While trying to find a strong and durable collar for your dog, you may feel as if you have searched a hundred websites. After scrolling and scrolling for endless hours, it is easy to want to give up. For some reason it feels like you can only choose between 2 options; either you can have a collar that is strong or one that is fashionable. Adding to the problem of finding a strong collar is the comfort qualities. When a collar is made to be durable padding and soft materials tend to take a backseat. It almost seems like finding a collar that is comfortable, strong, and unique is like finding a piece of kibble in a dog park.

     Well, that is until now! After taking the time to research different companies and what they have to offer we have come up with 4 different options for a strong collar. Each of these options is collars that have all these qualities and even more. Not only are they comfy, cute, and durable but they also have elements that will keep your dog safe and help you control them. The best part about this whole thing is that all of these amazing collars are right at your fingertips! All you have to do is scroll down to learn what each one has to offer. We promise this will be the last time you have to scroll down a page looking for just the right strong collar!

Table of Contents

Quality, Strong Dog Collars


Main Benefits:
  • 3mm thick nylon material
  • does not fray or tear
  • steel buckle and D-ring
  • bungee section
  • 3 color options
  • 3 sizes

     There is no question that your dog is going to have a “tuff” time trying to destroy this collar. The fabric used to put it together is nylon that is 3 millimeters thick. Also, to keep it from becoming damaged overtime this fabric is made to never tear or fray. All of this is then held together with a steel buckle to make sure it stays on no matter what they may get into.

     The fabric may make it very durable but that does not mean it is stiff. To help you have better control of your dog without causing them to harm the company included a bungee section on the collar. This will allow them to have room to move around while you keep them close. On the outside of both the stable and the stretchy section, there is reflective stitching. This will allow you to keep a close eye on them while they are outside at night.

     The durability and security benefits would not be as appealing if the collar was ugly or silly looking. This is why the company added extra stitching to give it a stylish and clean look. To help you find the look just right for you and your dog they offer the collar in 3 different colors which are Epic Black, March Red, and Midnight Blue.


    To make it fit as good as it looks the collar comes in 3 different sizes. The first size is small and will fit dogs with a neck circumference between 12 and 16 inches. Then there is the medium/large size that will fit between 15 and 20 inches. Lastly, there is the extra large size that will fit a circumference between 20 and 24 inches. No matter what size you do pick with mesh padding on the inside of the collar it will be comfortable and cool against their skin.


Main Benefits:
  • padded interior
  • comfortable
  • gunmetal hardware
  • strong webbing
  • dries well without holding odor
  • reflective stitching
  • 3 size options
  • 5 colors

     The reason they call this collar the comfort collar is that of its padded interior. Every collar comes with padding made from neoprene that will prevent it from harm to the skin as it moves against it. The strength of this collar then comes from its gunmetal hardware. To close the collar itself there is a gunmetal buckle that will definitely not break easily. There is also a ring that will keep the leash attached no matter how much they pull.

      Adding to the durability and comfort, even more, the collar is constructed with strong webbing. This means that the fabric is tightly intertwined making a barrier which will be quite difficult to break or tear. With this webbing and detailed design, the company was also able to make it light in weight. In turn, this will allow your dog to move freely and not feel like they are dragging something around.

     If your dog is quite active they may find themselves in the mud or even swimming in creeks. These activities will definitely wet the collar but will not cause any issues. In fact, the neoprene padding was specifically used because it is able to dry and will not hold onto any odors. If your dog likes to be more active once the sun goes down you will not have to worry about losing them because each collar also has reflective stitching.


     Since it is clear that even smaller dogs can be strong as well the collar is available in 3 different sizes. The first size is small which can be expanded from 11 inches to 15 inches and the last size is large that can be expanded from 18 inches all the way up to 22 inches. Once you find just the right size you also get to pick from 5 different colors. With shades ranging from aqua to red, there is no shortage of fashionable looks to enjoy.


Main Benefits:
  • military and law enforcement grade equipment
  • nylon material
  • metal buckle and D-ring
  • handle on collar for control
  • padded interior
  • 2 size options
  • 4 colors

      This collar is unique because according to the company it is a piece of Military and Law Enforcement grade training equipment. You know how strong those dogs are so if it can hold them it can hold your dog. To make it so durable the collar is constructed with 1000D nylon and has a metal buckle holding it closed. With both of these elements working together it would take an army to break through it.

      When your dog is strong trying to walk them can be a very difficult process. Not only will they jump around out of excitement but they will also pull you to any squirrel or person that may past. To help you keep them in control there is a handle located on the side of the collar. Holding this will allow you to keep them still or move them away from a busy place. A D-ring for a leash is also available so you do not have to hold the handle the whole walk.

      While your dog is pulling and jumping around their collar tends to rub against their neck. To make sure that this collar would not cause any discomfort or harm when this happens the company added padding on its interior. Although, to make sure there is completely no discomfort you will need to get the right size.


     Thankfully to help you out this collar comes in either medium which fits a neck girth of 15 to 18.5 inches or large which fits a girth of 17.7 to 21.5 inches. It may be a good collar to keep them close on walks but since you will be in public, it will need to look good as well. To help you choose the right look for you there are 4 different color options ranging from black to a camo design. However, personalization does not stop there. On the side of the collar, there is a velcro patch for any accessory or tag you would like.


Main Benefits:
  • USA-made
  • strong metal snap-closure
  • side-tab buckle release
  • silent
  • reflective thread
  • 3 sizes

      This company makes these collars right in the lovely state of New York. The only question is are these collars as strong as their concrete jungle city? Well, with a metal buckle that snaps it closed it would definitely control a dog as they walked down those streets. In fact, the collar is so tough that the company recommends it for dogs that are usually tied out.

     With such a strong metal buckle you may be worried that it will weigh down your dog’s neck causing discomfort. However, since it is made from a special blend of alloy metals it can be strong while still being lightweight. Also adding to its strength the buckle can only be released by pressing on tabs located on its side. This would be pretty difficult for a dog to do so I would not be too worried about them breaking out of it.

     To make this collar even better, the company added two more great elements. No matter how many dog tags you may need to put on this collar you will not hear any of them jingle. This is because the collar comes with a silencing attachment that keeps them quiet. For the safety side of things the company also included stitching that is reflective at night. No matter what time they decide to cause trouble you will not have to worry about losing sight of them. This reflective thread will definitely shine brightly against the dark color of grey or black.


     However, none of these benefits would be helpful if you do not have the right size. It is important to measure so you know that they will be comfortable in either the small, medium or large. The small can go from 10.5 inches to 14 inches in length while the largest size can go from 20 to 26 inches in length.