Being outside is one of the greatest daily activities you can provide for your dog. They need fresh air and space, just like you and I. However, it is extremely unsafe to let your dog out into the yard without supervision or a way to keep them close-by. The last thing you want is for your excited pooch to run off at the smallest sound of a squirrel! For this reason physical or electric fences would come in hand. Unfortunately, they can be expensive and why dish out all that money if you only need a temporary solution? The solution: a tie-out for your dog will be less-expensive.

     To keep your dog in a certain area, like your yard, a tie-out uses cables that are connected on one side to your pups collar and another to a grounded object in the yard. Often, that’s all you need to keep your dog close by while your finish up the yard work.

     You may be unsure if a tie-out is right for you and your dog. To help you decide, we have dug up multiple benefits that each provides and some top choices to look at if you are interested. To help make this process even easier for you, each option is available on Amazon. It was our goal to find tie-outs that were not super expensive but also had good quality and usability. We want to bring you the best value that we can.

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What are Tie-Outs for Dogs?

     Tie-Outs are cables that are clipped to your dog to keep them from running away when outside. Like we mentioned before, each is clipped to your dog’s collar and then attached or anchored to something in the yard. It can be a porch, a support beam, or a separately purchased stake. This way your dog can roam around your yard without you having to hold them on a leash the whole time. This will definitely help keep your dog out of trouble and keep your hands free to tidy-up the yard.

     Tie-Outs are a cheaper alternative to electric fences or even regular fences. Electric fences can be expensive due to the time and installation required for them. On the other hand, a regular fence may not be worth the time or hassle either. Truly, it all depends on your needs and the habits of your beloved pooch.  

When is a Tie-Out Suitable for my Dog?

     When deciding what option is best for your pup, you definitely need to consider their nature and habits. A calmer dog that just trots around is probably best suited for tie-out cables in general. They will be able to use a wider variety of cables that suit them. Depending on how far your dog likes to roam and how far you want them to roam is totally up to the cable. You can choose a longer or shorter version depending on their needs.

     An energetic dog can still use tie-out cables but don’t be surprised if the cable breaks in time. Some dogs need to roam around, even the best tie-out cable is going to restrict that to some degree. Furthermore, if you know your dog tends to be destructive, a solid physical fence or electric fence will help keep their determined nature at bay. In the end, tie-outs are best for dogs who:

  1. Are on the calmer side
  2. Only need to be restrained for a short period of time
  3. Can be supervised
  4. Are not aggressive chewers

     You still should always supervise your dog when they are on a tie-out. Tie-outs are not indestructible and they can be broken. You don’t want your dog to break their tie-out when you are not there to see it. If that happens, they may be long gone before you notice. We also recommend buying a size up when purchasing a tie-out cable. For example, if your dog is 80 pounds, we would recommend buying a 125 pound cable. This leaves room for error and will hold up a bit better for your pup.

Our Top Tie-Out Picks

Petest Reflective Tie-Out Cable

     The Petest Reflective Tie-Out Cable is made from vinyl coated steel cable and has swivel clips on each end of the cable. The swivel clips will have extra strength and much-needed rust protection. Plus, a swivel clip allows your dog to roam about without getting themselves in a tangled mess! There is reflective material inside the cable for low light reflectiveness. Considering your tie-out will probably be outside, it will need to weather the elements. Things like rust protection and the ability to reflect light at night will definitely come in handy.

     However, some customers comment they would like more reflective power. The cable also has crimp covers to protect the ends of the cable where the loop is made. The crimp covers protect cable ends from rust and weather damage.

     This cable is pretty solid and  will get the job done. It works well for smaller to medium size dogs, and can handle larger ones well too. Although, it is important to stress that strong and determined pups can still run the risk of breaking free. These cables can hold your dog close but none of them are indestructible. A bigger dog may break out sooner than a smaller dog would. Furthermore, use caution if your pooch is an avid chewer. Strong jaws are much more likely to wear-down the cable.


  1. Small: holds 35lbs, goes 25 ft
  2. Medium: holds 90lbs, goes 15 ft
  3. Medium: holds 90lbs, goes 25 ft
  4. Large: holds 125 lbs, goes 30ft
  5. Large: holds 250 lbs, goes 25ft


  1. Yellow
  2. Green
  3. Black
  4. Red

Petmate Large Dog Tie-out Cable

     This tie out cable has the lowest price, but that does not mean it is a lower quality than the rest. Astonishingly, the cable can withstand up to 1700 pounds of break strength. It is made from strong, galvanized steel cable and is covered by a weather resistant polyvinyl coating. Furthermore, it’s metal, swivel clips allow your pup to have a full range of motion without getting tangled up.

     This cable is again, a solid cable. It gets the job done and is going to hold your dogs in to their spot. It is thick, does not coil up or get knotted. However, the cable does lack in some areas. For example, it may rust quicker than other cables; specifically in the areas on the ends of the cable where the loops are created.We suggest the Petmate Large Dog Tie-Out Cable for calmer pups who do not pull heavily. It’s hardware, unfortunately, is not meant to hold up against determined dogs.


  1. 10ft, holds 100 lbs
  2. 15ft, holds 100 lbs
  3. 20ft, holds 100 lbs
  4. 30ft, holds 100 lbs

BV Pet Heavy Tie - Out Cable

     The BV Pet Heavy Tie-Out Cable is built to be durable and lightweight. It’s made from sturdy steel with a vinyl coating that includes an anti-rust quality. Additionally, the cable has crimp covers where the loops are formed for the clips. This is to protect the loops from rain to prevent rusting. The clips on these cables are swivel clips just like the other cables on this list. One of the best features is the company offers a one-year product warranty. If you go with the BV Pet Heavy Tie-Out Cable, you can feel safe knowing the product can be returned for refund. On the other hand, you and your furbaby may fall in love with it!

     The cable does have some drawbacks. It may kink up and coil a bit. This could have an effect on how far the cable actually reaches sometimes. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend this tie-out to dogs who are heavy chewers because a big chewing dog may gnaw through if not supervised. However, for their highly affordable price, these cables are worth it.


Heavy: Holds 125 lbs, goes 30 ft

Heavy XXL: Holds 250lbs, goes 25 ft