Spending time outside with your dog is tons of fun, especially when the weather is warm. Whether you are having a backyard bbq or simply reading a book on your deck, having Fido by your side makes it even more enjoyable. In the hotter summer months, humans and dogs alike need some shade. Unfortunately, the strong sun rays can cause dogs to overheat and even get sunburned. Not to worry, there are ways to provide shade for your furry friend! Throughout our article, you can find our favorite backyard shade options for dogs. From canopies to dog tents, you’ll be sure to find the perfect shady product for your pup.

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our top pick: Pawhut elevated cooling dog cot with canopy

Out of all the canopies and shade options we’ve looked into, our favorite is the PawHut Elevated Cooling Dog Cot with Canopy. 

The elevated bed allows air to flow on all sides and underneath the bed keeping your dog cool and refreshed. The breathable fabrics and mesh also adds addtional comfort and cooling ability. The PawHut Cot with Canopy is made of steel. It is a very durable dog bed but it as also lightweight and easy to move around.  Jump down to read more about our favorite shade option for your dog. 

Dog Laying on PawHut Elevated Dog Canopy

budget pick: mydeal pop-up pet tent

MyDeal Pop Up Pet Tent


The MyDeal Pop-Up Pet Tent is an inexpensive way to keep your dog happy and cool throughout all your summer adventures. 

The MyDeal tent is super easy to assemble. It just pops open! The super lightweight tent also doubles as a car seat barrier. This lightweight tent also makes it ideal while you’re on an adventure or shuffling it around from room to room. Take a closer look at this weather resistant tent to see if this is the best dog shade option for you. 

A Quick Look at Backyard Shade Options for Dogs

     Here is a sneak peak at our favorite backyard shade options for your pup. After in-depth research and comparison, these lucky few were chosen based on the price tag, durability, and effectiveness. For further information on each, keep scrolling!

Does My Dog Really Need Sun Protection?

Yes! Just like humans, dogs can get sunburned. Sunburn for dogs is very painful, causing sore, red, inflamed areas of the skin and can even lead to skin cancer. When the sun is strong and the weather is hot, it is important to take precautions with your furry friend. One way to prevent your pup from getting sunburned is using a dog sunscreen. If you’re interested in protecting your dog with sunscreen, head on over to our article on The Best Dog Sunscreen.

While dog sunscreen may work for some, we know it isn’t the best option for all dog owners. If your dog has sensitive skin or you will not be able to reapply every few hours, providing your dog with shade will be a good alternative. To help you keep your dog safe from the sun, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite shade options for dogs.

Not only can the warm sun give your dog sunburn, but it can also cause your dog to overheat. Our canine friends need to be able to cool off, or else it can lead to serious health problems. Some signs of overheating to look out for are heavy panting, thick saliva, bright red tongue, and vomiting. Be sure to take the right precautions, like giving your dog a shady space to escape the sun. There are even more ways to help your dog beat the heat, which you can learn about in article on How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer.

The Best Dog Shade Options

PawHut Elevated Cooling Dog Bed Cot w/ Canopy

Main Benefits
  • Elevated surface provides air flow
  • Mesh material is breathable
  • Canopy gives your dog shade
  • Durable steel frame

The PawHut Elevated Cooling Dog Bed Cot W/ Canopy is designed with every feature you would want for your dog. Made with an elevated surface and breathable mesh, this dog cot keeps your dog cool by allowing air to flow. Plus, this means that your dog won’t have to lay on hot pavement. It’s also made of steel, making the frame durable and able to hold dogs up to 66 lbs.

Along with the dog cot, it has a canopy to protect your pup from the sun. To set up your cot and canopy, simply attach the canopy to the corners of the cot and secure it with the bungee cords. This PawHut product works for all size dogs, and you can choose from a 24 or 30 inch option. With all of these great benefits considered, this pet bed and canopy is one of the best shade options for dogs out there. 

k&h pet products cot canopy

K&H Pet Products Cot Canopy
main benefits
  • lightweight
  • portable
  • won’t collect water or debris
  • easy to clean

The K&H Pet Products Cot Canopy is designed to be efficient and effective. The canopy is super lightweight and portable. It is also a breeze to clean. The lightweight canopy is super easy to assemble. However, it is only designed to be used for K&H Pet Products. 

Customers have noted that they were able to find adapters to attach the K&H Pet Canopy to other dog cots. Some customers have raved about their dog canopies while others have raised concerns about their durability. A few have noted that the rods are not immune to breaking but that K&H Pet Products was an easy company to work with. 

Shade&Beyond Sun Shade Sail Canopy

Main Benefits
  • Adds style to your yard
  • Water won’t pool on top
  • Gives 80-85% sunshade
  • Protects against 95-98% of UV rays
  • Provides both humans and dogs with shade
  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Includes five year guarantee

Looking for more permanent shade options for your dog? Look no further! Not only does the Shade&Beyond Sun Shade Sail Canopy provide shade, but it also makes for a stylish addition to your yard. While not as easy to set up as some of the other shade options for dogs, this canopy shades a much larger portion of your backyard. Because of its design and size, you can also use it to give yourself shade, not just your dog!

The canopy is made of high density polyethylene, which gives 80-85% sunshade protects against 95-98% of UV rays. This considered, it lets some light through but not damaging rays. It is important to note that this canopy is not waterproof, and that’s a good thing! Because it is not waterproof, it won’t pool water on top, which could potentially cause the canopy to cave in. Instead, the canopy allows water to pass through.

Providing tons of variety, the Shade&Beyond Sun Shade Sail Canopy comes in seven different sizes and three different colors. With so many options, you’ll be sure to find a canopy that fits your backyard. You can choose from sand, light grey, and rust red, along with these sizes:

  • 7 x 13’
  • 8 x 10’
  • 10 x 10’
  • 10 x 13’
  • 12 x 12’

The canopy has durable stitching and metal D rings along the edges to attach the canopy to a fence, siding, post, etc. This canopy is not self-standing; it must be attached and stretched between multiple points of contact. With a five year guarantee, the Shade&Beyond Sun Shade Sail Canopy is an excellent long-term shade option for dogs.

Buyer's Tip!

Hardware kits and ropes are not included in your purchase. Hardware kits and ropes can be purchased here! Out of all the glowing reviews customers have given, there have been a handful of reviews that said their sun sail had let light through or stretched if it rained. 

MyDeal Pop-Up Pet House

Main Benefits
  • Lightweight
  • No tools required
  • Easy set up
  • Breathable
  • Also works as a car barrier

If an easy set up is your priority, then this tent will be perfect for you. The MyDeal Pop-Up Pet House is so simple; all you have to do is pull the tent out of the package and it instantly sets up! Made of lightweight, non-woven materials, this tent is very breathable and won’t trap heat in. The poles of this tent are made of durable, yet flexible dura-light steel. Unlike some of the other options out there, this tent doesn’t require tools to assemble. Because the tent is so light-weight and flexible, it can easily be moved inside or outside. Also, the walls of the tent have mesh openings at the top that allow for adequate air flow and light.

Additionally, the MyDeal Pop-Up Pet House has a fully closable front door. With the use of a zipper, you can either close it or leave it open for your dog to roam. Considering the dimensions are 24 x 24 x 26” and it has three walls, it’s not the most spacious dog tent. That being said, it isn’t the best option for bigger dogs. Large dogs need more room, making our other shade options a better fit for them.

On top of all the excellent features thus far, this dog tent also doubles as a car barrier! The tent comes with tie-down stakes and ropes that attach the tent to two front car seats. Essentially, this versatile shade option for your dog will be the best on-the-go purchase for your summer adventures.

HTKJ Foldable Dog Beach Tent

Main Benefits
  • Easy set up
  • No tools required
  • Built-in pool
  • Blocks UV rays
  • Great for the beach
  • Spacious
  • Has pockets and window

Similar to the MyDeal Pop-Up Pet House, the HTKJ Foldable Dog Beach Tent also pops up to assemble. With no tools necessary, this shade option for dogs is easy to set-up and take down. What makes this tent so unique is the built-in pool! If your dog loves the hot summer weather, chances are they also love the water. If your dog doesn’t like playing in the water, no worries; the pool bottom can be tucked away to be used as a normal shade option for your dog. Truly, this foldable dog tent provides the best of both worlds to your dog.

The HTKJ Foldable Dog Beach Tent is also perfect for traveling to the beach. Lots of dogs love digging in the sand and splashing in the water, however, there is usually not shade at the beach for your dog to cool down under. This tent has a silver coating, which provides UV protection for your pup. Fortunately, this dog tent is big enough for large dogs, since it has a spacious dimensions of 47.5 x 31.5 x 27.6”.

As if this tent didn’t already have great features, it also has two side pockets inside the tent and a zippable window on the back. The pockets give you extra storage, so you have a place to keep your stuff out of the sand or dirt. In the end, your dog will love having a fun and functional tent on your beach trips, or even just in the backyard.

Suncast Outdoor Dog House

Main Benefits
  • Great for dogs who are outside for a long time
  • Provides shelter from the hot sun and even rain
  • Pieces easily snap together for assembly
  • No tools required
  • Waterproof
  • Removable roof makes cleaning easy

If you are looking for a home away from home for your dog, the Suncast Outdoor Dog House is an ideal choice. Essentially, dogs who spend a lot of time outside will benefit the most from this dog house. By giving them their own little shelter, it will keep them safe from the hot sun and even rain.

While this dog house is not as easy to assemble as some of the pop-up options, it still doesn’t require tools. Luckily, all of the pieces simply snap together. In addition, the walls of the house have vents that allow for better air circulation and prevent heat from getting trapped inside. Made of a durable resin construction that has a crowned floor, this dog house is completely waterproof to keep your dog safe from all weather elements. Another plus of this dog house is that while it looks small and compact, it is actually spacious on the inside with dimensions of 35 x 27 x 29.5″. Not to mention, it has a vinyl door that allows your pup to easily access their dog house.

To add a personal touch, this dog house comes with vinyl letters so you can put your dog’s name on it. Also, the Suncast Outdoor Dog House has a removable roof for easy access and cleaning. This dog house will not only provide a safe haven for your dog, but it will also become a unique part of your yard.

Petsfit Dog House

Main Benefits
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes
  • Multiple sizes
  • Unique design

Last but not least, the Petsfit Dog House is the perfect permanent solution to provide your dog a backyard haven throughout the whole year. While this dog house requires more assembly than some of the other shade options for dogs, this is the most durable shade option. Don’t be daunted by the idea of assembly, the pieces come with pre-drilled holes to make things easier. Also, it’s weatherproof to stand up to the harsh elements. This dog house is made of pre-treated cedar wood and has an asphalt roof. Conveniently, the roof lifts up so you can easily clean the inside. For easy access, the door has flaps that allow your dog to go in and out.

Available in four different sizes, you will be able to find a dog house that fits your backyard and your dog. Along with the size options, it also comes in two colors, grey or red. It doesn’t look like a typical dog house, and adds a bit of unique style to your yard. Be aware, the construction varies a little depending on the size. For example, the extra small size is the only option with a porch and window. Specifically, you can choose from these size options for your dog:

  • Extra Small: 33 x 25 x 23”
  • Small: 33.7 x 22.6 x 23.1”
  • Medium: 40.8 x 26 x 27.6”
  • Large: 45.6” x 30.9 x 32.1”

Our Final Thoughts

With all of these wonderful shade options for dogs considered, we hope you have found the perfect one for your backyard. We know you want the best for you pup, which means you need to keep them safe in the heat. Ultimately, providing your dog with shade is an easy way to protect them from the sun. All the while, you and your dog can enjoy the lovely weather together.