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It’s crucial that your pup gets enough exercise throughout the day. And this can be harder than we usually think! If you don’t have nice weather, and a nice place to take them for a walk, they often end up slouching on the couch all day. While we may love to watch them sleep all day, it’s not healthy for Fido to simply lay on the couch all day long. Their joints, weight, and heart health may suffer. Fortunately, there’s a way to ensure they get their daily recommended exercise – with a treadmill.

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Treadmills for dogs?

Why would a dog need a treadmill? For the same reason we use them. It’s not always ideal, or possible, to take a walk or jog outdoors. It may be unsavory weather, or maybe you simply don’t have anywhere to go. Treadmills allow you, and your pup, the ability to get your blood flowing and stay in shape regardless of what’s going on outside. No doubt it will take some getting used to, but once your dog grows comfortable with a treadmill, you’ll be so happy you tried it! You can even walk beside them on your own treadmill, allowing both you and Fido to meet your daily step goals.


Buying a treadmill for your pooch may seem a little silly, after all, can’t you just let them use your treadmill? It’s not the best idea. Puppy treadmills are designed with dogs in mind. The surface is easy to walk on, they’re slower, and there’s much less risk involved. You should never turn a treadmill on and leave your dog there to stick it out. Dogs have no way to turn off, or turn down, a regular treadmill. This is not only unsafe physically, but it can cause anxiety and fear as well. Fortunately, pet treadmills are safe, reliable, and your dog will feel much more comfortable walking on them.

In our in depth review we’ll cover not only pet treadmills, but treadwheels as well. Tread wheels work in a similar manner, and achieve the same goal. The only difference is that they’re powered by your dog, as they walk on the wheel, it starts to spin. They basically work the way a hamster wheel would. 

No matter what your dog’s health needs are, a treadmill can probably help. From overweight pups, to pups that need more strength, and those that just have too much energy! 

Dog Pacer

The Dog Pacer is probably the most popular, and most tested dog treadmill on the market. They pride themselves on their innovative, safe, and effective machine that will help your pup avoid health issues and stay fit no matter what the weather’s like. 

So what makes this treadmill so spectacular? First of all, we should probably mention that an actual rocket scientist lead the design team for this machine!

It’s longer than a regular treadmill. Why? Because your dog’s stride is much longer than yours. To feel safe, they need a longer area to work with. 

All of the controls on this treadmill are low and off to the side so that Fido can’t accidentally mess with them. Additionally, this allows you to easily control the treadmill with them, without getting in their way. When their ‘workout’ is complete, simply turn it off, and they can walk straight off of the front of the machine. 

The Dog Pacer is surprisingly light. It can be folded for transport, which also means you can fold it away in a closet when you’re not using it. 

Dogs seem to get used to this machine fairly quickly. The machine has digital displays that allow you to choose from 3 different workout patterns, and of course, you can manually set the pace as well. 

If you’ve never tried out a treadmill for Fido before, you’ll be happy to hear that this product comes with a two year lifetime warranty. So if for any reason the machine breaks, you can return it for a full refund. 

This treadmill can support dogs up to 180 lbs due to its strong motor. The walking surface is 71″ x 16.5″, and because its so quiet, dogs don’t seem to be startled by it. We highly recommend this treadmill to any dog owner looking for an easy way to ensure their dog gets ample exercise. 

Main Benefits

  • Designed by a rocket scientist
  • Controls are easy to use
  • Digital Display
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Under $600
  • Comfortable for Fido

GoPet Tread Wheel

GoPet is another widely popular brand in the world of doggie exercise. They have a variety of pet wheels that help keep dogs healthy and in shape indoors. Founded in 2006, this company has worked hard to develop some of the best pet exercise equipment. 

The Pet Wheels work much like a traditional ‘hamster wheel’. Your dog controls the speed, and they can stop at any time. This makes them a bit more comfortable to dogs than treadmills. Their own strength powers the wheel, meaning they go as fast as they want at any given time. 

The inside of the wheel is made with a cushioned, matted material that’s safe and comfortable for your dog’s feet while they’re walking or running.

The smaller wheel is great for toy breeds under 25 pounds. They’ll easily be able to move the wheel. It weighs just 42 pounds, and is  19 x 42 x 45 inches. It’s much easier to fit in your bedroom or living room. It’s very similar in price to the Dog Pacer.  This Wheel is great for tiny dogs. It’s completely controlled by them, and they can always jump off if need be. 

The large wheel is a much more permanent fixture. It’s both large, and heavy. Weighing almost 250 pounds, and with dimensions of 36 x 240 x 72 inches, this will more or less be a permanent fixture. It’s great for home gyms, garages, and even basements. We recommend the large treadwheel to larger dogs that are going to be exercising frequently. The treadwheel is close to $1500, which is only really worth the price if you’re going to be using it often. 

Main Benefits

  • Multiple Sizes
  • Manually Operated By The Dog
  • Safe
  • Comfortable on their feet

GoPet Toy Breed Treadmill

Our next pick is another GoPet product, but this time, it’s a treadmill designed just for toy breeds. If you have a pup under 44 pounds, this is a great way to ensure they stay fit! The running area of this treadmill is 28″ x 16″, and it can go anywhere between 1mp and 8mph, which is a perfect speed for tiny pups with tiny legs. 

This is a great pick for dogs that are just starting out with a treadmill. There’s a bar right at their eye level that has a hook that can bet attached to their favorite toys or treats. This allows them to stay focused on their favorite toy rather than focusing on the walking. 

This treadmill gradually increases and decreases in speed, while always staying completely flat for your pooch. You control the speeds with the controls, and it’s easy to simply lift your pup off of the treadmill when they’re finished. 

This treadmill is already small, but it can also be folded to fit just about anywhere. It’s also somewhat lightweight (81 lbs), so you can move it around from time to time. 

We highly recommend this model for toy breeds. You won’t be wasting your money on a large bulky treadmill for your tiny pooch. This model is safe, affordable, and easy to use. 

Main Benefits

  • Designed For Toy Breeds
  • Eye-level bar to hang treats or toys to focus them
  • Safe, flat surface
  • Lightweight
  • 1-8mph

GoPet Giant Treadmill

On the other end of the spectrum is the GoPet Giant treadmill. This is one of the largest, if not the largest, dog treadmill on the market. Weighing a whopping 273 lbs, this treadmill is designed for the big pups! It can support dogs up to 264 lbs, and has a surface area of 91″ x 25″. 

This treadmill can go between 1 and 10mph, and has a safe gradual start. This treadmill is also the only treadmill we’ve reviewed that can be adjusted to have an incline, and also has a full enclosure. Your pup can’t fall off, jump off, or get hurt trying to walk. You control the speed from either the panel, or a remote, and you can always stop the treadmill at anytime. 

This is a great pick for larger dogs that need a safe place to walk indoors. Dogs tend to feel comfortable with this treadmill if you start them slow. The front of the treadmill is open, so once the machine is stopped, they can simply walk off of the front. They never have to back out of it, and they don’t have to feel trapped. 

Main Benefits

  • 1-10mph
  • Safety Bars
  • Surface area: 91″ x 25″
  • Remote or panel controls
  • Incline adjustments
  • Suitable for dogs up to 264 lbs.

Canine treadmills are a great tool to use to keep your pup healthy. They ensure Fido always has a place to exercise regardless of the weather, or where you live. Additionally, they’re safe for your dog’s joints, and prevent heart diseases, and other diseases caused by obesity. 

If you have any questions about the products here, feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected]