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The world is becoming a dog-friendly place, it’s now easier than ever to bring your furry friends with you wherever you go. From restaurants to shopping malls, to nights out on the town, bringing fido along with you is like a dream come true for many dog moms and dads. Unfortunately, it can be hard to walk your dog on a leash to many of these locations; your dog may constantly be overwhelmed by other people, dogs, smells, and food.

Dogs may eat, smell, or lick things that aren’t safe for them when they’re in strange new places that they’re trying to explore. Dog Carrier Backpacks are a great way to avoid some of these hazards. Just like carriers for babies, you can easily carry your dog around to a variety of places without having them on a leash, or in a bulky stroller. Your dog can see the sights just like you, and you won’t have to constantly worry about what’s on the ground in front of them.

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types of backpacks

dog backpack

There are a variety of carriers that you can try out for your pup; packs for your back, your torso, and even roller backpacks. All of the variations are made to benefits different types of dogs and owners, depending on what they’re most comfortable with. If you want to be able to see your pup at all times, we have found that forward facing packs are the most convenient.

Your dog sits in front of your torso and is strapped right to your chest. Your dog can see everywhere you’re going, and you can easily get to them to give them snacks or calm them down in anxious situations. Of course, traditional backpacks will give you more flexibility to carry other things and eat without your pooch getting involved.  Many people prefer traditional backpacks simply because they’re more comfortable and can be better for posture.

Pawaboo pet backpack

The Pawaboo Dog Carrier is much like the carriers used for infants. This design is comfortable for both you and your dog. Your pup will have a full view of everything going on around them, room to wiggle around, and their legs won’t get tangled up like they do in bags. You can use this carrier either facing forwards against your chest, or on you back. The flexible design makes it easy to switch things up if your dog needs special attention, or if you back needs a break. We highly recommend these carriers for smaller dogs that need to be carried, yet want to be able to see everything and stretch out their legs. 


The Pawaboo Dog Carrier is made with a great mesh material that allows your dog to breath and feel the breeze. It also has holes for their legs and tail to make them as comfortable as possible. It also has a polyester fiber that makes the carrier both durable, and comfortable for you and your dog. It’s also easy for you to get your dog in and out of the carrier. There are hook and loop, zipper and elastic openings that make it easy to put your pooch inside the carrier. Your pup will be comfortable with the extra padded interior, allowing them to relax. The carrier also has an elastic neck so you can adjust it to make your dog as comfortable as possible. 

This hands free design is a comfortable fit for you as well! You don’t have to strain your hands trying to carry around your dog. It has adjustable straps with clips that you can either wear on your front or back. This will help release the pressure on your shoulder so you don’t get sore through out the day.


The Pawaboo Carrier is available in a variety of colors and sizes.


11 * 7.5 * 0.5 inches

Chest Size: 15″

Spacing of two legs: 1.77″(left leg to right leg) / 3.93″(front leg to hind leg)

Suitable Weight for Pet: Up to 5.5 l


13.25 * 9.5 * 0.5 inches

Chest size: 18″

Spacing of two legs: 2.4″(left leg to right leg) / 5.1″(front leg to hind leg)

Suitable for pets 5.5 lbs – 8.8 lbs. 


Dimensions: 14.7 * 10.4 * 0.5 inches

Chest Size: 19.3″

Spacing of two legs:2.75″(left leg to right leg) / 5.9″(front leg to hind leg)

Suitable Weight for Pet: 8.8 lb – 15 lb

long distance pick - outward hound pooch pouch

Main Benefits: Extra Storage, Safety Harness, Water Resistant

Outward Hound has come to be a very respected brand. They have a great line of not only toys, but accessories like this Pooch Pouch. It’s a more heavy-duty purchase than the Pawaboo. This pouch is great for longer walks, and even hikes that your dog can’t handle on their own. Not only is this built to last, but it has all of the safety features you could possibly want for your dog. From safety harnesses, to straps, breathability, your dog will have a safe, and comfortable walk with you.


The Pooch Pouch is ideal for smaller dogs that can’t move as fast as us humans! It’s a front facing pouh that you can easily strap on. It’s great for hot weather due to its mesh siding and lightweight design. This will not only help your dog stay cool, but will keep you from getting too hot on walks as well. The outside of the pouch is also water resistant which will wick away sweat and keep you and your dog comfortable and dry on long hikes. 

The Pooch Pouch is ideal for longer walks. It has side pockets storage that easily holds poop bags, phones, keys, or anything else you and your dog may need. It also has a large front pocket that allows you to hold larger items while walking around. 

The Pooch Pouch is one of our favorite dog carriers because of its various safety features. It has an interior safety harness that prevents your dog from jumping out; additionally, you’ll always have an eye on your dog with its forward facing design. 

We would highly recommend this backpack for dog owners that need a great way to keep track of their dog on longer hikes or walks. You can store all of your belongings, and feel confident that your dog is staying put. The Pooch Pouch is available in two sizes. The small is 13.2 x 10 x 8 inches, and the large is 8 x 11 x 10 inches.

rolling pick - paws & pals rolling backpack

Main Benefits: Great ventilation, Washable Exterior, Storage, Versatile Use

Rolling backpacks are especially beneficial for larger dogs. If you want to keep your dog close without having to physically carry them around, you may want to try out a rolling option. They can be used as a regular backpack, and of course when your dog gets too heavy for your back, simply put them down and pull them behind you. Rolling backpacks are a great way to keep an eye on your dog when you don’t want them walking around on a leash. The Paws & Pals is made by OxGord, a popular pet accessory brand that we’ve come to trust. They use quality materials that you and your dog can trust. Their rolling backpack is one of our favorites because it can also be used as a regular backpack.


The Paws & Pals backpack is made from 600D Polyester which can also be removed and washed when it starts showing dirt. As you can see in the picture, it also has mesh side panels and a front door that not only allows your dog to see what’s going on around them, but also helps keep the air flowing through out the backpack to keep them cool. You can carry your dog in a variety of ways with this great backpack. You can completely zip up the door, still allowing them to have ample ventilation, or leave it unzipped for a freer ride. 


This backpack is comfortable for you as well. It has a telescoping handle and dual wheels to make it easier than ever to take your pup wherever you go. If you’re in need of extra storage on the go, this backpack also has zippered side pockets that can hold your phone, keys, poop bags, or anything else you and your dog might need while out and about. 

This backpack is available in one size and 4 fun colors; pink, green, black, and blue. We definitely recommend this carrier for dog owners in need of a versatile way to get their dogs around. You don’t have to strain your back for the entire trip, and it’s an easy-to-use carrier. 

comfort pick - petsfit backpack

dog backpack
Main Benefits: Extra Padding, Roomy, Comfortable for you and your dog.

The Petsfit backpack is a great carrier for dogs up to 15 lbs. It gives them ample room to move around, great ventilation, and a full view of everything going on around them. The carrier is comfortable to carry, and also provides a comfortable ride for your pet. The various features and materials used in the design show how much thought was put into this product. We recommend this backpack to dog owners that plan on using a backpack on a routine basis. This carrier will stand up to the test of time, and keep your dog close.


 The Petsfit is made from 600D Oxford cloth which makes it soft, and also very easy to clean. The inside is then lined with 230D polyester. With this carrier your dog will have both side and front views through a great hexagonal mesh. The mesh increases airflow and helps them stay cool in hotter weather. At the top of this backpack there’s a top zipper compartment that can be opened. You can leave it open and to let taller dogs stand up a bit, or zip it up for closure. The zipper is a metal slider that’s durable up to 10000 uses. 

This carrier is very comfortable for dogs. It has a soft fleece floor pad that they can lay down with, which can also be removed. It also has a variety of mesh windows that allow them to get great air flow and breeze even when zipped shut. Your dog can enter the carrier from either the top or the side of the backpack, making it easy and safe for them to get in and out of.


If you’re going to be carrying your dog around all day, a backpack also has to be comfortable for you! Fortunately, this backpack has very thick padding that makes it easy on your back, and comfortable to carry. It has both a chest and a waste strap to disperse the weight evenly across your back to avoid injury, and to keep you pain-free during long outings. The bottom of the carrier also has a machine washable pad so if your pup has any accidents you can easily wash it to avoid any unwanted odors. 

We definitely recommend this carrier for dog owners looking for a comfortable way to carry their dog around with them on long trips. The only downside being that there isn’t any additional storage pockets for you to use.

airline approved pick - pet magasin carrier

pet carrier
Main Benefits: Airplane approved, can become a kennel, used as a backpack or with a handle.

If you’re constantly on the go and taking your pooch on vacations, dog backpacks are extremely handy. You don’t have to have your dog wandering around on the ground in new surroundings, and they makes traveling so much easier. Fortunately, some carriers are even airline approved. The Pet Magasin Carrier is made for airline travel, and will definitely make your trips much easier. This carrier conforms to the dimensions for most airline’s carry-on restrictions, and can either be held with the handle, or worn as a backpack. 


When you’re traveling this carrier also makes a great portable kennel for your pup. Simply lay it down and unzip the two side panels allowing the floor space to double. Your pup will have plenty of room to move around, and will also be in an enclosure. This carrier is made from great materials that you can trust for either a kennel or a backpack. The fabric is Oxford 1680D, and it also has padded backpack straps, quality zippers, and breathable mesh for your dog. 

We love this backpack because you can easily take it during all of your travels. It’s safe to take on airplanes, and you’ll have a handy portable kennel when you reach your destination. In carrier mode, the Pet Magasin Carrier is 17″ long, 13.5″ wide and 11″ tall. When it’s a backpack the 17″ dimension becomes the height and the base is 13.5″ x 11″. With the kennel panels opened, the carrier become 17″ long, 28″ wide and 11″ tall.

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