An essential part of grooming your pup means trimming down their nails. If your dog tends to jump up, you know just how important this is. Think those scratches hurt on your legs? Furthermore, imagine them on your hardwood floor! Yikes! There are three ways to trim back Fido’s nails: a guillotine clipper, a standard scissor clipper, or a grinder. Dog nail grinders give a great option because you gain more control and reduce the ouch factor for your furbaby. Not sure where to start? From the most powerful to the quietest, we’ve scavenged the internet to bring you our top picks.

Getting Started

Why Dog Nail Grinders?

Grinders provide an alternative for trimming back your pup’s nails. Whereas standard clippers can accidentally cut into the cuticle, causing great pain and bleeding, grinders give the owner more control. From choosing your own grinding head to choosing the right rotating speed, you can cater a grinder to your dog’s needs. In essence, this makes for a much more pleasant experience for both dog and owner.

Standard clippers can often place pressure on your pup’s nail during use. This can cause a dog to become anxious, squirm, or pull away. A grinder, on the other hand, slowly works down the nail. You can even maintain short bursts, adding even more control.

Have you ever cut back your nails and they come out jagged, with sharp sides? Clippers will often provide the same outcome for your dog’s nails. Consequently, this is even more of the case when Fido has old and brittle nails. Just as a nail file can smooth out your nail, a grinder will allow you to shape your dog’s nail into smooth and perfect ends. Scratches begone!

The “Quick”

Your pup’s nails are composed of two different parts. First, the hard, outer shell is the part of the nail that an owner should trim. Second, inside this shell is a softer material, known as the cuticle. Often, you will hear the cuticle referred to as the “quick.” This is the part of the nail that an owner should NOT trim. Cutting into the soft tissue causes major pain for your dog and will result in bleeding. You will see the quick in dogs with light colored nails, but it will be hidden from view in dark nails. Using a grinder minimizes the risk of cutting into the quick.

Know What you are Looking For

Observing your dog’s nails is the first step to finding the perfect grinder. Are they small? Are they hard? Both the size and hardness of the nail will factor into which grinder will work best. Grinders have different power ranges. While a weaker rotating head could be perfect for your smaller darling, it most certainly would not be ideal for a larger pooch.

Breaking it down into the basics; grinders are power tools with a rotating head of sandpaper. Knowing this, imagine how you use sandpaper for other projects. Ordinarily, smoothing out a harder surface requires a coarser material. Accordingly, it is just the same with your dog’s nails! The head of a grinder is basically sandpaper, so you should envision its coarseness as a type of “strength.” For tougher nails, grinding stones are less likely to wear away.

If you know your furbaby has harder nails, the Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool is going to be perfect for your trimming needs. With 2 different speeds (6,500 and 13,000 RPM), you can cater the grooming experience. It is recommended that a lower speed is used for smaller pups while the higher speed can be used for larger.

The Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool is cordless for extra convenience and weighs just 1.39 pounds. Even better, it comes with a 1 year warranty! The 755-01 4.8V battery comes with a three hour charger. While these are not common like your standard AA batteries, they can be found on Amazon quiet easily. Don’t feel the need to buy replacement barrel heads because the device will come will extra.

Don’t let the name Dremel scare you. Their Pet Nail Grooming Tool is specifically made for use on your furbabies. This product will give you the control you need to safely trim back those nails. We recommend reading the assembly directions because the rotating head can be a bit complex to attach. There exist plenty of online videos to aid you along the way.

Minimizing the Anxiety

Switching from standard clippers to a grinder will already greatly reduce the amount of anxiety and pain your furbaby will experience. Yet, when turning on a grinder, it does create a noise. This noise is going to be unknown to your pup and may make them squeamish. Therefore, it is recommended to turn on the device and allow your dog to get used to it before trimming back their nails. Feeding treats after turning it on will condition them to become relaxed during the process.

If you believe the noise will pose a problem, there are wonderful grinders on the market that are quiet and still effective for small to medium size dogs. Scavenging through the internet, we found the best! The Gasky Pet Nail Grinder is not only great for dogs but can be used on cats as well! The best part is, it’s quiet.

The Gasky Pet Nail Grinder is extremely easy to operate, simply push the on button and you’re go to go. Its battery powered design comes cordless. That’s right! Take it wherever you want! It takes two AA batteries, a set even comes with the device. A plastic covering over the rotating head gives an extra safety net. By placing your pup’s nail in the small opening, their nail is easily trimmed without the fear of getting hair caught in the head. The plastic covering also catches the files so that no mess is made.

This device comes with a diamond bit grinding stone: a sturdy surface with pieces of diamond powder. These heads are replaceable and are easily found on Amazon. Because the Gasky Pet Nail Grinder is not as powerful as the Dremmel, we recommend this product from small to medium size dogs.

How Much will Nail Grinders Cost?

Great news! Grinders are inexpensive! Although these devices mimic power tools, they will not break the bank. Amazon offers up a wide variety of grinders for the picking. Our two favorite dog nail grinders cost:

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool- $

Gasky Pet Nail Grinder- $

Reviewing Our Top Picks

For Large Dog with Hard Nails

The Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool is a powerful little device that allows an owner to pick between two rotating speeds: 6,500 and 13,000 RPM. It’s cordless design means you are not stuck to a wall outlet for use. With a 1 year warranty, you know this grinder means business! All things considered, we highly recommend this product for larger dog with harder nails. Unlike standard clippers, you will be able to shape the nail with new ease and less pain for Fido.

For Dogs Who Don’t Like the Noise

While grinders are more safe than clippers, they do emit a noise that may cause dogs to become anxious. There exists some wonderful grinders that are more quiet and are absolutely perfect for these restless pups. By and large, the Ghaksy Pet Nail Grinder is super quiet and easy to operate. Additionally, its plastic covering gives extra safety away from the diamond bit rotating head. Best of all, you will only need two AA batteries to operate it, which it already comes with! We recommend this product for small and medium size dogs.

Your New Experience

Overall, if you are worried about the pain a traditional dog nail clipper might cause your furbaby, consider going with a grinder instead! You will hold much more control in your hand. Additionally, grinders are inexpensive and easily available. By observing your dog’s nails, you will be able to pin-point which grinder can get the job done best. Both the coarseness of the grinding head and rotating speed will factor into your decision. We took the time to research and sort through the products, so you don’t have to! We truly believe our top picks will give you and Fido a better nail trimming session.

Next time you and your pup head into a spa day, break out their new dog nail grinder! After quickly becoming used to the new tool, Fido will feel 100% spoiled. As a pet owner, you care for your furry friend like one of the family. Make sure they receive the best treatment to remain both happy and healthy.