Every day dogs gain different odors from being outside and not washing their fur. However, unlike their owners, they are not able to bathe themselves every day to keep the odors at bay. So, would the best dog  perfume and cologne be the answer to keeping them smelling fresh in between trips to the tub? Check out the benefits of these products and a few of our top picks to find out if it is the answer for you!

      Getting ready and spraying on a quick spritz of perfume or cologne to top it off is something that we humans do without thinking. In fact, we do not even stop and think about why we are doing it in the first place. These products have become a staple in our everyday life because it gives us a delightful scent even hours after we have bathed. Since this product works so well on you, have you ever thought about giving it a try on your dog at home? 

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Why Use a Dog Perfume or Cologne?

    The best dog perfume and cologne is not a widely advertised product; which is why people tend to look it over. Unfortunately, this means owners often do not learn about all the benefits it has to offer. Many owners tend to think that it provides the same results as shampoo or conditioner. However, what they do not realize is that it is an alternative to constant bathing.

The Purpose of Pet Perfume and Cologne

     The main purpose of these products is to replace regular pet odors with various delightful scents. Ranging from baby powder to sweet flavors like berries, there is an option for everyone no matter their preference. With just a couple of sprays, it will take your dog from smelling like well…dog (go figure right?), to an enjoyable aroma of your choosing!     

      Since these sprays are able to replace doggie odors, you can take more time in between baths. This will not only save you a lot of time and mess, but also a lot of headaches as well. It is no secret that dogs hate baths; which means that they like to make them as difficult as possible (we all know the struggle!). In turn, this may make you upset or even angry and cause tension in your relationship. Although, all you have to do to prevent these unfortunate events from happening is spraying a little bit of perfume or cologne on them now and again.

      Not only will this make your dog smell better but it will also prevent your house from smelling badly as well. When dogs have a strong odor it tends to go into the air and make the whole area have an unpleasant smell. This can be gross for you but also quite embarrassing especially when family or guest stop by.

     Now that you know some of the benefits dog perfume and cologne have to offer to check out some of our top picks below. We cover things like their ingredients, scents, and even what unique qualities each company has to offer. After you decide which one is best for you all you have to do is use our link to find it on Amazon. Before you know it, it will be arriving on your doorstep and you will finally be able to breathe happily through your nose again!

The Best Dog Perfume and Cologne: Our Picks!

Bodhi Dog

Main Benefits:
  • USA made
  • 5 delicious scents
  • non-toxic
  • safe for sensitive skin
  • works on any fur type

      With five scents to choose from, there is an option that everyone will enjoy. From sweet scents like a sugar cookie to more mild scents like baby powder there is no shortage of delightful choices. To use this pet cologne all you have to do is spray it onto your dog’s coat and brush it through. For the scent to stay potent the company recommends reapplying it again every couple of days.

     Bodhi Dog Cologne is not only USA made, but it’s non-toxic. This gentle formula allows pups with normal or even sensitive skin to replace bad odors with an enjoyable scent. In fact, it is so gentle you will not have to worry about it removing or messing up any flea or tick medicines.

      To use this cologne your dog does not need to have short hair. This spray actually works on any type of fur from long and curly to short and thin. Not only that but when used it actually fills the coat with natural ingredients that will condition and smooth out the hair. To make sure the coat stays clean as the scent it will hold the spray will not leave behind any extra product in the hair that may become thick or slimy.

     As they make the cologne the company makes sure to use only ingredients that can be found locally. Also, to make sure that the environment is not harmed from their product they use packaging that is made out of recyclable material. In turn, this means that not only are they keeping your air clean from odors but the world from unnecessary trash as well.

Lambert Kay

Main Benefits:
  • 3 great scents
  • USA made
  • long-lasting
  • aerosol spray can
  • two sizes

     Baby powder, fresh floral, and tropical are the scents that this pet cologne comes in. With these 3 choices, you will be able to pick one that you enjoy the best or switch up the scent over time. No matter which one you do choose the formula is made to last; keeping the odors at bay for a while. This means no more spraying air fresheners or burning multiple candles to try and keep the air fresh after just a few hours. Best part: it’s USA made!

      To help make sure that people get the right amount of product they need the company offers their product in a 6 or 12-ounce can. However, since this scent does last longer than others, many customers find themselves not using a ton of the spray! In fact, some of them say that just one can last them multiple months even when they have more than one dog.

      Lambert Kay colognes are created in a can to release an aerosol spray; which means that it comes in liquid form but is released as a mist. To make sure that you get the best results from this mist the company recommends shaking the can before using it. Then once you are ready they suggest spraying it from at least 10 inches away starting from the back of their head and then moving your way down.

Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care

Main Benefits:
  • conditions the fur
  • de-stressing
  • strong enough to eliminate odors, but light
  • no dyes or parabens
  • USA made

     Not many dog perfume or dog colognes can be called a triple threat when it comes to their benefits. Although, when it leaves a delightful scent, conditions the coat, and calms your dog there is no question that this one earned the title. To gain these benefits all you have to do is spray the coat all over making sure it is completely wet with product, brush it through, and then spray one more small dusting over the coat.

    The final misting is what leaves behind the enjoyable scent of lavender and chamomile. Unlike many other scented sprays, this one will not clear out a room. Instead, the smell is just enough to remove the odors and create a delightful aroma. Not only do these ingredients smell good to you but they also calm your pet. In turn, this means that with this product both you and your dog’s stress levels will be diminished.

      Another ingredient that will provide benefits to your dog is Lanolin. This element of the formula is special because it will moisturize naturally making even the driest and sensitive skin hydrated. While moisturizing it will also work with other elements to keep the coat cleansed and looking great.

      The company added some very beneficial ingredients, however the most important things are what they left out. Inside of this 8 fluid ounce spray bottle, you will not find any parabens or dyes to make sure that it will not irritate the skin. The company also made sure not to irritate the environment by making their product completely biodegradable. Plus, you can expect this de-stressing spray to be USA made.


Main Benefits:
  • USA made
  • 5 scents
  • 70% organic
  • made from 50% reusable materials
  • no soap or detergent
  • gentle on skin

     Take a trip to the tropics with the USA-made Tropiclean deodorizing pet spary. You can now sweep away to the islands with this pet cologne that comes in scents like papaya mist or peach kava. To make your dog smell like 1 of the 5 scents they offer all you have to do is spray the cologne onto their coat. Since you are spraying it right onto your pet the company wanted to make sure there would be no irritations so they made their formula with natural ingredients.

      In fact, the company labels their product 70% organic which is a lot more than others on the market. This organic label comes from their blends of natural extracts. For example, the papaya mist scent has an organic mix of papaya, pomegranate, mango, kiwi, oatmeal, and chamomile extract. However, something that might be more important is what they do not include in their formula. Inside each of these spray bottles, you will not find any soap or detergent allowing it to be completely gentle on their skin.

      Not only is the product made of great ingredients but their 8-ounce bottles are as well! The manufacturer made sure to include material that had been previously recycled. In total, each bottle is made with 50% of this reusable material. This means that with each spray, both your nose and your soul will be happy  knowing that you are not irritating your pet or the environment.