Finding the perfect accessory for your picky pup can prove to harder than it should be. Fortunately, we’ve scoured the internet for some of the most comfortable and high quality accessories that look great and are easy to wear. From collars, to bowties, to whole outfits, you can have it all for an affordable price. Check out our list below, and your pup will be on their way to being the cutest dog on the block!

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Finding The Right Accessories For Your Pup

We know that finding the perfect apparel for your pup can be extremely difficult. There are quite a lot of factors to consider before pulling the trigger on this kind of purchase. Functionality and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive, in fact, they shouldn’t be at all. You will need to consider the size, material, and price of all your pup’s clothing to ensure you’re spending your money on quality products you and your pup can both love.

dog collar

Should I Buy Clothes For My Pup?

Light-haired Chihuahua

Dog apparel isn’t (always) just designed to keep your pup looking great; there are practical reasons to let your pup try out different types of clothes. Every breed of dog has it’s own unique needs that need to be considered when purchasing clothes. Now, we know some of you may have some doubts about buying clothes for your pups;there are some breeds however that actually benefit medically from different articles of clothing. Smaller dogs with shorter hair  can’t handle too much cold weather without their core body temperature dropping; a jacket can make a significant difference in both small dogs, and short haired dogs.

If you’ve got an active pup, you may want to consider buying them a cooling jacket to combat heat stroke; even something as small as a cooling bandana can help your pup withstand the summer months. Most pups also manage to get as dirty as they possibly can in no time, if you’re like most pup parents, you don’t necessarily have time to give your dog a bath every time they roll around in something outside. A lot of puppy apparel is machine washable and will be much easier to wash than your actual dog.

What to Consider When Buying Clothes For Your Pup

As we mentioned earlier, the size and build of each breed is very unique. Every breed is going to size up differently, and not all apparel manufacturers are going to carry something that your pet will be able to fit into. If the clothing is too large or too small, your pet will be uncomfortable and perhaps reluctant to move, or even ready to rip it apart. There are generic guidelines that you can follow based on your pup’s weight and breed if a company doesn’t provide any specific measurements for their clothes.


Fortunately, most dog apparel companies will provide
three measurements (neck, back, and chest) so you can better determine if an accessory is going to be right for your pup. You’ll need to use either a tape measure or piece of cloth that will easily fit around your pup for each measurement.

For the back measurement you’ll measure from just about where the collar would rest, to the base of their tail. When you measure your dog’s girth (or chest), you just need to measure the largest part of your pup’s chest all the way around. To measure their neck, remove their collar and be sure to leave room for two fingers between their neck and the tape measure.  

dog swimming

Make sure that you’re not measuring anything tightly. You will want your pup to have room to move around so that nothing feels too tight on them and they can maintain their full range of motion when bouncing around like the fun loving pup they are.


Clothing that is made with stretchy material such as cotton will be much more comfortable than fabrics such as silk that are much stiffer. If you can find clothing with straps, buttons, or zippers, you’ll be able to adjust the clothes as needed, making it much more likely that you can get it to fit perfectly on your pup. Not only do you want the material to be comfortable for your pup, you also want to consider how easily the material can be washed. If you’re going to be taking your pup outside and letting them run around in their clothes, you definitely want to go with a machine washable option to ensure easy cleaning.

We’ve researched some of the most popular dog accessories on the market and compiled a list of various must-have products that are durable, functional, and stylish. We love some of the products that we’ve found, and they just might be the perfect accessory for your pup!

Kai's Top 5 Designer Accessories

Blueberry Shirts

Blueberry Shirts

If you want your pup to look and feel great at an affordable price, Blueberry just might be the right shop for you. The shirts we’ve picked out are made of a great stretchy material, easy to wash, and light enough for summer. This particular set comes in five sizes, ranging from XS to XL; Blueberry also has their own sizing chart so you can rest assured you’re spending your money on something your pup will fit into nicely. The shirts are made of polyester, cotton, and spandex which is the perfect combination for a comfortable fit.

This blend of stretchy lightweight material might be just what your dog needs. These shirts are also machine washable; just throw them in with similar colors and put it on the cool and gentle cycle for easy cleaning. They’re light and flexible, the perfect accessory for your pup during the summer.

Blueberry collar

Blueberry Leash

Looking for something a little extra to complete your pup’s new outfit? Blueberry also offers comfortable, stylish, and affordable collars. These collars come in three sizes (all adjustable), and six colors; you shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect one for your pup. Blueberry also provides their own sizing chart for their collars.

Each collar is made with a reflective material to ensure safe play for your pup. The plastic buckles are made with eco-friendly plastic, and there are durable D-rings on both sides of the buckle. There is also a ring included for you to attach charms or tags, out of the way from the buckles. These collars are durable enough to withstand the pressure from a larger dogs’ pull and stylish enough for just about every pup. Blueberry’s customers have had nothing but great things to say about these collars; don’t take our word for it, head to Amazon to pick out the perfect durable, reflective, and comfortable collar for your pup.

Urban Pup Harness


Even if you’re not a huge fan of dog clothes, you’re going to love Kai’s next pick. Urban Pup makes everything from outfits to leashes, we found the perfect combination on amazon that any pup will love. If you’ve never tried a dog harness before you’re truly missing out. Harnesses can give you more control over your pup, and it also takes a lot of pressure off of their neck compared to a regular leash and collar. Harnesses are definitely a great alternative to regular collars. Urban Pup provides an assortment of harnesses comfortable for dogs of all breeds. If you’ve got a pup that likes to pull or is easily distracted, a harness might just give you the control you need.


Urban Pup offers sizes XS through XL, as well as a sizing chart that you can follow to ensure that your pup is getting the right fit. It’s made from a durable lightweight material for extra comfort and breathability. The D-ring leash attachment is placed between your pup’s shoulder blades for comfort and control. This particular harness is also available with a matching leash and handkerchief to complete your pup’s outfit. Urban Pup provides sizing charts for both the leash and the handkerchief. We know your pups are going to love the fit of these harnesses, and fortunately, they’re actually priced appropriately. You’re going to be able to get a great deal of use out of these products, for an affordable price.

Outward Hound Lifejacket 


Kai’s next pick is a must for puppy parents during the summer. Outward Hound makes a durable, safe, and effective life jacket for dogs of all sizes and breeds. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right life jacket for your pup; buoyancy, comfort, and visibility are just some of the major factors that make or break a safe life jacket. Fortunately, we were able to find a great life jacket at an affordable price.

The Outward Hound lifejacket is available in six sizes and comes with a sizing and weight chart to make sure you get the safest fit for your pup. This life jacket even includes a front float to help keep your pup’s head above water as they swim around. The life jacket also has a handle on the top so you can easily pull your pup out of the water. With adjustable straps, a durable build, and a comfortable fit, there’s nothing not to love about this lifejacket.  You can also check out our other top lifejackets here.

Martingale Dog Collar

martingale collar

If you’ve got a pup that likes to pull out of their collars, a Martingale collar might be just what you need.  Martingale style dog collars are specifically made for dogs that like to pull out of their collars. They will gently tighten if your dog tries to push the collar off, and loosens as soon as the pressure is released. Martingale collars are designed with two loops and can be much more comfortable for dogs than traditional choke collars.

Unlike most collars, they fit very loosely when your dog isn’t pulling; as soon as your dog tries to pull back out of the collar it will gently tighten to prevent them from escaping. With its special design, your dog’s collar won’t be tight until they pull. A lot of trainers have begun to use Martingale style dog collars because they’re both effective and comfortable. RC pet makes an assortment of Martingale’s available through Amazon. With nineteen color variations and three sizes, you can find the perfect collar for your pup.

UsagiTeam Bowtie


A dog collar bowtie can be the perfect accessory for dogs who hate wearing actual dog outfits. UsagiTeam has a wide variety of bow-ties available through Amazon; all with adjustable sizes to make finding the right fit easy. These bowties are handmade in the US; you can breath easy knowing you’re getting a high-quality collar for an affordable price.

They have been featured in a variety of dog magazines and blogs; their puppy customers are absolutely raving about them. They’re both functional and stylish, which isn’t nearly as common as it should be. All you need is a tape measure or some string to measure the size of your pup’s neck, leaving about two fingers between your pup’s neck and the tape measure. You can find three size variations with adjustable straps right on Amazon.