Looking to support charity organizations while shopping for Fido? Check out some of our favorite brands that give back; like Natural Balance, ThunderWorks (maker of the ThunderShirt), and The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. All of the companies we discuss in this article are leaders in donating products, services, and money toward bettering the lives of animals. There’s no better feeling than supporting these brands, since you know your money is going to a great product as well as a charitable cause. All pet brands support pets through their products, but it’s a plus when they offer support through local pet charities and donations. It’s such an easy way for pet-centric companies to give back to dogs in need all over the world.

      Below, we have chosen our favorite pet-friendly brands who live to help animals. From donations, to free products, to awesome partnerships; these companies are rockstars for bettering the lives of animals.. Use the list below as a reference of which companies to support in the future.

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Natural Balance

     If you already have to buy products for your dog, like food, supplements, treats, and toys, you might as well support one of these awesome companies. One of our favorite companies, Natural Balance, is partnered with multiple great organizations.

Giving Back

1. Guide Dogs for the Blind

     The first organization they support is Guide Dogs for the Blind; which helps animals as well as people. Guide Dogs for the Blind is an industry-leading guide dog school that offers training services at no cost. Dogs are then paired with their new owners as their everyday guide and best friend. There’s really no better feeling than helping canine heroes do their job. Ultimately, your wise purchases will help make the pet-loving world a better place.

2. Non-Profits

     Natural Balance also has a Non-Profit Rescue Program which provides newly adopted dogs with samples of their food. Qualified organizations can apply to receive these yummy samples twice a year. They even accept single-event sponsorship requests and help countless organizations with product support.

3.UPC Charity Rebate Program

     If you purchase Natural Balance products regularly, you may also want to try out their UPC Charity Rebate program. All you have to do is save your proof of purchase unique product codes (UPCs) and original receipts. Once you collect 50 UPCs and receipts from certain Natural Balance products, they will send you a check to give to a qualifying animal rescue. Click here to see if your dog’s food qualifies for the UPC Charity Rebate Program. You can also quickly download the official UPC Charity Rebate Submission form at the link above.

Natural Balance Products

     If you’d like to shop Natural Balance products, one of our favorites is the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food in the Sweet Potato and Fish Formula. You can choose between the original adult formula, the Small Breeds Bites, or the bundle. The bundle includes a 26 pound bag of dry dog food, 12 cans of wet dog food, and a bag of treats (all in the Sweet Potato and Fish formula). If you’re only interested in the dry food, you can purchase bags ranging from 4.5 pounds to 26 pounds. All of the Natural Balance L.I.D. foods are wonderful for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies. Just make sure to gradually incorporate any new food into your dog’s diet as to not upset their tummy.


     The ThunderWorks brand is committed to provide the simplest, most effective solution to your dog or cat’s anxiety. The founder of ThunderWorks, Phil Blizzard, has a dog of his own who used to be inconsolable during thunderstorms and fireworks. Fortunately, a friend suggested they swaddle their dog using light pressure to calm her. Similar to swaddling a baby, many dogs are comforted by this pressure. They wrapped Phil’s dog in an old t-shirt and a bit of packing tape and she calmed down almost immediately. This tactic worked wonders for their dog over and over again: and so the ThunderShirt for Dogs was born! ThunderWorks not only provides great products for anxious dogs, but they are committed to giving back.

Giving Back

Shelter Donations

     The ThunderWorks ThunderShirt brand donates ThunderShirts to animal adoption organizations every month. Dogs and cats in shelter environments are in need of comfort at all times to help them feel safe before they are adopted. Unfortunately, most shelters are overflowing with animals, and it is difficult to cater to each one’s individual needs. ThunderWorks aims to make sure all animals, adopted or not, feel safe, secure, and content. The ThunderShirt is a simple, yet wonderful product that helps animals all over the country. When you buy a ThunderShirt for your dog, you are essentially funding these charitable actions.

ThunderWorks ThunderShirt Product

     As we previously mentioned, the Classic Thundershirt was created to relieve dog anxiety. Many furry friends have separation anxiety and fear of storms, which can be terrible for an owner to witness. It is made of breathable, washable fabric to provide comfort and convenience. There are plenty of sizes for you to choose the perfect fit for Fido.      If you’re interested in purchasing a ThunderShirt, click the amazon button below, or visit our ThunderShirt Anxiety Jacket for Dogs article. The sizes include:

  • XXSmall: less than 7 pounds
  • XSmall: 8-14 pounds
  • Small: 15-25 pounds
  • Medium: 26-40 pounds
  • Large: 41-64 pounds
  • XLarge: 65-110 pounds
  • XXLarge: more than 110 pounds

The Lazy Dog Cookie Co.

     The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. is a company based out of New York state that is known for their dog birthday cakes and other yummy treats. They are the makers of the original Pup-PIE; which comes in tons of delicious flavors and themes. We especially love the Happy Adoption Day Pup-PIE! To check out all of the amazing Pup-Pie flavors available, check out our Lazy Dog Pup-PIE Review.

lazydog treats

Giving Back

1.Supporting Organizations

     This amazing company isn’t only interested in helping out dogs, but all other animals as well. They support organizations like the Lost & Found Horse Rescue Foundation, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Dogs on Deployment, and many more. To see the full list of organizations The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. supports, click here.

2.Dogs on Deployment

     In addition, they  work with similar animal welfare organizations within their community. One of our personal favorite organizations is called Dogs on Deployment. This organization helps service men and women find volunteers to board their pets during their time of service. To support Dogs on Deployment, you can purchase a box of Operation Drool Overload by The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. These yummy treats are grain free, vegan, and made in the USA.

3.Helping Animals In Need

One of the main reasons The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. was created was to help out animals. In order to fulfill this charitable goal, they provide dog treats to shelters that have animals in need. Families who adopt a new dog at one of the following organizations also take home Lazy Dog treats. The list of such organizations can be found here. Sometimes, this is the small push needed to have these dogs adopted into loving homes. The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. also gives 5% of sales on their 6″ hand cut peanut butter bones to multiple organizations across the USA. Furthermore, you can purchase a dog bone for a dog in need directly on their website. The company hopes  to expand this program further by including more products in their charity donations.

Lazydog Cookie Company Product

LazyDog Pup-Pie Adoption

     Made specifically for your hungry furbaby, Lazy Dog Cookie Company produces fabulous snacks fit for a queen. There are six delicious options of Lazy Dog Pup-Pie’s available through Amazon: Happy Birthday Pie, Happy Birthday My Charming Boy, Happy Birthday My Darling Girl, Happy Adoption Day, and Frost Bites.  All five flavors are wheat and corn free Best yet, some are even organic and vegan! The pup-pie’s are 5 ounces each, and cut into ten slices. Each is topped with healthy freeze dried fruits and nuts; hand cut and decorated to perfection. The pies are extremely affordable considering their healthy all-natural ingredients; you can try out all delicious flavors without breaking the bank.

     If you’re looking to treat your pup to an unforgettable celebration, we have found some other canine party products to fill the void. Check out our article on How to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday.


kong dog

     Kong is a very well known brand in the dog community and we have no doubt you have heard their name. In fact, you may even have a Kong product lying around somewhere (still in-tact after all this time). They have a variety of of nearly indestructible toys made from their unique rubber material. However, what you may not know is that they put their profits to good use.

Giving Back

1.Disaster and Emergency Relief Aid

     They give back to a variety of dog-related charities whenever they can to make your money go a little bit further. Not only do they support charities and nonprofits, they also aid in disaster and emergency relief situations with their donations. We have grown to trust all of Kong’s durable products, and we also trust that our money is going to make a difference when we purchase Kong products.

2.Police and Military K-9 Support

     Kong gives back to shelters, rescues, and non-profits as they can. They often donate dog toys to these organizations in an effort to make the lives of these animals a bit easier.  The company loves to support police and military K-9 organizations when they can. Along with supporting shelter dogs, Kong sends shipments of Kong Cares to hard-working military dogs. We respect Kong for the many contributions they’ve made through donations of their treats and toys. When you purchase Kong products you’re not only improving your dog’s playtime, but you’re also helping animals in need.

3. Kong Cares Program

     Kong Cares is a great program that began in the 1990’s to help local shelters in need. With every batch of Kong toys, some come out with minor aesthetic imperfections. While they’re still as durable as perfect Kong’s, they can’t be sold. Instead of throwing away perfectly good toys, Kong decided that they would begin donating them to local shelters in need. When Kong donates strong toys like their classic Kong, the shelter dogs are able to relieve anxiety, stress and boredom; they in turn become more adoptable. Ultimately, their efforts help dogs of all ages and breed to find a loving forever-home.

Kong Products

     If you’d like to try Kong products for yourself, the Kong rubber toy is available in four different variations; Puppy, Classic, Extreme, and Senior. No matter what size or age your dog is, you can find the perfect Kong rubber toy to satisfy their needs. They use only high quality, bouncy, and durable rubber in all of their rubber toys. We love their classic toy because it has a fun shape that nearly every dog loves to chew on, an erratic bounce,and can be stuffed with your dog’s favorite treats. Check out some of our favorite Kong Products here, or purchase a classic Kong below.

kong classic


     Petmate is a leading brand for dog grooming tools and dog travel necessities. We have grown to love some of their crates due to their safe design and affordable prices. If you find yourself often traveling with your dog, you may want to check out some of their comfortable, airline-safe options. Your caring soul will thrive knowing your purchase goes towards the greater good.

Giving Back

     While many people are familiar with Petmate’s products, they may not be aware of their partnership with the non-profit organization called Pilots N Paws. Pilots N Paws is a unique non-profit organization made of volunteers who work to rescue, shelter, adopt, and provide transportation for animals. This organization  began when a pilot offered to fly a rescued Doberman to a friend in South Carolina. The pilot had a hunch that other pilots may be kind enough to offer the same type of service, and he was right.

     Their services help prevent the euthanization of innocent animals, and provide a way for animals to find  a safe environment. Volunteers can schedule rescue flights through Pilots N Paws, or even find overnight foster care of shelters to take in animals in need. PetMate has partnered with Pilots N Paws to provide kennels, collars, leashes, and seatbelts for the traveling animals. By making contributions to Pilots N Paws, PetMate is helping to further their charitable actions.

PetMate Products

     Petmate has a variety of dog and cat crates to choose from, and their compass kennel is one of our favorites due to its safety and size. If your dog or cat is an escape artist, this is the perfect travel crate; it’s nearly inescapable. How? It has safeguard bars on the top and bottom of the door and spring loaded latch rods. In addition, the door can either open to the left or the right, and both sides lock with rotary locks. Safety and functionality are important to have in a crate, which PetMate provides in their compass kennel. Whether you’re constantly flying for business or follow the path of wanderlust, bringing your dog along in a safe travel crate will be beneficial.

     In particular, this crate is available in six sizes to fit just about any breed. The sizes are determined by your dog’s weight, which includes:

  • 10 pounds and under, 19 x 12.7 x 11.5 inches
  • 10-20 pounds, 24.6 x 16.9 x 15 inches
  • 20-30 pounds, 28 x 20 x 19.2 inches
  • 30-50 pounds, 32.1 x 21 x 23 inches
  • 50-70 pounds, 36.1 x 23.3 x 26.7 inches
  • 70-90 pounds, 40.1 x 26.1 x 29.7 inches
plastic dog crate petmate

     The crate also meets IATA & USDA standards, so it’s airline approved.  It’s also great for traveling because it has full 360-degree ventilation and an over-sized doorway to keep your pup comfortable. There is, however, one pretty big downside to this crate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a handle on the top, which can make it difficult to carry around, especially with the larger sizes.


     Everyday life comes with spills, dirt, and other messes, especially if you have a pet. Bissell has been providing cleaning products for over 140 years, making them experts in keeping your house spotless. Among their products, they have items that are made specifically for pet messes, such as stain and odor removers, vacuums, and carpet cleaners. They even have pet grooming systems to help keep Fido looking fresh! Owning a pet fills your home with dander, hair, and odors, which can be hard to keep up with. Fortunately, Bissell has plenty of products to make cleaning easy. Their line of pet products is impressive, and their charitable actions make us love the company even more.

Giving Back

     Not only does Bissell show their care for animals by providing pet cleaning products, but they have also created an entire foundation to better the lives of pets. They have made donations to animal welfare organizations all over the US (literally, all 50 states!). Their contributions mainly support programs that focus on pet overpopulation by funding adoption, spay/neuter, microchipping, and foster care. Bissell Pet Foundation has gone the extra mile by creating events like “Empty the Shelters,” an adoption free day to help pets find homes. For every pet product purchased, Bissell will donate up to $10 toward the Bissell Pet Foundation, so you know your money will go toward a great cause.

Bissell Products

     As previously mentioned, Bissell focuses on cleaning up messes with their variety of cleaning products. One of our favorites is the Bissell Pet Pretreat + Sanitize, an all-in-one stain remover. Its deep cleaning action removes dirt, odors, bacteria, and stains. By sanitizing and deodorizing, this formula will be sure to remove the worst pet messes and leave your home smelling fresh. You never know when Fido is going to have an accident, so why not be prepared with the Bissell Pet Pretreat + Sanitize? It will be a simple solution to saving your carpet!