We all know a dog that never tires of the game of fetch. No matter how many times you throw that ball or toy, your dog will always come back and stare at you with those puppy dog eyes until you throw it again. Our dog Harley is a huge fan of fetch. No matter how hectic the house gets, she’ll always find a way to nudge a toy onto your lap and patiently wait for you to notice. There are hundreds of fetch toys on the market, which ones are right for your pup? Well, we’re here to show you the best fetch toys out there, no matter what your four-legged friend prefers.

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benefits of playing fetch

All dogs need exercise. If your pup is simply lying on the couch all day they’re going to engage in destructive behavior, gain weight, and this can ultimately lead to more serious health problems. Playing fetch with your pooch is a great way to keep them active. Many dogs will continue to bring you their toys until you stop throwing them. Try to get outdoors with your pooch everyday and toss around their favorite fetch toy with them. It’s great aerobic exercise, and allows you to bond with them. You’ll both be more sleepy when bedtime rolls around, and less antsy cooped up in the house all day! Check out some of our favorite fetch toys below. 

Chuckit! Launcher & Ball


Chuckit was the first company to really master the ball launcher. Each launcher comes with it’s own Chuckit ball so you can start playing right away. Chuckit Tennis Balls are not meant to be solo toys, so this allows you to play with your pup in the safest, most pain-free way possible. Dogs absolutely love interactie play, especially with their best friends! This product is unique because it benefits you as a dog owner as much as it benefits your dog. The Chuckit Classic Launcher promotes a happy lifestyle for you and your dog. A happy owner means a happy dog! 

The Chuckit launcher is available in 7 sizes, making it perfect for anyone! You can purchase launchers that will fit you, your kids, and anyone else that plays with your pooch! The different sizes allow you to get a great grip and leverage, allowing you to throw the ball even further. 

The Chuckit Classic Launcher is well worth the small price in our opinion. It’s very inexpensive for the quality and the large number of benefits. Usually, lightweight plastic wouldn’t create a quality product. But, the materials used for the Chuckit Launcher are designed specifically to make throwing easier. The lighter the materials used, the better this launcher performs.  The curve in plastic handle allows you to throw the ball 2-3x further, so your dog will get much more exercise per play session. There’s really no price you can put on increasing your dog’s level of activity.

Want to find out more? Read out in depth review here. 

Chuckit! Fetcher

Chuckit! Fetchers are great outdoor fetch balls for dogs of all sizes. Unlike traditional tennis balls, they bounce a lot higher and can withstand aggressive chewing and play. The Chuckit! Fetchers are made with natural rubber that’s much better for your dog’s teeth than regular tennis balls. The felt on the typical tennis ball can hurt your pup’s teeth, this rubber will not. We’ve found that these fetcher balls are great for outdoor play no matter where you are; grass, concrete, mud, they bounce just about anywhere. The fetchers are also compatible with the Chuckit! launchers to make even more intense play for your dog. And you won’t have to worry about the mess of fuzz everywhere if your dog gets a hold of one of these inside, either!

chuckit fetch

kurgo skipping stones

kygo skipping stones

Skipping rocks on ponds is always a fun way to kill time, and now you can involve Fido! Kurgo skipping stones are durable dog fetch toys that skip on water! They have a unique design that allows them to bounce on top of the water, and float. Your pooch will have a splash chasing them through the water, and you won’t have to worry about them sinking. 

These skipping toys are obviously waterproof, they float, non-toxic, and dishwasher safe! No matter how muddy or sandy they get, you’ll always have an easy way to clean them. You can let Fido chew on them, as they’re made from a safe, durable rubber. They’re the perfect fetch toy for heavy chewers. 

kong fetch stick

Our team always has high expectations when it comes to Kong, and they didn’t disappoint with their Fetch Stick. The fetch stick is the perfect fetch toy for dogs that love chewing and running around. The end of the toy is a long piece of non-abrasive tennis material that’s safe for your dog’s teeth, and able to withstand chewing. Your dog will love the familiar tennis ball feeling, and they’ll have a better grip with the long design. The end also has great bounce like a regular tennis ball; however, it’s goofy shape will make the bounces unpredictable and fun! When your dog brings the toy back, you can grab onto the heavy nylon rope attached the the chew area. It’ll allow you to play tug o’ war with your furry friends, and give you great throwing distance. 

fetch stick

The Kong Fetch stick is available in two sizes. The smaller size is 2 x 26 x 2 inches, and the large is 32 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches. Visit Amazon to cop this great fetch toy for your four-legged friends. 


dog launcher

The iFetch Launcher is one of the most popular automatic launchers for dogs. The balls are small and soft, making them great for both indoor and outdoor use. The iFetch launcher comes with 3 small balls, each 1.6″ in diameter. They’re great for dogs of all sizes, and you won’t have to worry about broken lamps! Your pup can play with it all day; without you having to wear out your arm trying to keep them entertained all day. This launcher can throw the balls 10, 20, or even 30 feet, depending on your needs. Simply help your dog learn to drop the ball into the opening, and the machine will do the rest!

This automatic launcher can either be plugged in to an outlet, or you can let it run on battery. This makes it easy to use both inside, and outside! The only downside to this launcher is that the balls are tinier than traditional tennis balls, so if you lose all three of the small balls, you’ll have to make sure you purchase tiny balls to replace them. 

proball slingshot

Does your dog need a really good workout? The Proball Slingshot will allow you to fling their toys through the air. You can throw them super far, making your dogs sprint further to find their toys. With the slingshot, you don’t have to worry about tiring or injuring your arm by throwing the ball over and over again. The balls are decently solid, and bounce pretty well in our opinion. You can use these balls on either pavement or grass, and your dog will have a ball trying to predict the bounce and catch them. No matter how big or small your furry friends are, this is a great toy take with you outdoors. It’s available in two sizes (medium and large). To use the slingshot simply attach the rubber ropes to the blue handle, pull back, and release for fun!

slingshot fetch toy