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Does your dog love being in the sun? Are you gone all day and your dog has access to outside? Do you bring your dog to the lake or beach or hiking with you? If yes to any of those questions, this article is for you. If your dog is going to be exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, this article is also for you! With warm weather just around the corner it is important to remember that while you may be worried about your tan, your dog is not. Continue reading to see what shade options for your dog you have! 

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Does My Dog Really Need Sun Protection?

YES! Just like humans, dogs can get sunburnt. Sunburn for dogs is very painful, causing sore, red, inflamed areas of skin and can even lead to skin cancer. Putting sunscreen on your dog is important anytime they are going to be in the sun’s harmful rays. However, sunscreen may not always be the best option for your dog. If your dog has sensitive skin or you will not be able to reapply every few hours, you will need sunscreen alternatives to protect your dog. 

Dogs with shorter hair and lighter hair colors are even more susceptible to sunburn. However, all dogs need to be protected from the sun’s harmful rays. That is why we compiled a list of the most effective sunscreen alternatives for your dog. Wrangling your dog and smothering them in sunscreen can be an unpleasant experience for all involved. Some dogs break out in rashes when they come in contact with sunscreen. 

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Some dogs immediately lick the sunscreen off making it ineffective since it didn’t have time to soak into their skin. Most sunscreen options only come in four or eight-ounce sizes which might not cover your entire dog. This means you have to waste money on more than one sunscreen everytime you go in the sun. As a more cost-effective and efficient option, we suggest using some of the sunscreen alternatives listed below. You will be confident that your dog is protected and won’t have to keep buying sunscreen over and over!

Dog Shade Options

If your dog loves being outside all day long, even when you aren’t home, sunscreen will not be able to keep them protected for that long. Instead, a sun protectant solution such as artificial shade is a better option. Artifical shade is perfect for all types of backyards. Even better, most shade options for your dog are portable and can be taken to the beach, lake, hiking or wherever! 

PawHut Cooling Dog Bed

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PawHut makes a brilliantly designed canopy bed that has every feature you would want for your dog. The bed is raised over 7 inches off of the ground. This means that your dog won’t have to be laying in the grass or sand. Because they aren’t laying directly on the ground, air can flow under you dog, cooling them off. This also means that your dog has a safe, cool place to lay instead of hot pavement. The frame that holds your dog up is lightweight yet strong. It is made of steel making the frame durable and able to hold bigger dogs. 

The best feature of this cooling dog bed is that it has an attached canopy that creates plenty of shade for your pup. The canopy top is easy to assemble and attaches directly to the cot. Made with a durable, breathable fabric, the canopy top is put together similar to a regular tent. There are poles that slide through holes and bungees that secure the canopy in place.

Another amazing feature of this bed is that it is completely portable! The cot folds up and comes with a travel bag that makes it easy to take this canopy bed wherever you go. With four sizes available, you will be sure to find a PawHut cooling dog bed that will fit your dog. The small is 24 inches long and can hold up to 66lbs. The medium is 30 inches long and can hold up to 77lbs. The large is 36 inches long and can also hold up to 77lbs. There is even an extra large option for the biggest dogs. The extra large is 48 inches long and can hold up to 110lbs. If you are looking for a portable, durable sunscreen alternative, this is for you! 

MyDeal Pop-Up Pet House

Nothing is more simple to assemble than this pop-up tent. MyDeal makes a pop-up tent that all you have to do is pull the tent out of the package and it instantly sets up! This tent is the perfect sun protection solution for dog parents looking for the easiest option, simplest option. Made of lightweight, non-woven materials, this tent is very breathable and won’t trap heat in. The poles of this tent are made of durable yet flexible dura-light steel. Unlike some of the other options out there, this tent requires no tools to assemble! Because the tent is so light-weight and flexible, it can easily be moved inside or outside. The walls of the tent have mesh openings at the top that allow for adequate air flow and light.

This tent is also perfect for other fur babies besides dogs!  Cats, rabbits, and dogs alike love this tent as it allows them to be outside without the sun beating down on them. Another bonus of this pop-up shade option for your dog is that it has a fully closable front door. The door can zip up or be rolled up and store out of the way. Having a door is a necessary feature if you are going camping with your dog. 

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On top of all the excellent feature thus far, this tent also doubles as a car barrier! The tent comes with tie-down stakes and ropes that attach the tent to two front car seats. This versatile shade option for your dog will be the best purchase you buy for the hot summer months! 

Foldable Dog Tent

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Similar to the MyDeal Pop-Up Pet House, this foldable dog tent also pops up to assemble. With no tools necessary, this shade option for your dog is easy to set-up and take down. What makes this tent option so unique is the built-in pool! Yes, a built-in dog pool! If your dog loves the hot summer weather, chances are they also love the water. This tent shade provides the best of both worlds to your dog and to you. With this tent, you know that your dog is staying cool and protected in the summer and your dog loves that they can play outside all day. 

This tent is also the perfect bring along item when traveling to the beach. Lots of dogs love digging in the sand and splashing in the water. However, there is usually not shade at the beach for your dog to cool down under. This tent allows your dog to enjoy the salty water while also being in the shade! If your dog doesn’t enjoy playing in the water, no worries! The pool bottom can be tucked away to be used as a normal shade option for your dog. 

Another bonus of this tent is that it has two side pockets inside the tent and a zippable window on the back. The best part of this tent is that all the material is silver coated which means it is UV ray protected. Your dog will love you for bringing them along with you on your beach trips and you will love how protected they are with this nifty tent!

Shade N Beyond Canopy

Looking for more permanent shade options for your dog? Look no further! The Shade N Beyond Canopy is Amazon’s Choice for artificial shade. While not as easy to set up as some of the other dog shade options, this canopy shades a much larger portion of your backyard. Plus, because of how high or low you can set up the canopy, you can also use it to provide shade for yourself, not just your dog! 

Being the most expansive dog shade option yet, the Shade N Beyond Canopy comes in seven different sizes and five different colors. With so many options, you are sure to find a canopy that fits your backyard. The canopy is made of high density, UV protected polyethylene that lets some light through but no damaging rays. 

It is important to note that this canopy is not waterproof, and that’s a good thing! Because it is not waterproof, it will not pool water on top potentially causing the canopy to get heavy and rip or fall. 

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The fabric of this canopy is stitched with durable stitching and has metal D rings along the edges to attach the canopy to a fence, siding, post, etc. This canopy is not self-standing. It must be attached and stretched between multiple points of contact. With a five year guarantee, this Shade N Beyond canopy is an excellent long-term shade option for your dog and backyard. 

Suncast Dog House

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If you are looking for a home away from home for your dog, this Suncast Dog House is the best option for your dog! If your dog loves to play outside all day long, you need to provide them with a safe place to stay in case weather changes or they need to cool down. 

While this dog house is not as easy to assemble as some of the pop-up options, no tools are necessary for assembly! All the pieces simply snap together. The walls of the house have vents that allow for better air circulation and prevent heat from getting trapped inside. Even though the pieces snap together, this dog house is completely waterproof. It is made of a durable resin construction that has a crowned floor. Another plus of this dog house is that while it looks small and compact, it is actually spacious on the inside.

This dog shade house is suitable for dogs up to 100lbs. Another unique feature of this dog house is that it comes with vinyl lettering to personalize the house with your dog’s name. The Suncast Dog House also has a removable roof for easy access and cleaning. Adding this dog house to your backyard will not only provide a safe haven for your dog but it will also become a cohesive part of your yard.

Petsfit Dog House

Last but not least is the Petsfit Dog House. This outdoor dog house is the perfect permanent solution to provide your dog a backyard haven throughout the whole year. Available in four different sizes, you will be able to find a dog house that fits your backyard and your dog. This house also comes in two colors, grey or red. While this dog house requires more assembly than some of the other shade options for your dog, the house is the most durable shade option. 

Don’t be daunted by the idea of assembly, the pieces come with pre-drilled holes for extremely easy assembly. This dog house is made of pre-treated cedar wood and has an asphalt roof. This house will last longer than all the other dog shade options so if you need a permanent fixture in your backyard, this is the best option for you. Similar to the SunCast dog house, the roof of this house lifts up so you can easily clean the inside. 

Size Options

This dog house also has flaps to cover the front door allowing for access in and out but still blocks the outside ailments. The small to large sizes are constructed like a small room that has a door on the front. However, the extra small size is a room that has a small, covered porch attached to the side. The extra small has a door that leads to the porch and also has a window on the front. However, all the houses are lifted off of the ground to prevent rain and other water from leaking into the houses. The slats of the floor are also slightly separated to prevent heat from being tracked inside. 

In the winter it is best to put a blanket or bedding down to insulate the inside. Petfits Dog House is the perfect shade option for your dog. It not only will protect your dog from the sun and heat but will last year round, protecting your dog from all-weather ailments possible. 

No matter what style of shade option for your dog you need, this article will help you find the best one to fit your lifestyle. From the easy pop-up, travel tents to permanent backyard solutions, you are sure to find a shade option that you and your dog will both enjoy. With some many options out there, there is no excuse to not protect your pup from the harmful dangers of the sun and other weather conditions.