If you have a new pup or just curious if a crate cover would help your Fido at home, you have come to the right place! These covers are not just a random blanket thrown over the crate; it actually has multiple benefits that could help even the most nervous of pups. Let us take you through each benefit and help you see if any of our top crate covers would be right for you and your Fido.


The first thing a cover brings is distance from everything around them. When Fido is able to see outside of their crate they will be anxious to get out! Everything will seem to be happening without them or they will want to get to something on the outside. In turn, this will make them bark and even try to escape.

However, when the outside is covered there is not only a sense of distance but of privacy as well. When they are able to see outside they also realize that everyone else can see them as well. This in turn will make them nervous and even feel a bit vulnerable. However, with a cover blocking them they will feel like they are hidden and safe.

Not only will the cover block vision back and forth but it will also block any unwanted light. Any source of light even the headlights from a passing car can cause them to stir. Without being able to go and investigate these intruders they will get upset and may even try to get out. Also, with the light dimmed it will cause them to be more relaxed and even find themselves getting sleepy.

If your crate is placed somewhere that gets a lot of sun or even none at all a cover would also be beneficial. Being able to block out the sun will also block out the heat making it cooler and more enjoyable on the inside. In turn, when there is no sun or it is colder on the outside the cover will trap in the heat making it more cozy for them.

TOP Crate Cover PICKS:

MidWest Homes Cover

Usually a crate easily sticks out in any room and ruins the overall aesthetic. However, with this cover’s grey and white circle design it will fit right in with any modern decor. As a whole this cover measures 36 x 23 x 25 inches.

Yes, the outside of this cover is fashionable but what really makes it unique is the fabric it is made out of. To construct it the company used a blend of polyester and cotton fabric with Teflon protection. With this protector the fabric will not let liquids stain and ruin its exterior. Although, if you do feel like it is getting a bit dirty it is machine and dryer safe.  

This cover is made to fit crates that are around 36 inches long and are able to accommodate crates with side and rear doors. With fabric that easily rolls up your pup will easily be able to enter in any door. Also, with tabs that you can hook onto the crate you will not have to worry about it slipping off or moving around.

BH Simple Crate Cover

Are you looking for something more simple? No worries, there is also an option that is just completely black in color. The fabric itself is made from pure oxford which is strong and sturdy. In turn, this also means it can handle being machine washed and dried.

To make sure you get the right fit there are two different lengths available. With the 42 inch long cover it is 27.25 inches in width and 30 inches in height. If you do choose the longer 48 inch cover it is 30.25 inches in width and 32 inches in height.

With fabric that rolls and straps that will hold it in place, your pup will easily be able to enter and leave. Unfortunately, there is no other open areas so it would not be able to fit crates with doors on the side. However, with only one entrance the cover will be able to fit snugly over the crate and will not move.

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Petsfit Polyester Cover

If you like the simplistic look but need more doors than this cover is perfect for you. To give you that clean look you can choose between the color black or grey. Then to make sure you have the right number of entrances you can choose between the single or double door design.

There are 3 different dimensions that these covers can fit ranging from 30 inches in length to 42 inches in length. The only issue is that not every design comes in each of these dimensions. For example, the grey single door design only comes in the 42 inch long size. However, no matter what design and size fits your crate there is a zipper on the back that will help you make sure it sits snug.

The cover itself is made from oxford material which means that it is strong. To allow you to close or open where you would like there are different panels that can be folded over. Also, to allow air to come through there are mesh windows and openings in the top.

Pet Dreams Crate Cover Set

To get a color that best fits your home’s aesthetic check out this crate option. With 8 different color options you will be able to find the one to compliment your design. Also, to compliment your crate there is 6 different sizes ranging from 18 inches to 48 inches. The only issue is that not every color comes in all of the sizes.

Once you do find the right size and color combination your pup will be able to enjoy a ventilated and comfortable crate. To allow you the option of a single or double door the panels on the front and the side open. Also, with breathable fabric the heat will not get trapped inside letting your pup stay cool.

However, to make sure some things stay out like unwanted light there are snaps that will keep each seam shut tight. Not only that, but the cover also includes ties that you can use to keep the cover in place. With both of these features your pup will feel comfortable curling up in their private and secure crate. To make this option even better each cover comes with a foam bumper to cover the uncomfortable bars and crate pads that a reversible.

Molly Mutt Crate Cover

 Each Fido has their own personality which is one of the many reasons why you love them. If you would like that personality to shine through even their crate cover then this one’s for you. With 15 different colorful designs there will definitely be one that reminds you of your pup. There is also 5 different sizes ranging from small to huge but unfortunately not every design comes in each dimension.

All the door panels roll down to cover every part of their crate so they feel secure and comfortable inside. Although, if your pup is more into coming and going as they please you can keep the door panel open with snaps. To make sure their personality shows even with their door panel open the company suggests adding one of their matching duvets on the inside.

 If your cover seems to get dirty enough where their personality does not shine through as well you can put it in the washer. To make sure it does not get damaged make sure to use cold water. Also, when you dry it make sure to hang it out to dry or put the dryer on low tumble.

X-Zone Pet Indoor/Outdoor Cover

If your crate is going to be outside then this cover is right for your Fido. Since the crate is made out of oxford material it is strong and will protect your pup from elements like dust and wind. These elements may be stopped from reaching your pup but the cover itself may become dirty. Thankfully, all you have to do to clean it is throw it into the washing machine.

Fabric panels roll up at the front and side doors so your pup can enter with no issues. To also make it easy to move the crate there is a top panel that opens to allow access to the handle on top. There is also mesh windows that can closed or open with shades that can be rolled up.

To make sure it will fit your crate at home the total dimensions of this cover is 30 x 20 x 23 inches. Although, if these dimensions are not exactly identical to yours do not worry it should fit most 30 inch long crates. With a zipper and tape closing the cover it will fit snugly and stay closed around the crate.

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