out the ingredients below, and order in time to fill your pooch’s basket. 

Ingredients:Garbanzo and fava bean flour, organic tapioca flour, all-natural roasted peanut butter, organic carrots, organic virgin coconut oil, organic honey, chia seeds, and organic golden flaxseeds.

Easter Basket

Easter Basket

If you don’t feel like buying each individual item for your pup, you can buy an entire Easter basket from Amazon! You’ll receive a cute wicker basket, and they even fill it with fake grass. Inside you’ll find an assortment of balls, chew toys, treats, and more! It’s a perfect gift idea for any dog or dog owner. It obviously takes minimal time to pick out, and it’s priced under $40. Considering all of the toys and treats inside, it’s well-worth the money in our opinion. 


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