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St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to celebrate with your friends and family, and that includes Fido!  Christmas was so long ago, we’re all itching for an excuse to celebrate a little bit. We have to admit, even if we’re not Irish, we all feel the Irish spirit when this fun holiday comes around. No need to get pinched this year because your dog’s not in the spirit. Check out all of our top St. Patty’s Day Picks below.  

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Tail Trends Bandana

stpattys day

Bandanas are a no-brainer for holidays with your pooch. They fit any size, and your dog will never grow out of them. We also love bandanas because they don’t seem to irritate our pups nearly as much as full costumes or headpieces. Though a full leprechaun outfit may be adorable, if your dog hates it, it’s not worth the struggle. 

The Tail Trends Bandana is the perfect accessory for dogs that hate accessories. It’s comfortable (100% cotton), and will allow your pup to look festive through out the day. 

This bandana is available in two sizes to fit any pup. The medium will fit dogs with an 8-15″ neckline; it’s dimensions are 21″ x 6″. The larger size will fit dogs with neck lines 16-24″‘ with dimensions of 25″ x 9″.

We highly recommend this bandana for pup parents that need an easy, comfortable, and adorable way to help their pets celebrate this March. The bandana is 100% cotton, making it stretchy, machine washable, and durable. Check out the variety of fun St. Patrick’s Day Patterns on Amazon.

Schmoopsie Couture Collar & Leash

schmoopsie couture leash

Schmoopsie Couture is one of our favorite dog apparel brands. From sweaters, to collars, to leashes, they have it all! Their products are always adorable, durable, and functional. As you can see, they did a great job designing their St. Patrick’s Day gear this year. This collar/leash combo is sure to keep your dog from getting pinched this season. 

The Schmoopsie Couture Leash is made with heavy duty nylon webbing; it won’t stretch, rip, or wear out with use. This fun leash is designed and handmade in the USA, so you know it’s going to look, and feel quality. No mass manufacturing overseas. 

Additionally, this leash is available in three widths. All leashes are 60″ long, and you can chose either a 1/2″ , 1″, or 5/8″ thick leash. All leashes have a heavy duty marine grade metal clasp that will hook onto any collar or harness you already have. Additionally, you can purchase the matching collar listed below!

The Schmoopsie Couture Collar is a great addition to your dog’s ensemble on St. Patrick’s Day. Just like the leash; it’s handmade in the USA with heavy duty nylon webbing. As you can see, the collar has a plastic buckle, and a metal D ring that will attach to any leash. 

Additionally, this leash is available in 7 sizes, ensuring your dog will have a comfortable fit no matter what. 

schmoopsie couture collar

Size & Width

XS 1/2″ Thick

Small 5/8″ Thick

Small 1″ Thick

Medium 5/8″ Thick

Medium 1″ Thick











Both the leash and the collar are around $20; in our opinion, it’s a great way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day without forcing your pooch into an outfit. After all, if they won’t wear it, there’s no point in buying it!

Shamrock Biscuits

st. pattys treats

Chances are, you’re celebrating the holiday with cookies (and maybe even a little beer). Now you can treat your pup to some snacks without stuffing them with table scraps. These yummy shamrock biscuits are made by a small company; Best Friend Pet Treats. All of their treats are handmade in the USA with wholesome ingredients that you can trust for your pooch. They look so delicious, you may even be tempted to give them a try. 

So what is your dog actually getting with these treats? Each treat is made with a honey oat recipe that’s easy to digest, and healthy for dogs. Additionally, each treat is hand dipped in yogurt and carob to create the cute shamrock colors. 

We love these treats because they’re made with human grade ingredients, and are a fantastic way to treat your dog. They contain whole wheat flour, oats, canola oil, brewer’s yeast, honey, yogurt, and carob icing. All ingredients are safe for your pooch, and create a healthy, delicious snack. 

Considering that these treats are around $10 for a pack of three, we think they’re well-worth the price. So order a bag for your pups, they’ll thank you with kisses (even if you’re not Irish). 

Leprechaun Outfit

Leprechaun Outfit

If you have a dog that doesn’t mind wearing costumes, this Leprechaun outfit is a must-have! It comes with all of the accessories your dog will need in order to be the life of the party. It comes with a hat, bowtie, beard, and vest. 

This costume is very easy to put on, as it has velcro in the front of the vest to secure to your pup. Additionally, your dog will look festive even if they start to take items off. If they hate the vest, you can still treat them to the bowtie, beard, hat, or all three. 

If you have multiple dogs, you can let your pups share the various articles depending on what they’re most comfortable in. 

This ensemble is available in 5 sizes, perfect for just about any breed. 






Neck to Tail










If your pup doesn’t mind dressing up during the holidays, we recommend this costume. It’s fairly comfortable for pups, and is easy to take on and off. Additionally, you’ll have a variety of pieces to pick from, your dog certainly doesn’t have to wear them all at once. 

Shamrock Bowties

Bowties are another super easy way to help your dog look festive for holidays. We know how hard it can be to get your dog interested in costumes, and it’s never a good idea to force them into one. Making your dog wear an ensemble that they hate will only cause anxiety and stress for them. Definitely not worth getting that perfect picture. Fortunately, there are plenty of festive bowties made by yagopet that you can spoil Fido with!

These fun Shamrock Bowties are all polyester, making them comfortable for your dog, and giving them an expensive look. As you can see from the picture, this bowtie is available in a variety of patterns. When you order from Amazon, you’ll receive 10 bowties in a variety of patterns! All for around $10. 

In our opinion these bowties are well worth the price. You can share them with all of your doggy friends. 

Make sure to measure your dog’s neck before ordering, each bowtie is adjustable between 7.8″ and 15.8″; we recommend them for smaller and average sized dogs. 

Shamrock Hugglehound

shamrock toy

Hugglehound is a fairly popular brand in the dog toy world. They have a variety of plush toys that our dogs absolutely love. They’re extra durable due to their Tuffet Technology. The Tuffut Technology allows all of their plush toys to withstand heavy chewing; it’s basically a unique durable stitching pattern that keeps your dog from ripping open the toy. Additionally, there toys don’t have any external seams that your dog can chew at. 

The Hugglehounds clover toy is a great way to treat your pup for St. Patty’s day. It has a soft texture, a crinkle material to peak interest, and is machine washable! Your pooch can chew at it, play tug o’ war with it, and even fetch. It’s a great plush toy for all playing styles. 

This toy is 6 x 5″, making it ideal for most dogs. Check out this fun Hugglehound toy for your pup, they’ll thank you!

Celebrating holidays such as St. Patrick’s day with your dog allows you to bond with them, and include them in on the festivities! All of our picks are great for dogs of just about any size, and will make your dog the life of the party. If you have any questions about the toys, treats, or outfits covered here, please reach out to our team at [email protected]