As a dog owner you tend to see a lot of advertisements about amazing pet products that will change your life. Unfortunately, most of these products turn out to not be as life changing as you have hoped. When it comes to the Parkland Pet Portable Foldable Playpen we will not promise that it will dramatically change your life but we can tell you why it will make your life a bit easier. Not only that, but we will also go into depth about all of its features and help you decide if this pen is right for you and your Fido.


Before we even begin talking about the Parkland Playpen you may find yourself wondering how could a playpen benefit you as a pet owner? A lot of people only associate playpens with babies or toddlers so it is a question that can easily pop up. To help you see how you can associate the playpen with your pet and even an easier time here are a list of some benefits it will provide.

Keeping the Energy Contained

Many people find multiple similarities between their pup and toddlers. One main similarity that everyone picks up on is the crazy amount of energy they both have. It always seems like it is so hard to keep them still and in one spot for more than 5 seconds. With a playpen you will be able to keep your pup in one designated area and not have to worry about having to constantly chase them.

Since they do have so much energy they usually try and release it by chewing and ripping up anything they can get their paws on. From important documents to brand new shoes, anything is up for grabs! A playpen keeps Fido in your line of sight at all times, therefore minimizing the risk of unwanted behaviors. This means your new high heels will stay safe and you will finally be able to wear them this weekend.

Personal Pup Space

 Not only will you be at ease knowing all of your items are safe in the playpen your pup will feel safe as well. Kind of like a crate, this playpen provides your pup with their own personal space. In turn, they will make them feel at ease curling up inside for a quick snooze. You may even notice them spending more time inside calm then running around looking for things to get into.  

Protection from Outside Elements

 Many playpens can be used outside or inside. This is perfect for a pup that may enjoy their time outside looking for squirrels or barking at the neighbors. As the sun sits up in the sky it is beating down on the pup causing them to get overheated. With a playpen outside they are able to escape from the sun and enjoy some nice cool shade.


 The most important benefit that playpens have to offer is that they allow you to travel with your pup. Most of these playpens can fold up and allow you to take them on the go. In turn, this will allow you to set it up while you are outside camping or even at a friends house. Inside of this playpen they will be safe in one spot and out of trouble so you can enjoy your vacation instead of worrying about what your pup is getting into.


Size Options

There are many playpens on the market but today we would like to cover what Parkland Pet has to offer. First, you can choose from two size variations to accommodate your unique pooch. To make sure that your pup can fit, and has enough room to feel comfortable, you can choose from a large or small size.

Both of these sizes have very different dimensions. If you choose the small size you would be receiving a pen that is 27 inches in length, 27 inches in width, and 17 inches in height. With the large size you would be getting a pen that is 48 inches in length, 48 inches in width, and 24 inches in height. Unfortunately, this pen is not for dogs on the larger side and the company even suggests not using it for dogs over 25 pounds.


One great aspect of this pen are the use of zippers. On the top of the pen there is a zipper that actually lets you take off the top itself. This will allow you to have full view and contact with your pup. If you would like them to be able to come and go as they please the door can be unzipped so it stays open. With all of this movement it is important that the pen itself stays in place. This is why the company added straps which allows you to use stakes to make sure it will stay in place.


The playpen itself is made from oxford material coated with 600-denier. In turn, the pen itself is sturdy, which allows you to use it inside or outside without being damaged. The material is light enough to carry around with ease; perfect for when you want to take your pup on a trip! With the Parkland Pet Portable Foldable Playpen you are able to keep your pup by your side no matter where you end up.

Easy Portability

Once you get to your destination the last thing you want to do is spend an hour trying to set up a playpen. Thankfully, to help pet owners out, the company made it easy. The playpen simply unfolds without any assembly! This means that you can keep the tools at home. We love that this means re-packing the product is also super easy. Just fold it back up!

To show you how easy it would be to get this pen set up here are the instructions on how to unfold it:

  1. First you will have to grab the elastic straps and pull to fully open it.
  2. Next, you will just have to unfold it and pull each side out.
  3. You will know when the pen is fully set up because each of the sides will click once they are in the right place.

As mentioned before the process to fold the pen up is just as easy. First you have to unzip the top and fold the sides back in. You will fold these sides together until they make the pen in the shape of a W. Lastly, all you have to do is put the strap back on to make sure it stays folded. Both of these processes to fold your pen are very easy and will have enjoying your time or back on the road in minutes.


With all of these adventures, you may find that the pen will undoubtedly become a bit dirty. If you find that your pen seems to have a weird odor or some stains do not worry. All you have to do is take a bristle brush and soap and gently brush the material with warm water. To help rinse the Parkland Pet Portable Foldable Playpen you can use a hose but make sure that you let it air dry. The company recommends that you do not wash it in the washing machine or use any bleach or acids.

To view this sturdy playpen by Parkland Pets, please click the Amazon link below.


Doggie Transport

The main thing that Parkland Pet products allow you to do is transport your pup. If you are interested in the Portable Foldable Playpen, then you may also be interested in their Car Booster Seat. This seat can be attached to any car seat with no issues and before you no it you will have the cutest passenger! No longer will you have to leave the house looking at that sad face that says, ‘why can’t I come?’.


The seat itself is made with a faux sheepskin lining. This will make sure the seat is soft against your pups skin and does not irritate them. Also, at the bottom of the seat there is additional padding which will keep your pup comfortable no matter how long the ride may be. With all these rides the seat itself may get a little bit dirty. To make cleaning a breeze the company has made the fleece inside easy to remove.


 Three other great features that this seat has is a pocket, straps that are adjustable, and a leash for safety. In the pocket you can keep anything you may need for the ride like treats or even a leash for when you reach your destination. The adjustable straps can be used to make sure the seat is sitting right and your pup is comfortable. Not only that but with the safety leash they make sure your pup is safe as well.


 This booster seat is great for taking your pup along wherever you go. Unfortunately, since the full dimensions of the seat are 8 x 10.25 x 13 inches it will not fit every pup. The company recommends that this seat is just right for dogs that are no larger than 10 pounds.

To view this booster seat by Parkland Pets, please click the Amazon link below.