ZippyPaws is a well-known dog toy company with a modern, whimsical taste. In particular, the company truly became creative with their plush toy lines. From animals to food to Holiday themes, an owner has the ability to pick out an item perfect for their unique pup. We have reviewed the ZippyPaws Nomnomz Plush Squeaker Toy and now wish to bring you in-depth information on the ZippyPaws Burrow Plush Toy Line. Unlike other soft toys, this line helps to keep your pup’s mind engaged and sharp.

Why Interactive Toys?

Interactive dog toys require your pup to perform a task. These toys come in two categories: those that involve an owner or those that engage a dog for solo play. Examples include balls for fetch, frisbees for water play, treat dispensers for when momma leaves, puzzle toys for brain stimulation, etc.

We love incorporating interactive toy facts because of their incredible importance. In fact, we highly recommend keeping a variety of interactive dog toys on hand! While fetching toys provide your dog with physical exercise, treat dispensers and puzzles target brain stimulation. In short, the later keeps Fido both engaged and entertained.

The ZippyPaws Burrow Plush Toy Line combines the benefits of a plush toy with the capabilities of an interactive toy. First, the soft texture is comforting and relaxing to your pup. Second, the squeakers and design create a fun puzzle. As a result, we believe this product will aid any pooch during alone time.

Unfortunately, without engagement and activity many dogs begin to exhibit bad behaviors. This may include home destruction, excessive barking, extreme chewing, hole digging, and more. In essence, Fido will find a way to keep busy! By and large, interactive toys can be your saving grace.

The Product: ZippyPaws Burrow Plush Toy Line

The Basics

Each ZippyPaws Burrow Plush Toy Line product has the same basic design. First, you will receive a “burrow.” The burrow is a large, hollow plush toy with three stitched holes. Second, you will receive three “miniz.” The miniz are smaller plush objects that fit nicely through the burrow’s outer holes. Additionally, each mini houses a small squeaker! As the owner, you will prepare the toy by stuffing each mini into the burrow. Accordingly, your furbaby will dig into the burrow, extracting each mini.

Both the plush texture and puzzle design combine to bring wonderful doggie benefits. To explain, a plush toy is often classified as a dog comfort toy. Many dogs will adopt soft toys as snuggly companions; gaining comfort and relaxation. Furthermore, toys with a puzzle design work to keep Fido engaged and entertained. As a result, we believe the ZippyPaws Burrow Plush Toy Line is wonderful for younger dogs and senior furbabies. In essence, such pups will receive the most benefits from a snuggly friend and soft-textured interaction.

Many Options

Zoo Theme: Elephant Cave, Giraffe Lodge, Meerkat Den, Money ‘n Banana, Panda ‘n Bamboo, Penguin Cave, Polar Bear Igloo

Woodland Theme: Hedgehog Den, Chipmunks ‘n Log, Racoons ‘n Trash Can

Farm Theme: Pig Pen, Baby Pig Pen

Food Theme: Popcorn Bucket, Milk ‘n Cookies, Chicken Bucket, Coffee ‘n Donutz, Blueberry Pancakes, Strawberry Waffles

Ocean Theme: Aquarium, Crab ‘n Rock, Shark ‘n Ship, Seahorse ‘n Coral

Holiday Theme: Egg ‘n Bunny, Bunny ‘n Carrot, Valentine’s Heart ‘n Bears, Pumpkin with Bats, Hot Cocoa, Ginger Bread House, Yule Log, Dreidel, Chinese Dragon Lantern, Mailbox ‘n Love Letters, Reindeer Pen, Haunted House, Spooky Gravestone


 Due to the unique theme of each plush toy, you will not find a set measurement. Consequently, each of the ZippyPaws Burrow Plush Toys has its own specific size. For example, the Panda ‘n Bamboo measures 7 x 5 x 5” and the Giraffe Lodge measures 8 x 7 x 7”. We suggest using ZippyPaws to find exact measurements of your desired toy. Additionally, the particular product’s Amazon page will provide measurements.


The Burrow Plush Toy Line from ZippyPaws comes with some key cautions. The dog toy features “miniz”: three smaller plush objects that fit within their “burrow.” Consequently, caution should be used when larger dogs use the toy. Therefore, we recommend ZippyPaws Burrow Plush Toys for small to medium size breeds.

Plush and soft textured toys are not recommended for heavy chewing pups. Not only can your hard-earned money be destroyed in seconds, but the danger of ingestions looms. In fact, dog toys are not regulated by food safety standards. Therefore, ingestion of materials and stuffing can become hazardous for Fido! We recommend the Burrow Plush Toy Line for gentle beasts looking for a little challenge.

Unfortunately, this toy is China made. Although we prefer dog products that are USA made, we recognize that many great products are manufactured elsewhere. To view completely USA made dog products, view our article on Dog Companies Every True American Must Support.

What We Love

We are a huge fan of ZippyPaws because of their unique, creative, and modern variations in plush toys. Their Burrow Plush Toy Line has over 20 options alone! This enables an owner to truly tailor their pup’s experience to their unique personality. For example, a farm-living pooch would love the Pig Pen design. Additionally, holiday themes such as the Ginger Bread House are perfect for seasonal gifting.

More By ZippyPaws

ZippyPaws Warriorz Plush Dog Toy

Every pup has an inner warrior, no matter their age, size, or breed! ZippyPaws embodies that fighting and noble spirit in their Warriorz Plush Dog Toy. The company uses their Z-Stitch technology to make this product extra durable in the hands of your pooch. In particular, this includes a reinforced border webbing. Additionally, durable materials layer to protect from chewing.

ZippyPaws Warriorz Plush Dog Toy has no stuffing and two “blaster” squeakers. Not only will the noise encourage your pup to continue play, but the absence of stuffing reduces possible mess. In contrast, a plush toy filled with stuffing can become hazardous for a gnawing dog!

Overall, current customers love this toy. One such customer noted how the durable product held up against their “two power chewing 200 lb English Mastiffs.” Yet, a few others had a different experience. We recognize that no toy is indestructible, and your pup may tear through this one just the same.

You will be able to choose from Archibald Archer, Gabriel Gladiator, Helena Heroine, Nicholas Knight, and Nobu the Ninja. Specifically, we love Helena Heroine because she mimics the portrait of Wonder Woman. Therefore, she will be perfect for your vivacious female furbaby!

You can expect to pay under $10 for any of the ZippyPaws Warriorz Plush Dog Toys. Each measure 11.5 x 9 x 2”.

ZippyPaws Jigglerz

Some dogs desire more texture to their toys. ZippyPaw Jigglerz offer that enhanced texture; filled with crinkle paper instead of stuffing! Each toy features a cute animal with an elongated stomach. Therefore, providing more surface area for your gnawing pooch to play and carry.

Jigglerz are made with a cross-stitch pattern and extra layer of Corduroy material; increasing durability and strength. Furthermore, a unique noisemaker hides inside. Unlike many other squeakers, this noisemaker produces sound when “shaken from side-to-side.”

You can choose from six different fun animals: a bunny, chipmunk, duck, fox, racoon, or skunk. Each measure 22” in length. Customers note that the animal’s body is not floppy, as one might think. Instead, it sports a hollow plastic that produces a crunching sound when your pup bites down. Additionally, you should be warned that the toy is very loud.


Its no secret that we adore ZippyPaws for their fun and creative plush toys. In particular, the ZippyPaws Burrow Plush Toy Line offers the combination of snuggly plush comfort and engaging puzzle work. After placing three “miniz” into the hollow “burrow,” your dog will work to retrieve each squeaking object.

This toy is perfect for young dogs and senior pups due to its soft texture. First, the soft texture provides comfort and remains gentle on fragile teeth or jaws. Second, the interactive design allows young pups to practice their brain games and senior pups to remain sharp.

Unfortunately, a heavy chewing dog will not be the right fit. In fact, tearing and ingesting the non-food safe materials is hazardous to canines. Yikes! For those who love chewing, check out ZippyPaw’s Warriorz Plush Dog Toy or ZippyPaw’s Jigglerz.